Our Pricing System at Bullseye...GUESS!

One of the most popular questions I get asked lately is how in the world do we price 1000's upon 1000's of items.  Do we look prices up online?  Do we have pricing/value books?  LOL.  Not so much.  The truth is on 99% of items we just honestly guess.  Some of that is based on what we have sold similar items for in the past and some based on what I have seen similar items bring at auctions.  Once in a great while I might look something up but to be honest it just doesn't happen often...I would say maybe 1 in 1000 items.  We just don't have time.  There is also the angle I use in which I look at something and know that for $2-$5 the items will no doubt sell immediately.  My angle over the past decade has always been to take a little less for items than I may be able to get for an item. We operate on much smaller margins but try to sell more so that our volume carries the load. Maybe more work but overall the only way to stay in this type of business in my opinion.  

This has been a very effective strategy and is a win-win for both us and especially YOU!!  This turns into great deals for you and we are able to turn over our entire inventory every sale so that we keep the shelves fresh and maximum amount of deals coming in the door.  Don't give me too much credit for knowing value of items...most of the time we are guessing just like you.  Have fun and happy bargain hunting!!  See you Soon!

I was Wrong...And know nothing about Auctions

About four years ago I wrote a column about how I believed online auctions would catch fire and be the "saving grace" of the auction world.....not only was I a little wrong...I missed it totally.  And is saddens me as I personally think the online platform can be a lot of fun but I will address all the flaws at the end of this column.   I will say that in that previous entry I also wrote about how live auctions are getting harder and harder to find and that has proven correct.  While we had a lot of interest in the online platform and may even venture back into the online market with a couple MEGA catalogs here and there in the Fall/Spring the overall market and demand for the online venue has just not taken off like I thought it would.  There are only a handful of companies in all of Colorado even using the online platform and most only averaging a sale every 4-6 weeks with smaller catalogs or merely to market a live event.  And this is not just a Colorado trend....the market has soured/slowed in several States and it appears to be merely a phase.  It is hard to figure out no doubt.  Buyer demand?  Lack of Commercial Sellers?  No interest from the consumer?

I really don't have an answer.  I have a attended a handful of live auctions in Colorado Springs this year and the interest was still there for the quality items.  Maybe not huge crowds but no doubt there are still plenty of re-sellers and auction junkies out there to field an event so even though there are fewer auctions it has not completely died.  But at the current time if you are relying on this business to pay your overhead it is nearly impossible to argue that the overall demand of the consumer is for a price/purchase estate sale format event.  In fact I will go out and say in 95% of estates/moving sales that I have looked at this year it would only make sense for the contents to be sold in a "priced format".  In the old days (15-20 years ago) you would see homesteads and collections of items that made a lot of sense to auction and liquidate.  It is just not the same market in 2018.  

So back to the online auctions...what happened to derail the train?  There are too many companies in the space, almost no barriers to entry for a new company to access the software, a flawed consumer rating system, complete lack of consistency from company to company on how online auctions are run, companies running with shill bidding/reserves, Shipping issues, Payment system flaws, buyer's premiums, tax law gray areas, and the list goes on and on.  Maybe someday down the road it will all come together and get back on track but that sure looks like a long shot to me.  I just can't see the online going anywhere down the road so don't me a hater on Bullseye.  We may actually have been right on this one.  See you at the next estate sale!!

Thinking About a Strike at the Bullseye

I have been contemplating a strike here at the Bullseye for quite some time as I often feel I am underappreciated and overworked.  These 65 hour weeks and a nonprofit couple of months have worn me thin.  I only have one problem...NOBODY cares!!  So maybe that is why I am so fascinated with the aftermath of the teachers strike and the results that were achieved.  While I thought the demands and reasoning of the strike was hard to believe a petty amount to risk your job over....I was struck by the amount of verbal and business support the movement garnered given the underlying basis.  Now while many may call me a hater....I have never been one to believe in a strike period if you are a contract employee.  Especially when you sign an agreed upon contract to work for a set amount before you are even hired but I do also get things and variables change so in unique circumstances it may be deemed. This was not a unique circumstance.  That is probably the self-employed "lifer" in me that looks at angles from an owner's/manager perspective.  This is a big world with a lot of opportunity....I have always had the philosophy if you don't like what you are doing...then change and go get the bigger pot of gold if it is that easy.

The unique angle on this was that after I went flat broke and belly up from an 8 year business a decade ago I seriously considered education/teaching as a career move.  I have the college degrees and many connections in the industry as nearly all of my family is in the education field.  That means both my Parents & Grandparents were lifers, my Brother, my Sister-in-law, 2 Uncles, Several cousins, and now many trailing relation.  (I come from a long and deep education based family so this blog won't get me any brownie points..hehe)  But for me I couldn't justify the pay scale against the liability risk and it just seems like a "lost" industry at this point with a very uncertain future more than anything to me.  Although I really think a very good career and overall compensation package as a whole....I  am simply not going down that road in a few paragraphs.   I make all these points because I still don't quite get what this strike was all for and what is it now teaching our youth?

Sure....the strike was technically successful but this now has morphed into a recall and headhunt?  How backwards could this be?  Just because someone doesn't see things the same way you see things or you don't get what you want immediately you now target them?  I don't even know the board members nor do I have ONE possible interest in this subject or result but the way I see it....YOU WON....let it go and get back to work....as this brings me to the point of this entire ramble.  I have said many times America is quickly becoming a victim society where everyone thinks they deserve more...and now it has infiltrated our education system...and is being taught first hand to kids.  Never enough? And if someone doesn't see the numbers the way YOU see it you think you have the right to go after their job?

You see...I predicted a few years ago that the education system will vastly be online by 2025 and there will be 50% fewer teachers...and growth numbers Nationwide show the trend rapidly (and I mean rapidly) gaining momentum.  There is an eventual end to Government money and the Government running in the red....and the schools will be one of the first to see the cuts.  When that happens the 2% raise and small ego gains will be overshadowed by the glaring void of any vision of future planning as schools lose enrollment and eventually funds.  If schools were run like a business most would simply be out of business as they would fail for a multitude of reasons.  Instead of focusing on a small raise....the system better focus on figuring out quick improvement, innovation, and safety.  The days of private online mega schools are not far away....at least the way this low end junk dealer sees it.  There are vast large retail spaces just sitting and awaiting a company to put all the pieces together and transform education in America.  Congrats on the contract win....but the real fight to keep the system from derailing is just beginning and not that far away.  Get those signs ready and the arm in shape...I gotta feeling this may have just been practice for the next rallly....."Keep our schools".."Save our Jobs".   Don't hate on the Fatboy....sit down and think about the big picture.  God Bless our Teachers!....It's a job I couldn't handle.

As one final note....I also know this was ONLY one School District and does NOT represent many of those in the education field.  However, as with every industry the media loves to group everything together so now it seems as though this was about all teachers/educators everywhere.  A big black eye overall....hope it heals quickly.  There are sooooo many great teachers and passionate educators/administrators out there that so much stigma is so unfair.  I guess that's how it works....but I do hope the recall and negative cloud will disappear soon.

A $1500 Cooler Better Do Something Dirty!

So I rarely (and I mean rarely) go shopping in a brick and mortar store.  Becki argues with me that it has only been a handful of times in the past couple years but I think it may be as many as ten...hehe. Irregardless we stopped by Cabela's on the way home from Denver the other day as Dylan wanted to pick up a few new fishing lures and check out a couple items.  As I walked in the store I think my jaw literally dropped as there was a cooler with the brand name YETI on it for $1499.  ON SALE!!  What a deal!!  LOL.  Are you possibly serious?  There is a cooler in this world worth $1500?  I immediately remarked that cooler better have a sex function or do something crazy for $1500....(and multiple times)  I even thought it was a misprint...but then the unthinkable happened.  A guy comes up and puts two of those babies in his cart and heads to the cashier.  It was truly all I could do to go and tell him he could get around 500 coolers at the Bullseye for the price of those two coolers in his cart.  If that doesn't last you a lifetime then I don't know.  But this example really proves how truly crazy this world is in many spaces and how incredible companies have become at marketing the ubsurd.   I am not talking down a YETI cooler...it may be the best thing since sliced bread....it is just as a bargain reseller I can't wrap my head around the concept of that item being worth $1500.  I hope it keeps the beer extra cold and the bears out.  I just still say at the Bullseye I could get a pair of nice coolers, a few metal hinges and latches off the 50 cent tables, and a lock off the $1.95 and have an un-penetrable under $10 cooler.  But what do I know.  In the meantime...keep your eyes out for a YETI at yard sales and second hand stores.  I now know why I  have never owned one.

A Trash Can is a BIG DEAL!!

Facebook is pretty crazy.  We merely posted a few random shots of items for sale.  I wake up at 6am on Friday before the sale and my phone promptly rings at 7:02 with a call from A-Affordable Disposal saying they spotted one of their cans in our pictures.  Of course the call didn't go well as it even made my blog...and I would NEVER blog another business is they didn't deserve it.  The call started with the "Manager/Owner" on the phone telling my I had one of their trash cans for sale and it is THEIR property and it would be illegal for me to even sell it.  (Mind you this was before I could get a word in)  The call caught me off guard but I wasn't about to argue over a trash can.  (Note:  I have learned over the years to NEVER take trash cans from estates as you are asking for problems no matter the company....BUT the estate was certain they owned it and asked me to remove in this instance).  I immediately responded that the owner/estate had informed me they were POSITIVE the can was paid for.  The very rude owner of A-Affordable quickly became defensive and yelled at me that none of their cans are sold and she would see me with the sheriff at open.  LOL!!  Almost hard to believe but this was happening...I quickly responded that a threatening comment was WAY over the top as I wasn't getting in the middle of anything.  She then proceeded to tell me that having the sheriff show up wasn't threatening and it just went to the point of almost Twilight Zone....extremely rude and simply uncalled for. 

I told her to at least give me a chance to contact estate and find out what was happening and get myself out of the middle of a trash can debate and an item that I had priced at $29.95...hehe. This estate rep was on it within 20 minutes!!  He calls me and informs me that somehow they didn't "purchase" the trashcan but that the $100 was a deposit on the can after now talking to trash company.  He didn't have any idea it was only a deposit...YES A-Affordable did own the can and was 100% right but no the point. The company whom I will never do business nor recommend sent a VERY nice driver out to retrieve the can and that was that.  There is a right way and wrong way to handle everything....and I can't possibly imagine how any company could have handled a very simple situation any worse.  A-Affordable...you get an "F" on my report card.  If you know anything about my business or myself you know the last thing I would do would be a lowlife thief or not make something "right" with a company or customer....but obviously you assume to know everything and do business differently than myself.  That is business mistake 101.  Yes...A $29.95 trash can is a BIG deal!

Profit is NEVER a Guarantee Buy SMALL

If you are a reseller or trying to accumulate items for a retirement or payday down the line...I have a newsflash.  Profit is never a guarantee.  I consider myself a very experienced and at least average buyer but lost money on not only one but three deals last month. AND these were all deals where I could see everything.  We here at Bullseye put our money at risk every single time we purchase an item.  In the case of a trio of deals in a row...they were in VERY nice homes and simply put.  I screwed up and overpaid. GREAT for the seller but bad for Bullseye.   In the resale world things can often look better than they seem and often crappy looking deals turn into very good deals.  Take this to heart if you are a re-seller whether experienced or a rookie.

Even if you think an item is worth $100 wholesale...you still have to find a buyer.  We are obviously a volume re-seller at this point but every item is important....and we operate on small margins so my screw-ups hurt.  And if you are buying for resale don't expect to be perfect or always make a great purchase.  EVERY single item is a true gamble in the resale world.  But that is what makes it so great!  Don't sweat a loss here or there....it's normal and will no doubt happen.  Focus on the good buys!!

Value Doesn't Equal Cost..Isn't Thrift Great?

On over 70% of deals I look at the seller or family of seller always point out how much something cost originally or costs in the store.  After doing this full time for over a decade now I have learned that how much something costs in the store has absolutely no bearing on it's value in the resale world.  Furniture is the most stark reality of this fact.  You could easily pay $1500 for a couch that is only worth $300 in the resale world a few months later.  How about a wall center that cost $1000's at Woodley's Furniture and you would be lucky to give away?  Of course how much something cost originally does often influence the actual quality of the item....and no doubt in some cases does have some influence on a buyer as to what they are willing to pay in the resale world.  But there is no "true" calculator or reference book which is what makes this business so much different than most.

This is probably at the heart of what makes 2nd hand or thrift so great at a unique place like the Bullseye.  You can pick up a bedroom set, couch, mixer, artwork, or collectible for literally pennies on the dollar of what it would cost in the store.  And when it's in your home....absolutely no one but you will know.  AND in many cases you pick up a unique item that you couldn't nor wouldn't buy in a store that everyone raves about.  When someone tells you "they don't shop second hand" they are simply wasting money and missing out on some unique and interesting items....(at least at the Bullseye).  I am proud that 90% of our home is what someone would describe as "used goods" (LOL)...but I can't see how anyone would know and I can promise that I would never be able to afford many of the things in our home if I had to purchase them at the store.  Second hand doesn't mean second rate...it only means you save a LOT of cash or find a unique treasure.  Want to find an item that cost $500 at the store for $50?....See you at the next sale!!

March against Guns? What about the cause?

I try not to get too political when I rant on this blog....but I woke up today and read articles both in the Chieftain and online about how 1000's upon 1000's of teens were marching to promote more "gun laws" and end gun violence.  It honestly gets me going in all directions.  AND let me state that I am by no means a pro gun type...I rarely carry, don't belong to the NRA, and have never really taken sides before now.  Oh I get it....End Gun Violence!  How great it is to be young and passionate....but It's just not that easy.  Of course no rational person would ever want gun violence and 99.9% of Americans are on board. But....Can one be so ignorant to honestly think passing more laws is an answer?  Passing more laws and more restrictions is going to only make it impossible for law enforcement to even enforce and is not even practical nor any type of solution.  You are not going to amend the Constitution and simply put people have rights to own firearms.

I get the argument that no one needs a semi-auto AR-15 for practical purposes....YET I would say those guns have been owned for decades by the public without nearly the violence issues..so why now?  Like every problem you would think you would find the source.  Where is this passion for the Heroin & Opioid Crisis which is killing and ruining thousands more lives than any gun and growing daily? Not to mention no doubt at the root of many of these problems. Where is the passion for record homelessness?  Or the Passion for World Peace?  Maybe this is just what the media is choosing to cover....I can't figure it out.

What is causing this violence? It sure isn't the government or the current laws so why focus on changing something that won't change anything? I stick by my firm opinion that the Media continues to "glorify" these killers and needs more violence to make more money....Let's just be honest. Newspapers & T.V. are dying and are begging for human interest stories at any cost. Do they make this happen?...of course not. BUT the media is the first group there reporting with pictures and human interest stories...AND of course the shooter's picture and history plastered everywhere. (The bomber in Texas the last few days is textbook). This is never what free speech was about and certainly I can't imaging anyone believing that this reporting is "necessary or needed" in the U.S. Stop media reporting gun crimes and you will stop 90% of gun violence. (just a tiny junk dealers opinion of course)

As of now....the media is not going to stop reporting...and so the gun violence will go on. Talk or read nearly any psychologist's opinion on the matter and while they don't come out and be as blunt as my opinion above. They basically state the same point. I love all you youngsters passion and dedication....I just wish it was actually focused on something that would actually make a difference. Put me in bold big black letters....More Gun Laws are NOT the Answer. A lot of question marks in this blog section....and unfortunately a very difficult subject to answer. Fix the source of the problem...and fix the problem. Guns are not the source.

The Gun Debate Is About To Get Wild

I will preface this opinion by saying that I am still truly on the fence on many issues surrounding gun control so the following is an honest opinion from a very small gun re-seller looking in.  This was sparked mentally as I went to an auction this weekend and watched around 30 guns sell.  The auction company announced their actual back ground check cost had increased to $15 and they were charging $25.  (actually reasonable compared to many).  While $15-$25 is not going to empty a gun buyer's wallet it is VERY significant (percentage terms is everything) in my opinion for many reasons I will address later.  The $15 is a 150% increase overnight compared to prior cost of $6.  There is no business with an FFL dealer license that is in business for charity that I know of so can't see anyone doing it much cheaper than the $25.  I made some calls to six shops in the Springs and Pueblo during the sale and the average price was now around $30-$40.  That is hard to believe.  

When the background check law was passed I wasn't sure it was going to do anything and now I am very opinionated that it is truly about the money for the State and Colorado. And unfortunately there is not even any proof that background check laws can prove anything about being effective or useful. Common sense would tell you that if you were trying to make everyone do a background check on both private and business sales you would keep it as affordable as possible as the goal posted was "to increase public safety" and you would no doubt increase the likelihood of someone transferring a firearm legally.  Now with the 150%+ increase the State will undoubtedly force even more private transfers "underground" and it truly undermines the whole reason the law was passed in the first place.  I just don't get it...I get the anti-gun people but you aren't going to get rid of guns so why not make it is efficient and as reasonable as possible to enforce the law? And to make things even more crazy if you are a dealer of firearms, the increased Colorado cost will make it more likely FFL dealers will transfer arms to another State without laws to sell them and Colorado tax revenue will suffer. Many will disagree and say they will lower the price of a gun $10 and then charge an extra $15 for a check so they profit. You can rationalize anything these days but you know another increase will come sooner than later and then what? This will happen....when you can get an extra 15% off the top in cost of selling just by shipping to another State to sell it becomes a no-braner. Colorado is now exercising the illegal right of the government to punish a business for doing business in their own State by giving competitors in other States a true mathematical advantage. A true anti-gun hater behind this deal somewhere.

The Gun Debate is about to get crazy.  I get both sides but until the you make it illegal for the Media & Social Media to glorify and post everything about shooter's lives no gun law will make any difference in my opinion.  Guns and wackos have been present for decades before all this violence without nearly the issues....it is hard to now say that guns are to blame.  There is only one major difference in society...the Media.  And while no side wants to give or take on many issues surrounding this...I can't see where more regulation, paperwork, & cost will do anything.  If someone wants to get a gun they will find the means to get it anyway.  Colorado has now proven it is all about the money and that this entire background check thing is now a "for profit" business and attacking gun resellers ability to profit. Absolutely nothing to do with actual public safety.

Take note...this is a blaring example of misuse of power and government intervention in a private segment of business.  My point of this opinion is not to go pro-gun or NRA but rather pro-business.  If you are at a shop buying a basic .22 gun for $150...you will now add approx. 8% tax & 25% background fee. YES...33% to the State of Colorado. Simply unreal as those are communism-type figures!! There are implications for every move a government makes...where does it stop??  I also know some anti-gun/business activist is there saying that it sounds like I should get outta the gun business. THAT is my point exactly...NO business should be punished or changed due to uncontrollable government regulations that are retroactive. This argument is going to get ugly across the Nation....far uglier than even before.  In the meantime....you will need to work overtime to pay your background check just to buy a single shot 10 gauge.  Wild times that make no practical sense whatsoever. Why not just go to $50 or $100 for a background check? (oh wait...if you don't pay attention and speak up like myself it just might) And remember this opinion is from a company/owner who will most likely transfer less than 30 guns this year and the change makes absolutely ZERO difference to my business but I can't imagine how this is going to effect the large shops. Just another small blog from a dinky little junk dealer in Pueblo Colorado...hope I am wrong but sure looks like Colorado going after gun rights through the backdoor wallet. What do you think?...Maybe I am crazy like many say.

Yes...I Just Quit...And No...It's Not A Joke

I get emails and people confronting me constantly about how I could just walk away from auctioning and completely change our business model.  And many thought I was joking or would be back on the mic within a couple months.  LOL.  Just not going to happen.  I even sold my equipment.  For those of you that bet me...get ready to pay up...hehe.  I haven't missed the data entry of online auctions or the stress of setting up, promoting, and the unknown of a live auction for one minute.  Our "new" business model is not like we are doing something "new" or "different" than we have done in the past.  For nearly the first four years in business as "Home Liquidators" all we did was estate sales out in our building in the County.  Simple...buy and sell. When we decided to expand and change it up we moved to Pueblo West and entered the auction phase but also had a few estate sales along the way.  

There isn't one doubt in my mind that my view of the current market is very accurate...people's time is more valuable than ever and auctions are very difficult unless you have 100's and 100's of premium items.  Sellers just want to sell and buyers just want to buy....period.  That doesn't mean that there isn't a deal or two out there that should be sent to auction..(even I will admit that)..but it DOES mean that nearly 95% of deals I look at only make sense to just sell outright and be done with for the estate or private seller.  Most deals for auction companies these days are just more practice and no profit...as my 2017 books clearly show.  Big sales don't necessarily mean big profits.  When crowd sizes over the weekend have exceeded our previous auction crowd sizes by 10x to 100x over a weekend there is no doubt what buyers want as well.  BARGAINS!  Oh I love auctions and the thrill of possibly getting a crazy price for something is always possible but rarely probable.  Over the long run...all I want to do is buy and sell.  Straightforward for everyone involved.  No doubt we won't get a crazy price or top dollar for any item but we have far more result stability.  There is no easy way in the resale business and I can prove you don't get rich doing this.  BUT we can make an honest hardworking living and love what we do....So Enjoy the Deals and You Can Bury The Speculation.  No More Auctions.  See YOU at the Bullseye!

Opening Improvements...Suggestion Box FULL

If you were there for the fiasco at the open last Friday sale you know I had to come up with a solution to the checkout issue.  LOL.  Nearly a couple fights, lines going every direction, and complete disorder...one of the few times I have ever been embarrassed as to who was running the place..hehe.   Well we have taken steps to solve this issue and hopefully have a much smoother shopping experience.  We have doubled down a long line on the NorthSide, Moved checkout over 8 feet, Added a number system to try and solve any problems with someone "accidentally" loading the wrong item, & removed the tripping threshold on bottom of door.  I appreciate all the suggestions and hopefully you will immediately notice a difference if you participate in the chaotic opening day which is a must for the upcoming sales.  I am always open to suggestions and appreciate any and all help from someone with an outside perspective.  Enjoy the incredible quality and variety on the upcoming sales!!!  See you soon!

Electric Bill More Than A New Dishwasher..How?

So get home Sunday night around 4pm after working 23 straight days...and of course the dishwasher AND garbage disposal have died at the same time like they were just wanting to punish me.  Not a good situation...not only am I tired but now I have to plumb.  Run to store and pickup a NICE dishwasher on sale for $599 and a garbage disposal for $129 and head home.  Get installed in about 30 minutes and head down to office.  I open my mail and my electric bill is $739 for Bullseye on the "screw you" commercial business rate....not abnormal but just our monthly average.  As I sit and enter weekly bills in quickbooks and get caught up on paperwork I ponder.....How in the world can a fancy dishwasher and garbage disposal be less than ONE month of electricity???  ONE friggin' month.   Can someone explain this to me?  Of course I am complaining...it is simply ridiculous and someone should be prosecuted.  I spent a lot upgrading to LED lighting and have cut my bill over $200 a month to make this even more crazier...(it's not like we are wasteful).  While this has nothing to do with the resale world...no wonder it is hard to stay at zero as a business and makes me wonder how so many businesses even stay afloat.  Utilities have simply reached hard to believe levels.  Maybe it's just me being crazy...but whatever it is I guess you pay your bill OR go to lanterns, boiling water, & fireplaces.  Just sayin'.   In the meantime I wrote the check, bitched another month, and will wait to read of another increase in coming months.  When does it stop?  Just raise the minimum wage and borrow more money.  Can you say recession is near?????  Hope I am wrong....but read this and take note.  Real numbers and fractional reality of expenses never lie in the real world.  Scary times.  The Solution:  Shop at Bullseye to save cash for your Electricity!!!  See you soon

Why Can't I Get In Early? NO V.I.P's At Bullseye

Almost daily I get calls wanting to know how one (a buyer) can get in early to examine and purchase items.  I have offers from helping me sort and price items all the way to paying over $100 to get in first.  But over 10 years ago when we started doing sales I always believed that early and/or under the counter sales always ruined what makes estate sales so great.  An estate sale done on a commercial level should ALWAYS be equal in my opinion....meaning truly first come first serve.  It's only fair.  And while I love everyone's advice to charge entry fees or sell early-bird tickets...It's just not going to happen anytime soon.  Some love the madness...some hate it....but all we are trying to do is be fair and equal to all that patronize our business.  We are working hard to bring two simply amazing estates to market for the sale the first weekend in March....a couple of the best we have ever seen.  Whether there are 5 in line or 500.  How can you miss out on the bargain madness that IS the Bullseye.  Note we have extended our Friday hours to 7pm....for those that work on Friday til 5 or 6...you still have time to get in on first day sale items.  See you soon!

The Reality TV Era...Times Have Changed

Don't kid yourself...if you don't think the era of crazy reality T.V. changed the resale business drastically you would be leading yourself astray...and I have seen it time and time again.  Whether you reference shows like Pawn Stars, StorageWars, American Pickers, Antique Roadshow, Etc....the truth is "The resale world is now a different place". Not necessarily good or bad but different.  The shows simply drive me CRAZY personally.  For starters you know it is all "scripted" and that this was all made for T.V. anytime something is televised.  Secondly they often disregard mention of how important condition is and the underlying cost of actually selling an item for top dollar...meaning Ebay or another online sales site that is FAR from free.  This makes for great T.V. but has nothing to do with the current market.

Why do I bring this up?  The past several years...most deals/estates I look at the seller is so afraid to sell an "amazing find" item so they often hoard to store a huge amount of what could be that rare item.  It has always been the case to a certain extent but the shows have certainly made people afraid to sell at times.  Many times they will pack up items up by the truck load and put in a storage unit or garage..as wacky as that sounds.  Of course you know if you have done much buying/selling the time is takes to research and sell online is significant....and that doesn't take into account all the details you must note on every item.  I can't tell you how many times someone has told me they saw a similar item on Pickers that was worth $300....and now think their item is worth $300 even though it is not even similar.  While I get the idea...I have never truly understood the concept of keeping something you will never use or enjoy and most likely never sell.  But each to his/her own no doubt.

So maybe in the end...that is why the Bullseye has evolved and been able to stay in the market.  I have NEVER been afraid to sell anything and have always believed if I ever sell that "Picasso" or "Rare Football Card" then good for the buyer and it just wasn't meant to be for me.  (Remember I cancelled a $100k pick 4 horse ticket years ago...lol)  I do wish I would have made a list long ago of all the crazy finds that have come through our stores that were sold for pennies on the dollar but you don't realize how fast time truly goes and how there is never enough of it so that list has come and left my little brain.  I honestly don't regret one sale...isn't that why this business is so great?  You buy, You enjoy or resell, & You keep hunting.  But remember...don't believe much you see on the boobtub.  Happy Hunting!!

Feedback Matters...Reviews are on YOU!

So I look at a LOT of house-fulls of items & estates and talk to numerous potential customers every week.  I continue to hear bad story after bad story about a handful of companies in the "liquidation space" in this area.....I just bite my tongue as I have not done business with these companies and can't pass on hear-say.  Reviews and feedback of companies matter more than ever to future clients and companies....especially in businesses that are so service orientated.  If you get totally hosed or don't get the service you expect it is your duty in this era to let the company know and if they don't make it right with you...Then review the company to let future potential companies know.  I think in this age this goes for everything from restaurants to retail shopping, to retail sellers, etc....  You should make it commonplace to review Good...and Bad if the company doesn't fix any problem you had.  

Just an example of what I hear....In the estate/personal property liquidation space when a company is conducting practices such as overpricing items at an estate sale so they don't sell and are retained by the selling company at a fraction of worth OR a company going into a home and giving a client completely false high expectations of value what items will bring at auction or sale are just a couple of things I have heard over and over.  This isn't any type of personal attack or naming any companies...but at some point when I hear this from dozens of people it raises my eyebrows and makes me take notice.  YET...I go in and read reviews on Facebook & Google and no one has spoke up....supposedly 5 stars.   I didn't used to believe in reviews but now believe it is YOUR/OUR duty as customers of any business to review.

I will never say "I can get you the most money" or "I will pay you the most money" because those statements are truly unfounded from anyone that states them...period.  But I have always believed in business if you tell someone you are going to do something...that is what is done and the job is finished as agreed for the amount agreed.  In the event you damage property or something happens.."you make it right".   I just hope that more people that tell me of issues...tell everyone else.  It matters to all small businesses more than you know....See you soon!!

When & What is The Bullseye Marketplace?

Seems like I have confused and perplexed a lot of people with our move to go fully retail.  But this was an easy decision once you see the finished product and if you knew all the facts.  Tag Sales will always have 1000's of items and you will quickly notice the increase in the quality of items at our tag sales.  Many more items in the $10-$50 range and simply higher quality across the board with all the bargains you expect.  The undertaking of the Online Marketplace is a major transition and requires a lot of detail...and to be honest far more than I anticipated but it's all good.  We are hoping to launch sometime in April or May.  What will this be?  Imagine a combination of all the used online retailers into a LOCAL site.  However, BullseyePueblo will have major differences to protect YOU...the buyer.  You won't have any crazy sellers, no meeting strangers in the dark, no scammers, no people clogging up the site listing broken clothes hangers, no fighting people in line, no driving all over town looking for something good, & 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Combine this with 1000's of pieces of quality clean ESTATE merchandise, available delivery & secure payments and there is nothing out there like it.  We will be one of the first anywhere to roll out this concept.  I can't wait....BUT I have had several people no doubt upset with me stopping the online auction gig.  And several wanted an explanation so here you go.

I get it...and no doubt we could have continued but it sure felt like we were losing interest in the online auction as a whole.  Registration had flatlined~declined over the past 11 auctions and I was getting comment after comment that they wish they "could just buy the item".  New customers were almost nil.  But my breaking point was the 16 non-payment accounts on last online...while the total was under $500 it creates a true logistical nightmare on our end.  It is a lot of work to take pictures, download, catalog, & organize everything...then trying to chase down accounts will drive you crazy.  (Yes...I know this isn't fair as we have so many prompt incredible customers but it simply sucks when a few ruin it)  When the items sells and we get nothing it simply makes no sense.  This doesn't go into several purchases that sit on our shelves for weeks after payment and put us in a weird storage situation.  The Online Auctions aren't cheap to run/host either so when you get significant non-payment it simply kills this avenue.  And YES...we could have required a credit card to register and done auto-payments but that increases cost of software 5x and doesn't make any monetary sense.  I once believed that online auctions would take off like a rocket ship but my outlook has totally changed.  Most of the software companies are not getting any new customers and overall content has actually decreased so it's not just me being nuts.  I am truly intrigued to see where this segment goes down the road and auctions/auction houses in general.  There is not doubt a niche and segment demand for this service but just not sure how large the possible market truly is...I will be honest when I say I truly underestimated how many people want nothing to do with an auction.  I am not right on much in my life...lol.  Maybe I am due.

So...Look for the Marketplace soon...Basically the online auction..ONLY soooooooo much simpler and will be quite unique. Everything priced...Click. Buy. Pickup.  I look forward to your feedback once we get all this rolling.  Until then...See you at the next tag sale!!!  Take Care

No MidLife Crisis...My Final Auction Review. The TRUTH

We have receive a LOT of feedback regarding our decision to focus on tag sales/e-commerce and no longer do auctions. (ALL of it was honestly appreciated good & bad).  I thought I would just share a few and give my final opinion on auctions and what made me make such a dramatic decision in many people's minds.  The best emails were asking Becki if I needed counseling and if I was going through a dramatic midlife crisis.  That never occurred to me but I suppose I could be....but no.  A few others....Wanting to make me a wager that I would not make it 3 months without working an auction, I should have stopped the free wine a long time ago, and that auctions are on the comeback and I have it all wrong.  All taken in stride...I love and appreciate to hear from our faithful followers.

Of course this blog is merely my opinion...but is backed up by a very large statistical database on my end and via Nationwide websites.  This is just my "Final" take on auctions as I now have no interest in blogging about them in the future.  The Truth:  After I went from penthouse to outhouse around 10 years ago...I promised myself to always be forward thinking and follow the market.  (had I done this 12 years ago...I would be on easy street...but that is water under the bridge). Auctions were originally derived to liquidate farms and homesteads....and the industry was possibly at it's most robust in the 80's/early 90's at the start of the "Ebay/Online Movement".  However, the industry as a whole has went in many directions the past decade and has hit new record low numbers in the Central and West States.  Blame buyer's premiums, increased commercial real estate rents, or a number of other factors but stats are black & white and don't lie.  There are still pockets of strong auction demand back East.  We at Bullseye spent $1000's upon $1000's of marketing dollars to develop a customer core over the past 6 years.  But all businesses are about consistency and following distinct trends.

I did one final "experiment" of 6 live auctions in 7 weeks a the end of 2017 to push me to a decision to either do more auctions or exit.  Obviously I chose exit.  While I won't bore you with numbers...the major two factors that will eventually bleed the auction market dry is DEMOGRAPHICS & SELLER DEMAND.  The generation of under 50 year old buyer's makes up less than 20% of the base.  There is little to no interest in auctions from the younger generation...not even on the online platform.  Our average age on the last 6 online auctions was over the age of 50.  I could see in black and white we were flat-lining for new customers and that our "older base" was near capacity.  Not a good prognosis on paper....and I simply have no way to attract new buyer's or solidify the business base.  

I look at a LOT of estates and deals and the demand to even have an auction is almost non-existent.  The overwhelming majority of sellers/estate heirs want nothing to do with an auction.  The extended period of time it takes to finalize, the unknown amount of revenue, & the overall hassle are just no longer in the mix.  Obviously this is a much faster-moving society than it was 10 years ago and it is crazy obvious in this business.  The majority of sellers are on a strict timeline and simply want to sell or be done with the situation rapidly.   Combine that with how difficult it is to consistently get high "auction quality" merchandise and it is one tough business environment for auctions.

So...Does this mean a good auction is impossible?  Absolutely Not.  There will be a handful of auctions a year that are worth the time of attending over a year.  And honestly an auction makes sense in a sporadic few deals I look at but certainly not many.  But this is by FAR the most challenging times I have ever seen for the auction world and we at Bullseye will focus our efforts in a rapidly growing and popular e-commerce segment of the market.  I truly want to say THANK YOU to all our customers and know a lot of you loyal auction lovers are very sad...me too.  I will miss working the auctions and all the great times that you can't possibly predict at an auction.  At this point change is good and feels necessary to move forward and stay relevant.   Will I ever work a live auction again?  Oh..maybe someday as I have learned to never say never but you won't see me on a mic anytime soon.  Bulllseye Auction Out...See you Soon! 


The End of a Bullseye Era

If you received our email then you have the news...Bullseye will no longer conduct any auctions.  I received a LOT of feedback and was not surprised at all that 98% plus of comments back were positive and happy...LOL.  We will roll out our incredible Online Marketplace in coming weeks and focus on tag sales moving forward.  While this news may or may not come as a shock to you...I have blogged numerous times in the past how the auction market is simply a dying industry.  I constantly analyze numbers and trends and can say with 100% certainty that unless something changes drastically the days of auction houses are numbered and I can see no positive growth moving forward.  While I love working auctions and most of all love our incredible customers I am making a decision that no doubt makes the most sense for the business going forward.   Yes...the Fatboy has called his last auction.

We invested a lot of money and time in the online venue and felt like it may have been the "solution" to the auction world...however, I now believe the online venue has stopped dead in it's tracks.  Why?  The problem is similar to what has killed the entire auction industry.  There is no parity or consistency anywhere and of course buyer's premiums.  There are far too many types of software and far too many options for auction software users which creates major longterm problems.  And consumer trend charts don't lie...the overwhelming majority of buyers want nothing to do with an auction.  LOL.  We'll see if I am right going forward...but I am very confident that if you love going to auctions you need to find a new hobby.

Now...What is this Marketplace?  It has been a vision of mine for quite some time but now feel the timing is now "right".  You will have an estate sale right at the tip of your fingertips with everything priced and ready to purchase with a click of a button with new items constantly added.  And YES we will even offer delivery.  So unlike all other ecommerce sites we will get rid of all the problems.  No shipping cost, no going to a crazy sellers house, no low-end junk, no way to get hosed...and everything at one location with a fast and easy pickup.  I am very confident you will see why I am very excited to roll this out.  Watch our website and emails and get ready for BullseyeMarket!!  See you soon.

HUGE Bullseye News & Changes for 2018

We have been quietly working for quite some time on launching our online store in 2018 but are close enough now to hype it up!!  This is quite a venture but think it will be almost hard for a consumer or yourself to believe once this concept totally comes together.  Simply put this will be an online store featuring anything and everything (of Course Bullseye Wholesale Priced) with payment and pickup right here in your own back yard.  Click.Buy.Pickup or Get Delivered.  This means no going to creepers house or having creepers come to your house, no chance of getting ripped off by a middle man, and a reputable established company backing all sales.  As just a teaser of details for you that follow our blog....YES...We will be launching an online MEGA resale store in the coming months.  You say WHAT??  In an effort to increase our efficiency and meet demand for consignments you will see one of the only resale ideas of this kind in the Country coming soon.  That doesn't mean we are quitting doing what we are doing now but it does mean you will see an AMAZING platform to put buyers and sellers together with 10-fold efficiency.   If you can't tell...I am beaming with excitement over this and am VERY excited to get this rolling.  Watch our blog, website, and email as this vision becomes a reality and you see the Bullseye take resale to a different stratosphere!!  See you soon!!

Raffle Winners 12/15 Good Luck...TY

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Reality...Your Stuff Doesn't Disappear at Death

In every estate~property liquidation there is always the "Sad" Side.  Oh...maybe that is the wrong term but you must always remember there are feelings and sentimental items involved (at least everyone tells me this).  Maybe I have become a crass asshole at this point after a decade back in this business..(at least the asshole part according to some....lol) BUT I constantly read blogs and testimonial from others in this business that I am supposed to have feelings and show empathy.   And they are the best at showing their feelings/love and will make you feel good.  Seriously??  That is truly the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.  Unless you are heartless or simply dumb or braindead you obviously feel for the "other sad side" when you are dealing with a liquidation.  How could you possibly be in this job for too long unless you realize this??  Someone has passed away or is going through a dramatic change in life...there really aren't any "winners". There are many deals that I wish I could help out or do something to make their situation better...some we can and others we just can't.  But as I told one of the finest clients I have dealt with recently (shout out to you Scott) many don't think that when they move on in life there stuff has to go somewhere.  It doesn't just disappear.  For most when they deal with this time in life it can truly be a reality check as most that have dealt with this quickly discover.  For us...of course it is a business in the end that we try to check and balance.

So are we providing a service or looking for huge profits.  Honestly the profits would be great...hehe.  BUT in 49 out of 50 deals it is a balance type situation... We are providing a service and of course making a few bucks for our efforts.  For in the end...your stuff can be a LOT of labor and work to dispose of.  For that is truly why Bullseye exists...to offer both a service and fairness.  But remember...someone else will eventually own everything you own....A super CRAZY reality.  Look around and soak it in...lol.   So what is my point??  BUY MORE AT THE BULLSEYE...SO THERE IS MORE TO OWN!!!  Now get out there and live life to the max!!!!!


Real or Fake...Tough to Tell but a Must Know

It seems as though these days in the resale world one of the truly most difficult things to do is to determine whether an items is authentic or a reproduction and/or fake.  The truth is that nearly every type of item that has become valuable from depression glass to lighters to sports cards to cast iron has now been duplicated or reproduced.  Quite frankly this is the toughest part of my job especially for describing online auctions but also to represent items in good faith.  Many of the reproductions are GOOD and very high quality.  Telling an authentic piece from a reproduction can be very difficult.  And many of the reproductions were made as early as the 70's so some are vintage themselves.

Referencing the item online surely helps far more than decades ago...but it can still fool many.  My rule of thumb number one is knowing where the item came from.  Of course I have a distinct advantage over many resellers as the majority of our items are straight out of a home or estate BUT always remember that you can't determine when or where the previous owner purchased so NEVER "assume" an item is old or authentic just by it's origin.  In most cases if you look very closely at an item you can generally get a feel for age based on wear, screw type, seams in glass, letter printing, colors, etc.  Even as many types of items as I see...I still get fooled or can't determine without a doubt whether an item is authentic.  The strangest thing is that in the market know there are several categories where certain reproductions are worth more than the originals because fewer were produced or many collect a maker.  So just because an item is "authentic or old" doesn't mean it isn't valuable.

You can always take items to "so-called" experts or appraisers but always remember these are opinions no matter what.  I have always said "You can get a sports card graded, an autograph authenticated, or an arrowhead papered but truly in the end it is all still JUST an opinion". And in the end of the resale world it all boils down to what a buyer will pay for an item just as it sits...nothing more and nothing less. There is no exact science to knowing the age of items but with a little research and extra time you can exponentially raise your knowledge of items and make yourself a more savvy buyer.  Happy Hunting!!

Crazy Stats from Olney Springs Auction

If you follow this blog you know I love analyzing numbers from auctions and business in general.  The auction Saturday in Olney Springs provided some crazy statistics and numbers and was no doubt one to remember.  If you attended you got to see a VERY unique farm auction with some fantastic items.  What an estate that was....as was advertised you rarely see em like that anymore.  As with all auctions they are totally unpredictable and you never know what to expect....if you attended "THANK YOU" and I think you got some great entertainment at the very least...and hopefully some great surprise items if you bought.  Farm Estate Auctions are quite unique if you had never been to one....hope you enjoyed your day.  We had 147 buyers......a small portion compared to the over 330 registered.  While a big number on paper...certainly not "crazy" for a farm auction if compared to past sales....and this one had quite a variety and a LOT of items.  That means each buyer averaged over 4 items...a weird skewed number given the variety of this auction.

Of course there are a couple completely wacky numbers....Of the registered buyers...only 141 were repeat customers.  The other bunch were first time Bullseye customers.  A pretty crazy number...as locals showed up in a big number...although of the 170+ new buyers only 41 actually bought.  Another number that jumped off the page compared to past sales was the amount of resellers who purchased.  If you exclude the vehicles, tractors, & trailers...39% of the remaining items were purchased by resellers.  That is a super crazy high number compared to an average of around 15% in past auctions.  There had to have been plenty of deals spread throughout the sale as numbers like that don't lie.  Of course there were some items that surprised on the upside.  

While my microphone went on the fritz, electricity fried one of credit card machines, & my generator decided to quit...we got through without a hitch and the office staff & clerks were incredible.  100%...YES 100% payment and no clerking errors.  TY Dad, Cauy, & Bobby Jo....pretty good volunteers...lol.   As you learn doing this over and over at any auction..."One person's best deal of the sale is another person's most ridiculously high price they have ever seen".  So it goes.  That is what makes auctions so unique and fun....You simply don't know what to expect and this one certainly was filled with the unknown and there is nothing like watching an auction.  Hope we can get another one booked soon!!  Bullseye now back to reality.

No Identity Crisis Here....Just Sale Variety

I had to laugh when I got a couple emails asking "What is Bullseye?  Changing up all these sales?  Why not keep is simple?  Just do one thing".  It actually made me think in depth as to...Why we don't just stick with doing one kind of sale...Either Live Auctions, Online Auctions, or Tag Sales?  We would not stay in business doing one type of sale.  I think the answer may be a personality disorder with myself?...LOL.

Maybe partially that...but actually much more because the resale business has quickly evolved over the past 5 years and we have done our best to keep up with demand from both sellers and buyers.  When we moved from the County to Pueblo West over 5 years ago I firmly believed you should only do ONE type of sale.  Anything else was co-mingling businesses and would be doomed for failure.  How times and consumer demands have changed quickly and now I honestly believe that previous statement to be just the opposite.  This business would be nearly unsustainable doing just ONE type of sale.  As fewer and fewer companies are able to sustain in the "second-hand" market it only proves that it is VERY difficult to pay the bills with tunnel vision of selling....and offering sellers and buyers only one option is a very difficult road in a business that is difficult enough in the current market climate.

Between customer needs, consumer demand, space requirements, time restrictions, & the type of merchandise....how could any company truly represent a customer's best needs by doing only one type of sale?  The answer...Companies are doing their customers a dis-service in this market if they don't have the ability or resources to do all kinds of sales.  And that is the truth in my opinion...of course there is no doubt (as Becki will testify) that I can't do one thing for long periods of time so the different types of sales help with the constant processing of items from this side of the business.  While there are no doubt some monetary differences...The bottom line in the end....."Time and Expenses are everything in order to remain a viable company."  We are just trying to remain viable..plain and simple....nothing more & nothing less.  Hope you enjoy the variety!!

Gimme the Numbers FatboyGlen

Yah...going back to the good old online poker days with my screen name there.  We just wrapped up 4 live auctions in a span of 14 days....and if you follow my blog you know how I have talked about the difficulties with live auctions in today's market vs. previous years back.  If you haven't followed and are just reading I have posted numerous times about how live auctions have become difficult to market, lost interest due to companies charging buyer's premiums and many unethical practices, & a big change in demographics.  This is a very difficult thing to analyze based on size and quality but still interesting...Here are some numbers...you decide and then I will give you my prognosis:

In the four live auctions we registered a total of 159 individuals.  Over the span of those auctions we sold 1006 "lots" to a total of 88 actual separate buyers over the span.  That is an average of over 11 items per buyer...crazy high number based on past auctions.  Of the 88 buyers, 16 buyers (repeat buyers) purchased items at 3 or 4 of the auctions over the span.  Of the 88 buyers...23 were "new" customers to Bullseye...we had on 55 repeat Bullseye buyers at the four auctions.  Nearly 50% of the total items were purchased by 11 buyers.  Yes...11 buyers bought around 500 of the lots.  Of the 159 registered...only 12 were under the age of 35.  100% of buyer's paid in full...THANK YOU!! 

My Prognosis:  I felt we had a successful run of "on-site" smaller auctions and thank all that attended...Sure was a LOT of fun and November will certainly be interesting to watch as we bring a couple superb estates to market that don't even compare to these.  These four previous auctions weren't huge nor high value auctions and this business is tough to reference so not reading a lot into the numbers.  Sellers were happy and that is all that truly matters in the end.  Absolutely no doubt there were some incredible bargains and have already heard of some great finds in boxes at a couple of these auctions.  Congrats!

I will say the one stat that jumps off the page is the demographics...I have blogged and blogged about how the demographics of the live auction business have changed dramatically from the old days.  The number of live auctions in the Region and Nationwide have fallen off a cliff because of demographics and lack of commercial re-sellers (in my opinion of course).  And no doubt if you compare live auction demographics to online demographics...The average age of buyers is stunningly different.  Many young buyers simply don't know about live auctions, are simply too busy, or have been to one and got hosed by a hidden buyer's premium or fee and never go back.  Who knows...but as an auction industry lover I sure wish we could get the younger generation interested...reality may just not be in the cards.  We'll see what happens going forward..I truly love working live auctions and all our incredible customers....but In the end...It's all in the numbers.  Hope to See you soon!

Raffle Winners 10/20..Good Luck

If you purchased and paid today from online auction 10/19...Here are Winning Numbers....If you win just give us a call for pickup next week....Good Luck.

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Should I Go To That Live Auction?

I constantly get asked the same question either in person or email whenever we do live auctions.  "Is that auction any good...should I go?"  I don't know how I am supposed to respond.  I always think there are plenty of bargains whenever we do live auctions and will always have usable items at our sales or we wouldn't be there.....Could name 50+ great deals off top of my head from past two auctions and I wasn't paying that much attention at times...there have honestly been no lack of deals.  Does that mean there are even better deals ahead or that everything goes high on the next auction...Your guess is as good as mine.  If you figure that out ahead of time let me know.

Does that mean you should go?  How do I know....I have no idea what you are looking for and quite honestly many of the deals at live auctions are in what you don't see more than you can see.  Just like with tag sales..you can't get deals if you don't show up.  As simple as that.  And as any auction veteran knows...many of the deals you get at an auction are things you didn't even look at or plan on buying.

That leads me to one more quick point for all you picture hunters...Yah, (the buyer's who want 100's & 100's of pictures of everything in detail)  If you haven't noticed I am quickly scaling back on how many pictures I post of sales....because of time and simply because it doesn't make any sense.  Not only is it confusing but can often misrepresent a sale.  Many of these sales we are setting up on the day prior or actual morning of the sale and I can't even see many items.  I remember in the old days when there were literally NO pictures..just sale bills.  While I understand the new technology and I understand many are making decisions on how far to travel..I also know after 20+ years of doing this that pictures often don't do an auction "justice".  And if you are relying on pictures to go to an auction you will always be chasing and most often not actually finding.  (just my opinion of course).  

Should you go?  I hope so but can't deliver the possible great deals to your home or deposit the resale profit in your bank account...All I can do is sell to the high bidder that is there in person.  All I know for sure is that live auctions are simply incredible when you just sit back and watch.  Especially without buyer's premiums or reserves when run 'Bullseye Style'.  True market economics at work and you NEVER know what something is going to sell for or who is going to show up.  We hope to see you there but can't tell you if you should go.....We'll be there and hope you are too.  ENJOY!!

Raffle Winners 10/13 GOOD LUCK!

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The MONSTER is Booked November 18th!!!

It took over a year to work through the courts and paperwork BUT...This will be more than worth the wait. You know I don't "over-advertise" sales...and I don't have adjectives for this one.  I am humbled and very proud to offer this estate.   We work VERY hard to service our customers...both buyers and sellers.  YES....We will be in Olney Springs Colorado for the simply amazing 4 Generation Homestead Estate LIVE Auction of Mr. Richard J. Kirk.  I have been to over 1000 live auctions in my time on earth and this one is truly simply amazing.  We will sell a FOUR generation UNPICKED raw multiple acre homestead live in ONE DAY!!!  Family took the guns and a handful of heirlooms but 99% remains.  House, Shop, Vehicles, Implements, Tractors, SkidSteer, & Numerous Outbuildings are FULL!!  Just giving you a heads up...You see one like this every few years..Maybe. I will be honest...haven't see one like this offered since the 90's.  Watch AuctionZip as pictures will be up by this weekend.  If you love antiques and incredible finds there are LOTS of items that I don't even know what they are OR have only seen one or two ever offered.  If you read this blog...you have the inside scoop. Take off work...cancel vacation....Book the motel Room.  This will confidently produce a new Bullseye Record!!  Hope YOU can be a part of it and get in on the fun...See you there.  Glen

Crazy Stats from Saturday Auction

If you follow my blog you know I love to analyze live auctions after we are finished.  You also know how closely I follow live auction trends and numbers in both the local Area & Nationwide.  I try to publish information for those that both attended and for those that couldn't make it.  Technically irrelevant information but so interesting I want to share anyway.  If you were at auction Saturday it is always intriguing to watch the crowd and analyze sales....as I am sure many of you do whether you mean to or not.  That is just part of what makes live auctions so much crazy fun.  Many companies would shy away from publishing numbers or stats but the facts are the facts and numbers are numbers.  And so here you go with some facts from Saturday....

If you looked around and weren't crowded and felt quite comfortable with plenty of room...You Were RIGHT!!  We had very soft overall registration for this size and overall quality of an auction with only 162 registered bidders....In fact the smallest crowd size we have registered for any auction we have done when we have sold over 1000+ lots.  This was our 14th auction with 1000+lots just as a sidenote so quite a bit of data to compare to.  When the hammer was finished dropping we sold an astounding 1248 Lots in less than 10 hours!!  That is a blazing fast action filled auction with 2 items per minute transferring ownership.  Those sales went to a very small purchasing crowd of only 138.  

Yes ONLY 138 buyers bought 1,248 lots.  Pretty crazy number and I sure thought there were a lot of great deals throughout that showed the numbers.  In statistical analysis that is an 11% item to buyer rate.  We are generally around 5% according to past auctions so very "buyer friendly" numbers on paper.  And some BIG loads were leaving the Bullseye as evidence.  AND out of the 138 buyer's 21 were new first time live auction buyers at the Bullseye which means only 117 return buyers.  Around 60% of the total gross amount of sale was spent by 13 buyers...a highly unique number.  I saved the most skewed number for last as we sold less than 5% of the sale to re-sellers~~buyer's with tax exempt licenses...which in relation to past auctions has averaged around 18%.  So what does this all mean?  

Nothing technically...BUT thought I would share.  As I have said in the past and is true now more than ever before..."You can NEVER guess anything when it comes to an auction"  And crowd size doesn't necessarily equate to anything either....but no doubt makes a difference over the long run.   Unpredictable doesn't begin to describe this business anymore.  When several asked why I decided to book all these live auctions...my answer was mixed.  Of course to attempt to turn a profit & provide a needed service to the seller.  However, there is no doubt I am very intrigued to see the numbers, buyers, & statistics over the next few weeks just to compare past numbers and stats to see if anything can be concluded.   We'll be there selling whether there are 3 people or 300...and no matter whether there are 2% return buyers or a record number of resellers.  Guessing showing up will be a good idea if you love bargains...We Hope to see you there!  

Eight Auctions in 5 Weeks...CRAZY!!

No...I didn't lose a crazy bet...LOL.   I actually don't know how this happened other than I booked a couple live auctions and figured what the heck.  A few meetings later and here we go...and may add another...hehe.  FIVE straight weeks w/ SIX live auctions PLUS two large online auctions!!  Yah...we will be going in circles for YOU!!  Just plan to follow the Bullseye through the end of the year as it appears 15 sales are not out of the question...and in the meantime block out your next Saturdays and watch online.  With this volume of items hitting the market there will NO DOUBT be plenty of incredible deals!!  Watch website closely as there is no way we can fit this much information/details on our site.  See you next Saturday as we kick off this incredible run with one incredible auction!!  See you there....and in coming weeks.  Have fun!

The NFL is the Victim? I am SO over it

Why does the NFL not surprise me when the stance they take on this ridiculous kneeling issue is "victim".  The league is a complete total 100% utter joke of a company.  I ranted and posted last year when all this started that if they didn't put a code of conduct in place immediately they were messing with fire....well the fire is here...(those posts are still in archive)  And all I can do is chuckle....the NFL....Not Trump or the Media or Fans brought all this on themselves.  Oh...I won't boycott selling their products at auction and give up my customer's revenue any more.  I figure if anyone wants to spend their money on the crappy product they are currently selling (ridiculous celebrations, record # of commercials, kneeling, call reviews, dumb penalties) both on and off the field than go for it...and I will make a little commission on my end.  I won't be punished for the NFL going down the drain.

But this seems to be the true era of the victim.  It's gotta always be someone else's fault.  Instead of taking the high road as a PROFESSIONAL athlete, role model, or business owner should when called out and then make a unifying Pro-American Statement...they did the exact opposite.  The NFL now claims all these millionaires are "hard working victims"...(Seriously?)...now with more taking knees and now even the podium sounding completely uneducated...aka Von Miller.  My jaw dropped....what a great interview Von....LOL!!.  Did I note that Phil Long Ford has him promoting their product in one of the "Military Cities of The World"??   That is your spokesman taking a knee??  OUCH.  Of course anyone has the "right" to do anything they please in America anymore... (I guess) But does that make it right or acceptable as a role model??  You tell me anymore.

You can pass egg smelling gas in a full elevator...not illegal or "socially acceptable" but YES..your right.  You could go to a church and speak or cuss during prayers...not illegal or "socially acceptable" but YES...your right.  You could take a knee and intentionally disrespect our veterans/Country and it's not illegal or "socially acceptable" but YES....your right.  You see...I followed pro football like a hawk for years prior to last year but I can't wrap my head around this one.  I get all the arguments...but you just don't kneel during the anthem...period.  For ANY reason or cause.  I will never be a fan again and it sucks on so many levels but I am over it....and I truly believe the NFL has truly underestimated how many people feel like myself.  We will see.  Either a code of conduct to stand or fan withdrawal is near.  Now I am just waiting for the NBA to follow...where does it stop?  I know the protestors would say "that is their point" about stopping the violence and unfair treatment...But I couldn't disagree more.  YOU are creating division, racism, and hate.  This is simple....make a statement for our Country....Stand up like a man or woman as a proud U.S. Citizen and do something that actually makes a POSITIVE difference.  I don't blame the players...as I don't think they even realize what the Anthem means anymore...but the owners & league are nearing the bottom of the barrel here.  This isn't a hard fix.

BUT make no mistake...whether anyone wants to admit it or not.  The almighty dollar and money spent via NFL games, merchandise, & tickets are the driving force.  Until the fan has had enough and fans quit spending money and watching this crap I have to listen to this ridiculous argument.  I am actually intrigued by the NFL again...but only for a short time to see what happens here.  Spend your money wisely but don't be fooled...the NFL is NOT THE VICTIM.


Raffle Winners 09/22 Good Luck!

Raffle Winners:  09/22 Pickup for 09/21 Auction.  TY Sooooo Much for your prompt payment & pickup.

$25 Gift Cards: #175607  #116915

$15 Gift Cards:  #116951  #175826  #175928  #175835  #175977  #116968

We are Going Streakin'!!!!

One thing I have learned about this business is that you can never guess what will be in the next "deal" you look at.  That is truly the bottom line that keeps buyers and sellers chasing down some obscure dream in this business.  But long ago I learned a weird phenomenon that is simply unexplained.  And it has happened to me time and time again...You often get the same genre' of items on deals consecutively for weeks or months in a row.  While there is no possible explanation for this...it is very weird and can be surprisingly consistent at times.  Case in point...We went almost 7 months without more than a few coins here and there.  All of a sudden we liquidated a large lot and 5 straight estates have coins. (and nice coins)  Same with jewelry...a few very small lots with a dab here and there...and all of a sudden the floodgates open and 4 very large lots in a row.  (and top quality)  And as quick as it comes in it can stop.  How does this happen??  Who knows...But it is almost spooky crazy.

A very common question is "do you ever get "xxxxx" in your place"??  The xxxx meaning a certain item someone is looking for from a wheelchair to a part for 42' Moped.  Yes..Maybe...Who Knows.  But I will say the streakin' gods are present in Bullseye World...and have been for several years.  From Beanie Babies to HotWheels to Precious Moments to Coins to Comic Books to Sports Cards to Books to Hoarders.  (I have went streakin' on all that)  Just like in life.  Sometimes you wanna be streakin' and sometimes you don't...LOL.  In this business you never know what streak is awaiting...Right now if you are a coin or jewelry buyer...Bullseye is streakin' baby!!! Watch for the strange to repeat in this business...Just another angle that makes the resale world so incredible.  Good Luck Streakin' down your block...or hopefully Streakin' on an incredible hot buying and money making spree!!  Wheeeee

It Only Takes 2 At An Auction

I figured out very quickly in my auction days some 25 years ago that it only takes two people to make an auction.  So it always begs the question...Do large crowds mean higher prices?  There are so many dynamics to an auction that I would say the answer is simple: Maybe.  Obviously someone in my shoes that is marketing/advertising a sale for a client hopes to draw a large crowd as the mathematics of someone looking for more items increases as with the number of people.  BUT that doesn't mean that if you have a lot of people items will sell for more.  I can remember working an auction with EIGHT (yes 8) buyers and an entire field full of items...a HUGE auction.   Honestly the results were crazy as all 8 were true buyers of everything there and prices went very high...and it almost became a pissing match between this small group.  In fact I don't think the auction would have had near the results if there were more people.   In the same realm I have worked auctions with crowds over 300 and thought there were some very cheap deals as many get to visiting or can't see what is selling.  I got one of my best purchases ever at an auction (when I used to have time to go) at a sale with well over 400 people....you just never know.  In this day and age it may only take ONE item or deal to make an entire month or even year so whether the crowd is big or small...you can't possibly predict an auction outcome.  It only takes two people at an auction to get crazy fast....and if the second person isn't there...can you say bargain?  What a crazy business...Now get ready for some auctions!!!  And while you are hoping you are the only one...I will be hoping for two...LOL.  The life of an auctioneer. Should be a lot of fun...TY!!

2017 is Booked..Great Finish Ahead

What a spectacular run we will have to finish off 2017 sales!! You will see 4 or 5 LIVE Auctions..Yes LIVE very large auctions, 6 Fantastic Online Auctions, & our annual Christmas Tag Sale the first part of December which will be our largest ever.  We feel very fortunate to be lined up with so many fantastic sales headed to market and couldn't do it without YOU!!  Sit back and enjoy as you will see some great items hit the auction block and transfer ownership soon~~~Hopefully you can snag a bargain and get in on the action + fun.  Good Luck and we will see you soon.........Watch Website and Facebook for LOTS of details coming soon!!

50,000 Online Items is Near

A HUGE Milestone is nearing as Bullseye nears selling 50,000 transactions online!  If you would have told me nearly 3 years ago that Bullseye would even be in the online space I would have called you crazy!! Not in my wildest dreams did I ever believe that we would consider entering the space let alone become a leader.  We are now nearing a very elite category...selling our 50,000th item online. Very hard for me to believe and quite honestly a very fast whirlwind..as it seems like just last week we were selling out Clever Carpet Center as our first online auction.   While we are still several sales away from the number  (January-ish)....we are over 40,000 now...I have to bring it up as many competitors love to throw "shade" at myself and Bullseye...(maybe they don't know it's just Me, Becki, & My Kids...LOL) .and Keeping it real..I get it and no doubt I have asked for much of that as I am not shy to voice my opinion on the industry and several things going on.

So Does this number make us a "better" or "more experienced" auction...maybe or maybe not.  I can tell you that the Attorney office up North noticed and it DOES matter and what an account this is...as you will continue to see in auctions headed to market!!  It does make us one of only a few in the Nation that have this number of sales to boast...period.   That is the black and white of online auctions...there is no B.S. or stretching the truth.  While I could say I have probably sold over a million items live over the past 25 years and not be lying...when item number 50,000 hits online...it will be a very big industry deal....and a great milestone for our business and YOU our customers...as without the support of our great customer base we would be gone.

So what is my point?  Nothing really..LOL.  Sometimes there is no point in this business as most "experts" will proclaim that buyer's will most always go where there are the cheapest deals and sellers will often go to who can do it the fastest and has the best selling lines.  Just how it is.  Maybe true...or maybe not.  I know over the past decade I have always valued every dollar spent and bid at the Bullseye and never take for grant it our loyal and great customers.  While the shade will keep coming and many will continue to doubt my blog "begging them to change" for the industry....It looks like more of the same...but the black and white proves otherwise.  Buyers love great items presented with NO Buyer's premiums and Great Terms..Period.

Now enough of the rambling...Let's get on with the sales...What a Fall it will be at the Bullseye!!  Numerous live and online auctions that are loaded up...Enjoy.  We work very hard and hustle 24/7 to bring these items to market....and will be pushing hard to get to 50,000....TY for being on the ride with us...We truly LOVE our Bullseye Family and the incredible and unpredictable "junk" business.  TY!


What Type of Sale Has The Best Deals?

Oh yes...a question and debate there is truly no answer for.  Maybe the answer is depending on what YOU are looking for...or most likely depending on the day.  I have heard of numerous great purchases from all types of sales here in all types of circumstances.  If you assume that I know what everything is worth given the volume of items we deal with you are sorely mistaken...there is simply no way.  Assume and my name start with the same 3 letters Becki says....But I will give a few stories and opinion

Tag Sales:  No doubt can score a huge percentage with a small investment.  And never assume someone else "knows" just because the item didn't sell in the first day.  You can reference my blog about a vase I sold (or didn't sell) at a tag sale.  Just in some items that I know have been deals include a WWII German Special Officer Uniform (sold for $19.95 here)...and buyer realized over $2k.  A suitcase full of money...well maybe not a suitcase but a FULL pocket that there was over $300 in (she felt guilty telling me exactly how much but a good sized pile...CHECK THE POCKETS!..we still often don't have time)...Great score for $4.95.  And I know the 50 cent tables have surprisingly produced some small gems.  Yes you have to deal with a crowd at these sales...but these are a must check out if you are looking for deals.

ONLINE Auctions:  Believe it or not...This category would most likely get my vote for the type that produces some very skewed sales.  I haven't even watched the last 6 or so auctions but get a kick going back and looking through results.  Very crazy...some items I didn't expect to bring much sell well..sometimes in the $100's... and then other items I would have expected to bring $250-$300 sell for $38.  I can't even count how many times someone has picked up at an online auction and asked me "How did no one else bid on this?".  I have no answers but know that there are plenty of deals.  One quick story...There was also a silver dollar coin that was sold 3 auctions ago.....lady came in and informed me she was going to put an absentee bid of $2000 on a coin and that is was correct.  She had dinner plans and could not be a around a computer.  I gladly told here I would show her bid history if coin went high so she knew there was no funny business.  She got coin bought for $86 bucks...She tells me it was a very rare mis-strike?...and she could sell quick for $2500.  Got me...but couldn't doubt her story as she was quite confident.  Whatever that is...Must be a good thing.  Don't underestimate the online....plenty sneaks through at some weird prices.

Live Auctions:  The most unpredictable.  You never know what someone is going to bid high on or who is going to ignore a great box and you get a ridiculous deal.  I remember a sale in Eads Colorado several years ago I was helping work when 2 farmers who very much didn't like each other (understatement) ran a pair of wagon wheels up to $1200.  (maybe a $100 market value).  And on the other extreme at the last live auction we had there was a box of power supplies or heavy duty cords under a table of records.  (It was a large 24" heavy box...you may have noticed)..Anyway, I couldn't get a $5 bid on the box so just passed the item.  When Monday rolled around I was just going to scrap the metal and cords and there were FOUR very nice older camera wrapped in bubble underneath.  True Story...Becki witnessed.  I was settling auction so called gentlemen that bought other camera stuff at that auction and sold to him for $400...A great deal for everyone involved.  I got commission, seller/buyer got a fair deal.   AND NOTE:  there was a large crowd there....just goes to show you never know what's hiding in a box or who else didn't see an item.  THAT is what makes live auctions great...BUT you gotta show up and commit the time.  Watch out for these next SEVERAL live sales...These are some very special lifetime accumulations...Would love to hear your story!!

Bottom Line...There is always a drawback..TIME!!  The one precious thing that is so hard to give up.  But if you can get a little extra time...You may be surprised what crazy find is awaiting you at the Bullseye!! Whether Live, Online, or at a tag sale.

R.I.P. Johnny Demas...A True Auction Legend

We all lost a living "EXPERT" in the auction world and great gentlemen last Friday....and those words are indisputable fact.  John "Johnny" Demas passed away at the age of 87.  I have met many people over the past 25+ years working auctions but Johnny no doubt stuck out as a 'one of a kinder'.  A true legend in his knowledge of all SouthWest Items especially Jewelry & Kachina Dolls.  He had so much knowledge and in-depth facts you would think no one knows...but Johnny had em.  I hadn't really talked personally to John until a little over 4 years ago....when we had an auction with a LOT of very nice SouthWest Jewelry and Collectibles.  He struck up a conversation with me and I was immediately taken back by his off the sleeve knowledge of these items.  So much so that I figured he was just a blow hard that was trying to impress and full of bologna.  Nope...Not the Case..as he inspired me to go look up some items that verified his stories....and I rarely waste time looking things up so quite a feat.   In this era of internet reference there are few TRUE experts that have read 1000's of books and studied one category like John did...Not a knock against anyone...but just fact.  I can't even imagine the time and dedication he had but truly and passionately loved auctions and SouthWest items.

His health hadn't cooperated with him for several years...but let me tell you that Mary and John would always be one of the first to arrive and one of last to leave nearly every live auction.  Which you know that at the Bullseye that is generally a 10+hour Day.  John told me a couple times prior to starting auctions that he wasn't feeling that well and if he fell out of the chair just "yank him back up or pull him outside for the EMT's but don't stop the auction"...LOL.  A passion that few have anymore and one that will sorely be missed.  Although I didn't get to meet many of John's immediately family...Mary is a sweetheart and am sure your heart melts as you lost your "partner in auction crime"....he always referenced an idea with them in mind and I am sure will be sorely missed.  To Mary and all John's Family, Friends, & Auction Family we send a prayer and our upmost respect.  Please shoot out a prayer if you have read this.  A legend in the auction world has ascended.  RIP Johnny.

Think you can't score 1000% for 50 cents..WRONG

No doubt my most favorite part of the past presidential run was the debate...YES...The 'WRONG' debate where Donald shined in many not so bright ways. (and continues to shine everyday...even though I support our President)  BUT...none the less..I consider he made one word an iconic phrase "WRONG".  LOL.  With that said I ran into "John Doe" at Deli Dave's..(yes I frequent and recommend in Pueblo West) and he quickly grabbed his phone and physically showed me an item he bought off our 2 items for 95cents table a couple sales ago that scored him $526 on Ebay!! Congrats...While many sellers would be "sad" by this...I am thrilled and after over a decade of doing this realize THAT is what makes this business great.  You tell me....In what other business can you score over $500 for only a couple quarters??  Practically None.  I was happy for the 50 cents...Lol.  Take note:  When you do your homework and have a little luck...AND the most important part.  MAKE TIME FOR SALES!!...You may be shocked at what you find!!  Whether 50 cents or 5k....Opportunity awaits.  That is the definition of a bargain.

Well...of course I have to name the item... A very small etched vase marked "Tonkin"??...Who woulda thunk it???  I will be honest...sure didn't look special to me and he admitted that it didn't look special to him but recognized "the name" and took a chance for 50 cents.  Certainly not life changing...but certainly not anything to sneeze at.  50 cents into over $500...Know we have sold several $100+ items off the bargain table but a good item here.  Whether at the Bullseye or a junk yard sale...REMEMBER...Think there is a table full of junk??....Maybe think again.  Believe me..there is NO expert or professional in this field...simply too much to know.  You may be monetarily shocked at what you find...Good Luck on your hunting!!  What a great business

Raffle Winners 08/25

Late Details..Just back in from Denver...TY!!
We are open Saturday 9a-12noon for pickup of raffle or if you didn't get in today...We will be in most of next week..just call ahead.
$25 Gift Card: #116843 #116649
$15 Gift Card: #116274 #116712 #116559 #116765 #116707

TY for you business...We are working overtime to keep the good stuff rolling in!!  ENJOY!

Hey Where Are The Pictures Fatboy?

Emails and question always abound as to why I don't "promo" or post early pictures on live and online auctions...And of course..Here comes a story for my answer.  Around 18 years ago there was an auction in Western Kansas that advertised a large cartoon glass collection and had put a handful of pictures in the sale bill.  At that time (back when I actually collected something) I needed 3 VERY hard to find glasses to complete an early set that were in the pictures...SO...We I declined auction work on that Saturday and drove 6 hours to the auction.  That meant it cost me $150 in working another auction plus time plus gas.  That was penny pinching college days so was a big decision...Mind you these were probably $30-$50 glasses but that was a big deal at the time. Not life changing but certainly important when living week to week.  You know where this story is going...right??  We get to the auction and there are NO glasses.  I quickly went over to the auction company and he then informed me that the a family member had decided to keep and they would not be selling...OUCH!  And I mean OUCH!

This type of practice has happened at many auctions I have attended/worked over the years and is toward the top of my list of "What Not To Do's" as an auction company.  DO NOT ADVERTISE SOMETHING THAT YOU ARE NOT SELLING...Therefore, it has always been my core number one goal to never advertise an item before it is actually at the auction house and for sure going to sell.  Hence why pictures are often very late on our sales.  As a disclaimer, there are a few certain unique circumstances beyond one's control...Such as a consignor/owner showing up and refusing to sell an item, breakage/theft, or human error.  And no doubt once in a great while something does occur beyond my control.  But you will rarely Bullseye or myself drop the ball in this category.

So...PATIENCE...We can only go so fast.  The pictures will be coming...Most likely late. But better late than never...AND most importantly accurate!!  Now watch for pics.....The next several Online & LIVE Auctions at Bullseye in October/November/December are superb!!  Who needs pictures anyway?...LOL.  Yah..just messin'...We will get pictures up asap!!  TY for your interest!!

Auction World Update...Fragmentation Galore

If you follow my babbling you know I follow the auction world closely and have statistics and numbers for a lot of obscure facts.  Most of this info. is truly irrelevant but no doubt interesting.  I have not been quiet in my complete disagreement of buyer's premiums and my belief of many "shady" practices by a few companies has really hurt the auction industry as a whole.  The numbers (or lack there of) of live auctions is shockingly low compared to just 3 years ago..I mean we are talking down 60%ish....BUT...maybe even more shocking is the complete fragmentation the market has seen...I mean almost no 2 auctions are even running in the same manner.  What do I mean?

I vividly remember the 90's and even into the early 2000's where there were literally so many auctions on a weekend you would flip a coin or draw a card out of a hat to choose which one to go to. There were just sale bills with no pictures...all basically with equal terms and overall styles.  We used to travel a lot so I am including Colorado Springs going East and South to the Borders.  It was not uncommon to see 12 auctions on a Saturday spread all over.  In those days nearly all the auctions had the same terms...what you paid for the item, tax, & pay with cash or check..maybe a credit card here and there.  VERY straight forward.  Compare that to now?? LOL...It's not hard to figure out why the industry as a whole has changed and declined at such an alarming rate.

Just look at the marketplace now.  You have live auctions, online auctions, live auctions w/ online simulcasting, buyer's premiums, credit card extra charges, reserves, some companies with addresses & some not, and the list goes on.  Heck I even saw this week there was an auction offering presales and taking offers.  WHAT??  I don't even know what to say.  It is very disturbing to me...one of the most fun and incredible businesses...auctions... is a mess and driving consumers away.  What happened??  I can't figure out if this is a transition phase or what is going on.  Even when you look at the transition to the online platform just in Colorado...there are basically no two companies doing anything the same.  Different software, different terms, almost nothing the same....and same could be said for live auctions. You now have to check to see if there is a buyer's premium, credit card additional charges, reserves, presales, etc....  Even I can't figure out a lot of the terms when I am just browsing through.

Where does this lead the Bullseye....As we roll up on nearly 3 years of online auctions, 10+ years in business, and soon to eclipse 30,000 lots sold online alone....We can't thank our faithful and fantastic customers...YOU!! And we are no doubt have the highest volume of items rolling in that we have seen in 10 years!! Look for a great 4th quarter and 2018.  While many other companies may continue to attempt to manipulate sales and make a few extra bucks with confusing terms....We at the Bullseye will keep it simple.  We hope you appreciate the "no games" way.  Hopefully the market all comes together and the overall auction business can gain some momentum.  It would benefit sellers, buyers, and the business itself...but let's keep it real.  It sure doesn't look like anyone see's it the same way I do.  Maybe that term is "Trumpish"?  LOL.  Time will tell...Sit back, relax, & enjoy the Bullseye sales!!

Appraisal? That is an Auction Right??

Have had a trio of calls recently wanting "appraisals" on their goods...or wanting me to look and appraisal and see if I agree.   While I understand that one may be interested in what something may be "worth"... let's down to the nitty gritty and say an appraisal on used goods is worth nothing.  A very bold statement not meant to hurt feelings..but simply true.   I was in the mortgage business for 9 years....(long before is was an evil profession) and a real estate appraisal holds a lot of merit.  It is regulated and licensed...and most of all very important and a VITAL part of the real estate business.  But to appraise a statue or piece of furniture or uniform??  Let me guarantee you from experience there is a LONG way from saying what something is worth and then getting the cash in the bank to prove it.  I simply can't wrap my head around the concept.  That must mean I have been in the auction business too long or simply know that in the resale world...the MARKET deems the value.  Stupid me. 

I have listened to the ridiculous classes to get "certified"...but come on....I couldn't finish or pay the money to put some initial behind my name.  If one wants to attempt to value an item in the market...THERE IS THE INTERNET...Go to Worthpoint, Ebay sold prices, or a number of other sites...at least a reference but still no way to know what someone will pay.  Don't waste your money paying someone.  At the end of the day if you are to sell...an auction will truly determine the value of an item. That is the whole point of having an auction or owning an auction company...to SELL items in a truly open market without reserve.  (although from looking at the current market...Not many other auctions got the memo)    Want to know what something is worth??  Offer it in a live auction no reserve setting and let it go....AKA like the Bullseye.  The market will tell you what something is truly "worth".  In the meantime...that piece of paper with someone telling you what something is "worth"???  Well it ain't in your bank account.  Think before you act...initials behind a name having nothing to do with YOU!! 

Why Do We Do "Tag Sales"??

We get some crazy emails and questions from time to time....and I mean crazy...but this was a great question.  Recently we have had a couple ask why we go through all the work of a tag sale when we could just box it up and sell it at a live auction.  Man does that sound like a plan...and sounds sooooo Good and soooo much less work here today.  But to say there are enough buyers for the amount of inventory we will have out on Saturday (or most any sale at this point) would be a mega-stretch....don't even think possible.  If all was boxed up we are talking 2000 or so box lots...and that is no exaggeration.  Combine the furniture and larger items and you would completely over-fill a 50 foot semi.  We have NEVER had this amount of volume of items pouring in consistently...and it seems as though the only way to process is to mark and sell...and you will quickly see a LOT of higher quality items than in the past.  That is a GREAT thing if you are a buyer....maybe a bit overwhelming if you are myself or Becki...but we will get through it and certainly NOT complaining...just wish we could go faster somehow.

Three years ago (after doing over 200 sales)  I said I would NEVER do another "tag/estate sale" format because the work involved was simply too much.  (again proving why you should never say never in life).  But markets change quick and our business quickly shifted to mixing in online auctions so it was the only thing to do given our building layout.  Not to mention that the tag sale/priced format is NO DOUBT the most popular way the majority of people want to buy...based on number of buyers.  That still doesn't make it the "right" way or "easiest" way to sell items...or for that matter anyone's "favorite" way to buy.  It is just the way you sometimes have to go.  If you swing by on Saturday you will quickly see what I am talking about...can you say a massive volume of nice items?  

One last quick point on tag sales...it would be easy for us to "cherry pick" or attempt to only take in supposedly "premium" items on large deals....but we wouldn't be in business as the majority of our clients want a wipeout of all items from the home. AND that would NEVER work from a business standpoint....why?  After well over 10 years of doing this full time...one thing I have figured out is that most buyers just want GREAT deals on usable clean items...and not necessarily "premium" pieces.  Our volume allows us to sell nearly all items at wholesale prices and everyone benefits...it is truly a win-win for everyone involved.  If you haven't been before...come and check one out.  And if you have...you know these are "can't miss" sales as you never know what kind of deal or unique item you will find.  Hope to see you soon!

What Do I Do During an Online Auction?

Got a kick when I ran into a "live auction only" buyer (if that now exists..LOL) at a Deli here in Pueblo West and he specifically asked me "how much I personally bid on and buy online and when I am going to stop that nonsense and get back live".  Of course he said it as if the auction was influenced or run by some computer software or I was sitting here attempting to bid on items...(anything is possible if I had a clone)..and that anything run online must be crooked...hehe.   I get that many buyers  simply will never believe how truly incredible the online software is and how buyer friendly we run our online platform...and not going to attempt to convince someone of all the benefits or what they are missing.  To each his own.  And I get that.  Don't understand but I am a crazy cat myself so the world keeps turnin'.

I simply said that after attending live auctions for 20 years...I don't know how much more straight forward and honest you could get than a HARD CLOSE online auction.  While I won't go into all the logistics to prove my point as I could ramble on for hours....I have seen some crazy shady stuff go down at live auctions so ironic the question was in itself(just listen to comments from a few that attended live auctions in downtown Pueblo in the past year alone have said..not my words) Either way...back to his question at hand.

(Laughing)...My answer was one word.  Nothing.  While he didn't believe me...and why many may not believe me..I will gladly show bidding history at anytime on any item..just ask..Nothing to hide here at the Bullseye.  That is truly the one principle I have my entire business and livelihood riding on..sure not going to screw that up with a little greed.   I have seen no other auction company offer complete transparency anywhere in the Nation...so I will light the torch and hope others will follow.  You want to see how/when bidding increments occurred following the auction...we will gladly disclose.  Wish I was able to post..but maybe down the road.   I am wishful thinking as I am with buyer's premiums...but I have a dream and vision of the industry that will simply fizzle...but anyway.

While there may be a handful of companies that manipulate their online auctions out there...it sure would seem like a crazy thing to do.  I haven't even watched the last couple auctions...as was in Denver for pickups.  That is why when I say multiple times for you to sit back, relax, and ENJOY the auction...I mean it.  These are here for YOU!!  While we obviously have to pay our bills and hope for some sort of profit...when it's here...it sells regardless of price.  Just as it should in an open market setting.  It takes great sellers AND buyers to make this work...now ENJOY the auctions!!  We are here for YOU!  What do I do during an online auction?...Most likely out of town on a Thursday picking up items for the next one.  Certainly not participating...LOL.  Good Luck!

The TRUTH About Buyer's Premiums...Math is Math

I have been on some rants in my past about buyer's premiums and as I ran into an auctioneer I have known for years today he told me I was "Stupid" for not charging premiums and am merely costing myself money and will go out of business because of it.  We obviously disagree and he immediately lit me up.  So....I thought I would spell out the entire "myth" surrounding these charges in depth.  If you don't know what a "buyer's premium" is because you have only bought at the Bullseye (we will NEVER have a premium if I am in charge)...a Buyer's Premium is now a common charge that auctions add between 10%-35% to your bill because...well because....hmmmm.....because they want to make more money by jumbling numbers up.   I have long and matter of fact been a hater and advocate that the premiums have made the entire auction world even more shady and most of all are simply unethical.   Blunt and Fact...and in my opinion if you charge buyer's premiums..yes I believe it is unethical and should be illegal.  Not personal... merely business.  Here is the math and why I believe this to be true.  Maybe even some auctions don't know the true math behind the numbers and think they just make 10% extra...LOL.  Maybe when they actually read this they will stop..Who knows...But it is Black and White below...

The auction world is all about numbers and commission to stay in business.  So I will demonstrate the TRUTH and FACT behind buyer's premiums in this basic math equation.  I will show you how a seller is basically getting screwed.  Let's say you take a silver dollar to the auction that has a 10% buyer's premium and it sells for $90.  The buyer would pay $99 at the window.  Lets use common commission numbers in the business right now and say the auction charges 30% commission.

That means as a SELLER your check for your coin would total $63.00 AND Auction Company Profit of $27.00 Commission + $9 Buyer Premium from buyer = $36 made by the auction company

Now...if your coin sold at an auction that did NOT charge a buyer's premium the same coin would sell for $100....Buyer's are VERY smart people contrary to what many give them credit to be so would pay the additional 10%...same total to the buyer.

That means as a SELLER your check for your coin would total $70.00 AND Auction Company Profit of a straight forward $30 for the item

Basically the exact same transaction...but a quite deceptive twist that few seller's realize..Interesting...and quite substantial.  Sell out a $20,000 estate and say goodbye to approx. $1200 off the top in undisclosed buyer's premium fees that there are no laws or forms for...just doesn't seem "right".   AND makes no sense...you charge 10% yet are only truly getting an additional 6%...which means EVERYONE in the transaction is getting hosed...and the auction is charging 10% to make 6%...????

As a buyer you didn't necessarily get screwed...maybe confused and agitated...but the seller is getting completely taken advantage of by a very deceptive mathematical practice.  Even if somehow the auction company that charges the buyer's premium justifies they only charge 25% commission...(which I rarely see or hear about)...it is still only $67.50 realized by the seller...YES..the seller sold their items with 5% less commission for the same item and still received LESS.  Hard to believe.

But this is about far more than me or Bullseye...this is about NOT deceiving a seller that has placed their confidence in you selling their items.  This is about true ethical business practices and looking out for the best interest of a customer as well as your own.  This is wrong....and now has even made a few college business ethics textbooks...(it's not just me...someone pissed of a college professor somewhere with this practice...lol)  There are numerous factors why the auction business is shrinking at an alarming pace...I put Buyer's Premiums at the top of the list.  I learned years ago that customers are MUCH smarter than many business owner's give them credit to be and quickly figure out after they get hosed and just never go back anywhere good or bad.

What is so perplexing to me is that there is NO reason for this charge to be in place or even occur UNLESS you are intentionally trying to deceive the consumer and seller in my opinion.  PERIOD.  Why?  If the extra few percent is necessary for you to complete a sale...then just be up front with a seller and lay it on the table...Completely makes no sense.   And if you some how backasswardsly are going to argue that the seller will pay the same money for an item whether there is a buyer's premium or not than you are attempting to screw the buyer.  Nobody can possibly benefit other than the auction company charging the fee...and according to everything I read that is the definition of a "deceptive business practice".

I will never expose or bad mouth premiums again if ANYONE can truly justify the charge....And in the end no one can...math is math...so I will have my quarterly rants until an auction company somewhere finally pisses off an attorney who puts a forever stop to these...and eventually it will happen.  Until then...I am against more and more regulation but hope somehow...someway...someday...someone makes this practice stop.  It is killing the business I so passionately love...and the auction business doesn't deserve this...It is too rooted in American tradition.  Maybe math will prevail?

The Craziest Thing I Have Ever Found

This can be one really crazy business at times...as this story will justify.  Every single week when I see people I will get asked "What is the best or craziest thing I have ever found?"  I can honestly say that not one particular item ever sticks out as the "BEST"...but I vividly remember this story and the events as they happened out of a deal...proving why you never know when a deal is sitting right in front of you....and it goes like this.

About 4 years ago I got a call from a gentlemen that was in town from out of State...he was cleaning out his Mother's home that had been sold and was short of time and needed an entire sale asap.  He explained all was nice/clean and everything was packed up and in the garage ready to haul...he wanted $2500 to walk away.  I zipped over and took a look...was a nice home so I gambled and purchased the pile.  Actually wasn't a very great deal...a lot of glassware and knick knacks.  Don't even know if I broke even on this one as was just "stuff"...and that is what makes this the craziest story...just ONE item looked special.  There was a cut glass clear large heavy ornate 24" vase...I looked and looked (and I mean looked closely) and could find no markings but it was beautiful...I really didn't think much more of it..figuring if it wasn't marked than probably nothing crazy.  I priced at $79.95 and put out for a 3 day tag sale event.  It didn't sell on Friday.  It made it through Saturday...and YES it even made it through 50% Sunday.  In fact I never recalled anyone even looking at it on the middle of the table...don't think it ever moved.  It could have been purchased for $40 on Sunday but was passed on by 100's of shoppers.

It just so happens at that time there was a gentlemen taking items to a Kansas general consignment auction every couple of months and I would send a couple boxes of unusual items or nice items that didn't sell for some reason and split the proceeds with him. Typically didn't amount to more than a couple hundred bucks...but in this business you just never know so you take a chance.  As you can probably see where this story is going...YES..I included this vase.  To this day I don't know what the vase was marked but it was obviously something rare as it brought a stunning $2800....Yes four digits. No life changing money obviously but quite shocking when you are expecting $20...LOL.  The vase that made it through THREE very busy sale days for under $100 was a whopper...and may not only be the best item I ever found but sold in the craziest fashion...And as unreal as it sounds I didn't even know it...Go figure.

I know I have sold some quite incredibly profitable items in the past...but thought I would share a very unique story.  It goes to show...you simply never know what you can find and that no matter how much experience you have it is impossible to attempt to value every item correctly.  That is the essence as to why this business is so unique and incredible.  The Bullseye is always worth a look because of the volume we process...I hope you can find that one crazy item.  Good luck hunting...and a little luck never hurt anyone.  

I am PRO-America...Therefore I am PRO-Trump

Never do I ever get on a political bandwagon nor to be quite honest really care about politics in general.  But put me on record as saying I thought the Trump election may be a complete disaster and yet I think it may end up incredible.  This is merely based on numbers and facts (yah...I learned that in all my Economics/Business college classes...LOL)  Although I do often brag I am the most educated junk dealer in the West...thanks Ma...(haha)  But the heart of this quick blog isn't to raise support or sway opinion...it is that I am truly sick and tired of all the negativity.  Period.  If you are an American I cannot possibly understand why you would want the President of the U.S. to fail...am I missing something?  Do you really want complete failure for the U.S.?  If you watch C.ompletely N.egative N.imrods you will quickly understand what I am talking about.  When they now claim that we have too low of unemployment that is my last straw...who is the genius behind this rhetoric?  I can't even possibly find a reference or well known economist with even close to this view.

 Listen...I was in the doom and gloom shed after the election fearing the worst...wondering if there was any saving the bottom inflated interest rates and strategically turning so many government hand out policies around NO MATTER who got elected.... But even you haters can't change math....YES.  Numbers don't lie. And the numbers are hard to believe in 6 months.  Is that Trump? Is that Russia? Is that Obama spillover? (probably Russia)...who knows.  All I know is that I am PRO America....and whether Hillary Clinton, Bill Cosby, Abdul Akbar, Snoopy, Cartman, Kanye West, or Trump got elected...I would be PRO the President.  It is pretty hard to argue that this could get into crazy good economic times....maybe a switch will turn it all off...but certainly looks to be a very strong and full steam ahead run.   Whoever is behind it...put me on the Trump train....keep producing numbers and they can keep worrying about Russia and how you are a rude idiot.  Just tweet the F out of em.  God Bless America!!  Keep it real....for all you haters....Karma is a bitch.  Love and support will always win.  THANK YOU to all our Military!!

AS-IS doesn't include a warranty

Recently got advice from a couple people new to the auction that recommended I offer a warranty and guarantee products as "I would get a lot more money".  Well that part would be true...but when buying used goods I will quickly explain why warranties are a bad idea.  We stand behind our products and descriptions (online) more than anyone I am aware of.  But let me tell you...I got a quick lesson years ago about warranties in a 7 day period...

This is going back around 7 years (so prices were much different) as I sold a $200 ONKYO receiver to a gentlemen.  He somehow talked me into giving him a 1 day warranty...I knew there was nothing wrong with the receiver so I had no issue granting his wish and out the door the receiver went.  Well...you probably know the rest of this story doesn't end well for the Fatboy at the Bullseye.  Sure enough about 2pm the next day he rolls into the store with the amp and says "it just quit working".  I messed with the item and being the honest guy I am quickly refunded his $200 and out the door he went.  We were busy....so a few hours later when I got a break I started checking out the amp...and upon close inspection looked as though the screws had been taken off.  So I investigated and removed the screws...Low and behold half the parts of the interior were missing.  A quick lesson I have not forgot.  Some criminals are quite smart...and therefore totally ruin it for everyone else...BUT the story goes on.

It just so happens that same Friday I sold a $400 Washer/Dryer set with a 7-day guarantee (offered with all appliances at that time). Again...I unhooked straight out of home and this was a nice clean set.  You know this story is headed the wrong direction so to cut it off quick the guy called Wednesday and of course had major problems.  He returned.  I wasn't at the shop but the guy working for me at that time said they looked just like when we sold them so he refunded the $400 and took back.  When I returned I didn't think anything about it really...just looked like bad luck so decided I would just load on a scrap trailer and get on with life.  When tipping washer on it's side to load I quickly noticed the motor had been switched out...and then checked the dryer and could tell the heat element was removed.  YES...these slick criminal do exist.  I was out $600 in a weekend for no reason other than trying to be a nice guy.  That is when AS-IS was quickly printed on signs everywhere...not because items are bad or not working but because there is no other valid way to sell "used" goods.

You see...now in the Bullseye world I have learned AS-IS...means AS-IS.  It is not trying to screw anyone out of cash...but merely a fact of the only way you can do business in the resale world and survive...period.  We gladly stand behind our descriptions online but when the item leaves the door...it is gone and over with.  Period.  No reason to send emails or whine or complain.  And don't blame me and certainly not Becki if you have a problem.  We move through an incredible amount of volume and cannot check every item with great detail...if you buy something...feel free to check before you leave.  I will gladly make any mistakes right at that time...and trust me I am full of mistakes.  We rarely have any issues..but PLEASE bring to my attention if I screw up.  But...BEFORE the item leaves...and now you know why AS-IS doesn't include a warranty.

Our Airport is Dead Last

I was sitting at Cactus Flower's Bar last night having a trio of margarita's when I struck up a conversation with the two gentlemen next to me.  If you have ever sat with me having cocktails you know I am not shy...LOL.  Shocker!   Anyway, it turns out this was a big shot pilot that had flown into Pueblo to fight the Durango Fire.  He is an independent government contractor that owns his own plane...30 employees...an interesting operation.  And he had pictures, license, a government badge...so no doubt on this being factual.   But when he asked me how many people lived in Pueblo and the area and I told him 100k+ his jaw dropped.  He immediately asked me how a city this size could have the "Worst Airport He Has Ever Seen In The Past 10 Years ANYWHERE And I Have Landed In Over 250!!  There Are Gashes And Cracks In The Pavement And I Thought It Was The 1960's All Over Again".  And that is a quote.  But it gets even better..(or worse..lol)  According to this pilot our airport, lack of rental car companies, & overall perks here in Pueblo are so well known (for the wrong reasons) in the pilot community that he got a 35% bonus just to come here because all others refused!  I personally had no idea.  And he said he wouldn't be back at any price because it is too risky to land his plane....SERIOUSLY!  I won't go into everything else that went wrong with his stay here as I just listened...BUT as a local business owner it certainly struck me in the wrong way.  Why do I bring this up?

The Conversation then turned interesting as he went on to talk about how our community is "NO DOUBT" losing any possibility of landing many large companies because as soon as a CEO in his private jet flies into this airport...his first impression will be impossible to overcome and he will have no interest.  And that nearly all large companies have managers that fly daily.   He went on to note how in his travels he has seen communities around the size of Pueblo "significantly increase" and many hit "home runs" in quality jobs and incomes with new airports..and he named several cities (which I can't remember because I was on margarita #3)...but the point was taken.  We went back and forth visiting....but as He told me you can get a revenue boost from pot, a lucky government project, or a few small business...but there will be NO new significant companies here with the current airport...Plain and Simple.   And now I get it...and am a believer.  Come on PEDCO and city officials...Read this!!  No B.S.  True Fact.  While we worry about pot licenses & fireworks stands...Pueblo is truly the laughing stock of airports....and I now believe 100% almost intentionally losing business by ignoring this problem.

I can back Pueblo on just about anything as I really do love living here...but I had nothing to say on this one.  It was the point of this conversation that I hope that someone reading this blog passes on to the right people...and if you get a chance take a drive by the airport...I think I will today.  I have to see what the "Worst in the Nation" really looks like.  I don't leave many conversations really perplexed...but this was different.  Just some food for thought...maybe this will strike up a conversation at the right bar where someone with the right connections can pass on.  In the meantime...sounds like I would highly recommend Springs or Denver if you are flying....and avoid Pueblo...At least that is the word on all the government notes to pilots...LOL

Exciting News...The Ink is Dry!

Over that past week we met with a couple Attorney's in South Denver who we have worked with in the past for a handful of deals...however, Bullseye was able to come to terms to liquidate 20 upcoming sales for them through the end of the year.  It is quite unusual to "sign a contract" of this nature so we are quite thrilled...(and honored)...and somewhat relieved as you will see consistent inventory and sales headed to market for quite some time...YES RIGHT HERE IN PUEBLO!!  These sales will all be of high quality from moving/downsize, divorce and estate liquidation, & business.  If WE are excited...YOU should be even more excited as I am now quite confident you will see high quality sales and items across the board...and opportunity will be knocking for YOU to snag some great deals.  We also have a handful of private party estates lined up we will squeeze in....Look for the 2nd have of 2017 to be crammed with as many sales as we can fit in!!  Good Luck & TY for your business!! Sit back and enjoy....

Expansion is NOT in the cards

I am always getting asked why we don't do more sales or expand.  While that is a very possible option...it is not one that I am going to entertain.  I have run several large businesses in the past and don't want employees or all the added issues that come with increased volume.  And YES...I know the reality of the numbers that being at the volume and level of sales we currently achieve that high profits will never be possible and I am never going to achieve many numbers in the "profit column". The Reality of $800 electrical bills and $8k a year property taxes quickly eat up any extra.  Not complaining or looking for sympathy...just stating facts. There is a reason there are very few auction or resale businesses left.

But I also know from past experience that bigger doesn't always mean better...and there is often a lot of benefits by keeping is simple.  And I learned years ago through experience that having a lot of money often only leads to more unexpected problems...so my desire to own a large company and make a lot of money went away a long time ago.  Plugging away works just great for us.  I have also seen many try to get large in the "used" venue and nearly all have failed...this is a very difficult business to scale on a large level with consistency.

While I would love to provide a "service" to everyone in need of selling...that just isn't possible.  We can only go so fast and that is NEVER fast enough.  We hope you enjoy the low key very small family business atmosphere we run.  There sure aren't many like us around left....and fewer and fewer every month as operating costs continue to rise.  Who knows how long we can plug away...been nearly a decade...and we thank YOU for your business.

Just blame it on Russia

Yesterday I met with attorney who we work with in South Denver and refers us a lot of great deals.  When I look at items I normally must submit a "report to the court" for an estimated value of contents.  In the recent evaluation there are a lot of items that one of the parties involved thinks are worth far more than reality.  I met with her and attempted to explain that a free market or no reserve auction is always what determines value in a liquidation scenario....nothing else.  We went back and forth and I finally went into smart ass mode...(maybe I am always there) but commented that if it doesn't bring what she thinks it should she can just blame it on Russia.  I really didn't think much of my comment until the attorney left room laughing under his breath as I didn't know the client was a Die Hard Democrat.  The conversation immediately turned political and I quickly explained that I am not "party affiliated" and didn't even vote so I can't complain or engage in rhetoric.  BUT I do know that every day I wake up and turn on the TV or Yahoo that somehow the Russians are behind everything that is wrong or possibly wrong in the world...Even if nothing is actually wrong and even if there is nothing to support anything regarding this.  LOL.

In the end after she calmed down she actually sat back and somewhat "agreed" that my comment made sense.  I explained that the people blaming Russia for election results and not getting their way better never go in the auction business....because when something sells for $40 that you thought would bring $400....blaming Russia isn't an option.  And as my one non affiliated political comment....I almost fell out of my chair laughing last night when CNN is now worried about the 2020 election after the Republican win in Georgia.  What happens if this Russian blame thing doesn't work out???  There is always the border wall construction business.  As a closing note...the deal is booked!!!  And without any "proven" outside or Russian influence...LOL.  What a crazy world...maybe the one thing Donald has learned without a doubt over all this.....don't piss off the media.  Just think if the media and haters all focused their effort on positive and moving forward...hate is such a waste of energy and precious time on this earth.  

So You Bring It All to Pueblo?

Where does this volume and quality of items come from?  Well a little bit of all over...but so far in 2017 around 86% of sales/merchandise we have been involved in have come from Colorado Springs and Denver.  And believe me...I get the craziest looks when I tell them I am transporting to Pueblo to sell...LOL.  I mean the CRAZIEST looks.  It is such a difficult concept for people to wrap their heads around...how can you take items out of a market 5x to 500x larger than yours and possible make sense of that??  Simple.  One word....Overhead.

If you follow my blog you know how I constantly talk about the "dying live auction" and how much the 2nd hand overall business has changed.  The single source for 2nd hand stores and auction houses disappearing is the cost of commercial space.   Pueblo is no bargain...as rents and commercial property here has crept up somewhere around 40-80% over the past few years...BUT when compared to up North...we are about a third of rent for a similar building/land option.  There is no way to make the mathematics to stay in the junk business work up North unless one is going to scale to massive size or attempt to do everything 'on-site'.  While many other retailers and service companies have been able to find ways to pass on rising overhead to customers via higher prices or additional service fees...the second hand business is what it is.  You can price a $10 resale skillet at $12...but it won't sell for more than $10.  And factor in a decline in many categories of collectibles and glassware and times have simply changed.  I always tip my hat to anyone up North that can plug along and stay in business....as I know many months here we don't get back to zero...don't know how they are hanging...maybe it's the buyer's premiums...lol.

So the bottom line is there are far more people per liquidation companies up North....and right now the equation works for us.  Larger homes...higher household income...More Stuff.  AND No drama as most deals we are involved with are attorney based.  Yes...there is a LOT of additional expense in transport but you go where the large deals are.  An old college professor once told me "You don't fish for large fish in a puddle...you go to the biggest lake and use a fish finder".  Does that mean there aren't great deals in Pueblo & Southern Colorado...NO...it just means there are fewer deals/options.  Nothing personal...just business.

In closing....Don't kid yourself...The "Pueblo Growth Boom" is near.   I am long a believer in "The Inevitable Pueblo Boom".  So how long the resale business hangs on with commercial locations is anyone's guess. Maybe I am biased as I wrote my college thesis paper titled that and at that time predicted the year 2020 fort the boom....may actually get something right....hehe.  At any rate...it's not far away.  The amount of available land, water, & prices...it only makes sense...the people are coming soon....Buy all the land YOU can afford NOW!!!  Our sweet "just right sized" city is not far from a growth explosion....much closer than many think.  Of course just my opinion...Now I am headed to Denver...LOL!!  Bullseye going North!  Great stuff coming South!



How does this work exactly?

Had numerous buyers on Friday asking me how a divorce liquidation actually happens or how we acquire so much stuff.  One lady even commenting how petty the woman must have been selling his new underwear...hehe. (Hopefully for their spouse they weren't inquiring...but just curious..LOL)  Well the thing that has truly kept me interested in this business over the past two decades is simple..."literally no two deals are alike". And when I say "alike" I mean not even close to the same from the contents to the location to the family to the payout....there are 100's of unique situations.  In the example of this divorce (which by the way will go down as a top 10 liquidation we have done after the 2nd online catalog is complete on July 6th)...the two parties have moved out of state and are "gone" with two rival attorneys in the mix.  From my understanding there was a substantial bank account involved...and the contents were contentious meaning parties could not agree.  So each party selected 150 items dutch style (alternate picking an item out of the home) and the remainder was left to be picked up, sorted, & sold by Bullseye.  There was a delay in paperwork and created a very big headache for us but as you see was well worth the wait.  You don't see em like this very often.

So yes...quite strange...almost like a high end home was just vacated and walked away from.  Great for buyers (YOU) and us as well.  This happened to be one of the most unique deals I have ever been involved in....but there have been plenty of unique estates and liquidations.  From the nightmare Motorcycle Auction to the 3 week Bigelow auction setup auction in Rye to the Alamosa 2-day monster....we have seen quite an array of people and deals. Not to mention how many items and unique buyers we have seen come and go. And truly that's what makes this business so great and fun to be a part of.  Both as the seller/auction you never know what you will come across and as a buyer you never know what you will find when you show up at the Bullseye!  

We strive and work very hard moving a MASSIVE amount of volume and after seeing pictures of what other companies are offering believe I can confidently say...NOBODY does it like the Bullseye...from bargains to selection to variety of sales.  We are rocking and rolling in 2017.  We are down to walking on goat paths around all the stuff in the building.....but just as crazy...it will ALL be gone in 11 days!  AND the good news...we literally have deals in the waiting to completely fill it right back up!  Hope you enjoy the sales....Without YOU we couldn't keep the lights on and bring more to market so......  THANK YOU!!!


I went...I observed...I get it!!

Attended my first "live auction" in over 2 years (that I wasn't selling at...LOL) this weekend.  Overall was well run and the company running the auction did a lot of work setting up.  I usually avoid these events because as you know it can be difficult to keep your hand in your pocket and when you have no room such as myself buying another trailer load is crazy!  Oh well.  However, attending this auction reminded me of everything I love about online (and dislike about live) and why I am now convinced now more than ever why I believe the overall business (what is left of it) will continue to shift that direction.  Why there is no doubt the ease for an auction just to throw stuff in lines and piles and sell it fast sure can be tempting...is this really the best for seller's & buyer's??  NO...and that is honestly where a live auction fits in the market...I just did a live auction similar and just keeping it real.  And don't get me wrong...I know the seller in the auction I conducted and the one I attended both wanted the auction route.  But it is hard to make sense of it.

Then reality came...a buyer that owns a store in Canon City personally confronted me for "parking in the way"...I quickly realized all the issues that come with live auctions are sometimes unavoidable....and why many just don't go to live auctions anymore.  Parking, Food, Restrooms, Payment, People, Time, Location, on, and on, and on....And trust me I have been to 100's of auctions as a buyer...maybe people are just more rude or less patient.  I can't decide.  Or maybe the guy is just an asshole...probably more likely.  Either way...the issues are there and real and CAN be avoided with a click of a mouse.

 I was watching the whole process from the outside looking in and it sure looked like a massive amount of time and energy was being wasted for really no reason.  Online would have been so much more efficient for EVERYONE involved.  But what do I know.  I am sure glad I attended and spent my day there (won't call it wasted...lol)  I got a quick perspective on why many attend and why many don't.  While I would never go on record saying one way is better than another....I am quickly reminded that personally the online venue is impossible to beat on so many levels.  Sure it's a massive amount of work and time...but isn't everything in this business?   When my boys were hauling a cabinet down the stairs through a ditch and 100 yards up the road...WHY?  It's not worth it....It's not apples or oranges...It's fact.

That Time of Year...They are Sprouting Up!

You know by following my rants on my blog that I keep weird statistics and numbers regarding the resale business as a whole.  Well it's the end of May and right on cue about 5 new auction or 2nd Hand Dealers have popped up in the area here in the last few weeks.  Why do I say right on cue?  Well because in the 10 years I have been doing this full time it is a phenomenon you can almost take to the bank.  I don't know if it's the weather or they hit a good spring auction and made a few bucks...but in this business where there haven't been many things stay consistent....the spring startup in the resale world is a constant.  And almost as constant as they pop up...most will be gone by December with no business location or "real" company and decide it is very difficult to have any consistency.

Am I throwing them under the bus?  Absolutely not!!  I wish anyone with work ethic and drive to succeed and there is potential to beat more business out of the bushes right now.  But the facts are the facts.  It is tough to get in good quality merchandise right now...we have been fortunate to build up a referral network over the years and still get out and hustle once in a while.  But no doubt most don't realize how much of a grind this business is more months than not...and how many deals just don't have enough value for anyone to benefit anyone for using their services.

So what does this mean to YOU??  Pay attention and swing by their sales!!  At the end of the day this business is all about the bargains and/or premium items...and (just keeping it real) many that are just starting out have trouble drawing crowds or will make major selling errors that YOU as a buyer can take advantage of.  Believe me...I have been doing this a long time and STILL don't know 25% of what I should be doing...so starting out is very tough in this business...and you can never learn enough and the curve is immediate and steep.  And if you don't want to waste your time at their sales...come to the Bullseye where there are ALWAYS bargains and quality items.  Good look to the start ups...Hopefully you can beat my 5% rule and more than one is here in 24 months...I know what I am betting....and if it's like the past decade we'll wait til the next batch next year.

It May be Worse Than I Thought

If you follow my blog you know I have commented on numerous occasions how crazy fast the auction business has changed in the last 24 months and how there are fewer and fewer auctions in the marketplace.  Seems as though my feeling and prediction of the auction market has shrunk even faster than I anticipated.  I try to get away from numbers but business analysis and marketing is my background so I just can't hardly believe the numbers.  AND this is just not a Regional change...it seems as though it is everywhere.

While I don't have stats that go back that far (only 8 years) AND you can only analyze the live and online auctions that are posted on numerous online sites...I have followed long enough to know that the 1st Quarter of 2017 had the lowest number of live auctions in the past decade.  And that is almost across the board from Colorado to the MidWest to the East Coast.  As equally strange is that the online auction segment is not currently expanding or growing in numbers...in fact it saw a decline in some regions as well.  I can't really figure it out.  Where is all the stuff going??  You got me...but the bottom line is that it sure isn't being liquidated by auction.  And EBAY is no different as they are struggling with numbers as well if you actually analyze their results.  It is literally across the board.

The decline in auctions has happened rapidly and by looking at current market conditions it appears it will condense even faster.  That doesn't mean auctions can't be great or aren't fun...but there is POSITIVELY no doubt that buyer's patterns have changed and no doubt people have far more options for entertainment on a Saturday than a decade ago.  It just shocks me because of how FAST the market is changing...and the evidence is clear.  Just in the past couple weeks two auction houses up North changed management and are attempting to re-format their entire auctions...NEVER a good sign....and (as I hear through the grapevine) a couple local auctions last week didn't even finish their auctions because of lack of interest....They of course blamed it on the weather. LOL.  Just a great way to attract more buyers right?  NOT!

The strangest....And the number one question I always get asked...When is your (meaning Bullseye) next live auction?  None scheduled...(no pun intended...hehe).  We have a couple large liquidations in the works but whether they ever come to happening..who knows.  Trust me...I am in no rush to do a live auction given the market's unpredictability....even though that is my true passion and love at heart.  We have a sense of responsibility to the consumer as well and it needs to be a humdinger to recommend a live auction in the current market.  Look for Bullseye online...and expanding our tag/estate sales.

And in close to my rambling..The auction decline can be the result of numerous things such as buyer's premiums, loss of paper advertising, cost of advertising, inefficiency, demographics, decline of commercial resellers, the internet, building/lease cost, social media addiction, & the list could go on.  Probably is a little bit of a lot of things...but numbers don't lie and the business is changing rapidly.  If you love live auctions...your options appear to be shrinking even more....better convert to online at the Bullseye QUICK!!! Have fun!! 

It Happens All the Time...THINK before you Sign!

Had THREE potential customers all come by this morning complaining about estate sales (and the companies running them) that they had over the weekend.  All 3 got agitated with me when I told them there was nothing I could do now...we are the "PRE" yard sale choice...not the Clean-uppers of other messes.  Two complained they were unhappy with prices and setup, didn't think they got close to paid the amount that sold, and all three desperate as they still have a LOT left over and the estate sale company is long gone.  I never intentionally down another business or company...but just being honest when I say I have never understood why you would pay someone to do a yard or estate sale...I could see this as a "service" if EVERYTHING was sold and you walked away but that doesn't seem to be what is happening.  At least based on phone ringing consistently with issues from other companies.  If you can't guess within 40% of what something is worth at a yard sale...how would you know what was a good deal from a selling company anyway?  LOL

And don't get me started on what several other auction companies are selling people....telling them anything to get the contract signed.  Crazy stuff.  It will be interesting to watch....two customers that I recommended STRONGLY not to have an auction have both signed with other companies and are going forward.  I refused to do an auction...quite sure based on a number of factors they will be bargain city.  All good....I can never figure out what some seller's goal is in the first place...there are a LOT of angles to consider.  Hope I am wrong for their sake.  

There are a LOT of great liquidation companies and sellers out there....but sure seems like many that are in the market now aren't following through.  In the other companies defense... if one is going to complain and criticize an "expert" that YOU hired you should have done your homework ahead of time or just done it yourself...a great rule of life.  This is a VERY subjective business...what one thinks is worth $50 may be worth $5 and in the same sentence vise-a-versa....AND there are so many elements to a sale more than what may amount to a few hundred or couple thousand bucks between companies.  Is the home getting cleaned out?  Will you get paid what was straight up sold with a check that will clear?  Will the company fulfill their promises?  AND most importantly... If you get screwed does the company have any assets or reputation to protect?

If only people actually took a few days to sit back and think about their overall goal doing a large liquidation BEFORE they made a decision...it would sure save me a lot of what I have now named "The Monday Sale Complaining Blues".  Don't let yourself or anyone you know catch T.M.S.C.B.  This seems to be a stressful and avoidable condition.   If you are comparing just percentages and price...you are doing it ALL wrong...while you may get the best service and lowest price at times...chances are in this business you will ALWAYS get what you pay for.  And as a closing note:  This has nothing to do with us needing more or being able to handle more business.  It is just the opposite...we could do another 10 sales a month if we had clones....can take on very little at this point...so many sellers are left feeling desperate..and are catching TMSCB.  Just THINK!  Good Luck!

Look out for the REPO-MAN!!

Not the car repo man...that silent reseller out there selling reproductions in the market.  If anyone asked me what has changed the resale business the most in since 25 years ago.....it is the amount of reproduction items.  And that is saying a lot as this business has completely different variables.  I always say it really truly started on cast iron items in the late 80's/early 90's.  As soon as the "new" cast iron hit you had crooks burying the new stuff to rust it and make it look old and many buyer's whom didn't even know there was reproduction out there substantially overpaid for items...(yes this happened a lot)...I saw it first hand working a lot of auctions all over at the time.  The reproduction bug quickly spread to glassware, lighters, Roseville, watches, toys, oh and the nightmare detailed purses, & even fake silver dollars.  While many may contend that many items are "out of favor" or people have "lost interest" in the business, I still blame the influx of reproduction items as a true cause of the market softening up on many of the collectibles.   What is my point in all this.

It can be very difficult to tell the difference between the "real" and the "fake".  ALWAYS do your research first.  A magnet on ALL silver dollars if you don't know where they came from is a must!!  I have only got in two but there are a lot floating around out there.  And when in doubt...reference on the internet.  The tips out there are fantastic with just the click of the button and most are easy to spot once you know what you are looking for.  We do everything in our power here at Bullseye to try and weed out the bad items but it can be challenging at times...you can never tell where someone got something.  And if you are at an "open consignment" auction...LOOK OUT!!  It is pretty incredible the tricks some of the under the table sellers have these days to try and make a buck.  Buyer Beware the RepoMan!  Good Luck!

Are we on an Extended Vacation...LOL..Not so much

Ran into a couple people asking if we took a vacation or some time off since we haven't had a sale in a few weeks.  LOL.  Not so much.  In fact, we have only had a couple days off...have stuff everywhere.  We had the run of 6 sales in 7 weeks and had little time to to do pickups and most importantly sort, organize, & price items.  We rarely have items "delivered" to the auction and it takes a lot of time and effort to pickup, unload, & organize.  Needless to say we were way behind on getting caught up.  (Sure you know the feeling as well...hehe).  If you follow Bullseye and my blog you know we love the Spring and Fall for sales...watch for us to have one or two sales a month until September.  But you can rest assured they will be top quality sales as we have a lot of overhead to cover and the bills don't wait.  Don't worry...we have a MASSIVE amount of inventory and some great lots in the pipeline ahead.  Watch out ahead...a great pair of online auctions and a truly FANTASTIC tag sale the second week in June.  Hope to see you soon!

The Crazy Stats from Fowler

If you follow my blog you know how I have been ranting on and on about how much and how fast live auction crowds have changed and are changing.  Well I wasn't planning on posting anything after the Fowler auction on Saturday to be honest but the stats are so off the wall I felt I had to share (that and a couple Bullseye regulars at the auction asked I do).  I never "grade" auctions as good bad or indifferent as most are for liquidation...it is what it is.  But one can compare to others and past experience and quickly see how crazy the auction business is right now.  Our new software is incredible with statistics but honestly irrelevant as there is no way to predict anything anymore.  What do I mean:

**We had 223 Registered Buyers on Saturday....BUT only 105 actual buyers. (1st auction under 50% buyer/registration stat)  Of the 105 people that purchased on Saturday...58 buyers purchased 4 items or less.  That means there were a LOT of full truckloads and U-Hauls leaving Fowler.  A good crowd but sure smaller than expected given the volume and array of items at this auction.  Given the amount....hard to believe 105 people dispersed that many items...Congrats!! 

**Of those 105 buyers we had only 14 new buyers to Bullseye.  Why is this a crazy stat?   Well because last live auction the buying pool was shifted the entire different direction with new buyers and note this auction was in a Town and County we have never done an auction in.  Almost hard to believe...but true.  Thank goodness for our fantastic Bullseye Family!!  We have never done an offsite auction with less than 40 new registered...a simply crazy number when I printed results....I had to look twice.

**The completely OFF THE WALL STAT...We had only 9 actual buyers from the Town of Fowler accounting for less than 3% of the total money of sale. (and 4 of those were relation...hehe)  Thank goodness I didn't listen to the locals telling me I only needed to put in the Fowler Tribune and half the town would be there.  (Must have been me...LOL)  Compare this to the "Bigelow Estate" in Rye a few years back and nearly the entire town was there....like the twilight zone.  In 20 years the SMALLEST local crowd I have ever witnessed at any auction by any company from Wiley to Vilas to Eads to Westcliffe.....pretty wild.  But not unexpected from me...as nothing makes sense to me in Fowler anymore and I grew up there.  Go figure....or I should say impossible to figure.  Bullseye and myself got the point...so we won't be back.  TY to the 9!

**100% collection and NO clerking mistakes.  I announced before the sale my Dad was to get "clerk of the year" at Bullseye...LOL.  Well he delivered on this one as he went 100%...and the office staff was off the hook at 100% entry!!  Now that's a job well done.  Usually goes unnoticed but hard not to notice on this one...Becki & the Gang is the best in the business....The near impossible achieved!

Why did I print all this?...Simple.  Because when I ramble on about how the live auction business is completely different and changing rapidly it's not just rambling on.  It's fact....and I have stats to prove it...and the stats are incredible in so many wrong directions.  

We have a large overhead basis so consistency is a MUST!  And there is no consistency right now in live auctions which is why I noted at the start of this auction it is unlikely we will do another live auction til Winter if at all.  Not something I would have even dreamed of saying 24 months ago.  Times are a changing fast and furious and people's lives are busier than ever with the fewest "dealers and resellers" I have ever witnessed in the current market setting.  Just a different resale world.  Adapt or dissolve...we will try to adapt...and if you have noticed have shifted to online and back to tag sales quickly.  Numbers, comments, & statistics don't lie.

If you were there Saturday hope you had a blast and Thank You!!...If you couldn't make it we'll catch you at the next one this Winter, at a Tag Sale, or Online!!  Bullseye Out....


Condition Condition Condition

I went and looked at a full quite nice estate yesterday afternoon.  However, the deal just wasn't for Bullseye.  Why?  Condition.  The family got quite agitated with me...but the truth of the matter is that condition is truly everything in this business.   When a home has been smoked in and has had pets it automatically declines value of personal property dramatically.  Surely isn't getting personal or insulting...just simply a fact.  And generally speaking we just don't deal with these type of conditions.  Add a lot of damaged/chipped items and everything dirty and sometimes there is simply so much labor just to get an item ready to sell that there is no way to make any money.  Let alone online...where we make every effort to sell only very clean very nice items....as very difficult to detail anything else.

Remember when you make your next purchase at a yard sale, flea market, or auction....Condition is everything when it comes to value and ability to resell or future value.  An item with one blemish or ding can vary tens if not hundreds of dollars from an item without a blemish. Look careful...those that understand condition will always have an advantage.  All items have a value....and most are simply based on one 9 letter work...Condition.  Good Luck!

Ship to My Lou My Darlin'...Advantage Local

As you know....we rarely ship items to buyers.  However, we have a couple consistent buyers we ship to...but other than that just don't have time and nor do we want to go through the magnified fraud exposure.  Last online auction I offered full shipping at cost...as there were a lot of "shippable" items.  YET....we didn't ship ONE item...not even to our regulars.  I felt this to very interesting and only further justifying my belief that shipping cost has silently and quickly revolutionized online selling and buying.  I was truly shocked.

 What do I mean?  On Ebay for example the price is set or bidding done with a "fixed" amount of shipping built in...everyone is on an even playing field.  Remember, someone is absorbing a lot of expense on the shipping whether buyer or seller and one of the reasons this segment is struggling mightily...tough to justify value on a host of items.  Anyway, with the shipping cost being minimum $12 (unless a small flat rate)...it gives local buyers a huge advantage.  You can see in the business with sites like "let go", "craigslist", & a host of others that shipping cost is a MAJOR issue...and they have quickly taken advantage of that weakness in the market.

The bottom line...advantage Local!!  YOU have a HUGE advantage over anyone outside of the area just from shipping cost alone....even if you don't factor in all the other advantages.  I am so intrigued to watch companies that rely on shipping (such as Ebay) to see if they are somehow able to keep relevant in this market of local driven selling.  Quite interesting....Watch for shipping cost!!  And this just further proves how invested we are in our local market.  THANK YOU!

Raffle Winners 04/06 Auction

Here are Winners for this week's Raffle..Buyers from Thursday Night Otto Finale' Auction....Good Luck!
$25 Cards: #226658 & #124599
$15 Cards: #226936, #124638, #226986, #124708, #227043

Consistency Coming Soon?

If you were to check my computer history...You would see I follow online auction trends and companies around the Nation. Especially in the online space.  (Becki says a ridiculous amount of time..lol)  Why?  Because I try and see if my vision and feel for online auctions is trending and to try and be innovative and leading in how we present a consignor's merchandise and stay relevant.  If you enjoy auctions whether live or online it is fascinating to see how fast changes are coming across the board.  I have blogged several times about the decline in the amount~interest in live auctions and appears my guess on numbers continuing to decline are fact....BUT the most interesting angle is that the online segment in numbers of auctions is not compensating for the "lost" live auctions.

So...Where is everything going to sell??  I have no idea.  But at the end of my own personal 12 month detailed study (which is not regulated...LOL)  I have quickly seen how fast changes are coming in the online auction segment.  It is interesting to watch unfold.  Here are a few notes.

**The "Big Know-It-Alls" are convinced Soft-Close rakes in more money...(soft close is when the end of the auction extends for minutes if someone bids in the last few minutes)...and it appears that Bullseye, Ebay, and a couple others in the entire Nation see it differently.  However, the developers are discounting the fact that the soft-close software is nearly impossible to follow via phone or small computer which accounts for nearly 50% of bidders.  Maybe I am crazy....watch as more and more companies will go to hard close in the future...impossible to compare which drives better results.  VERY easy to see which is easier to use....and it is NOT soft close.

**Why no consistency across the board for Online auction companies?  This absolutely drives me nuts!!!!  Remember...We do not run nor own our auction software.  This is through "Hi-Bid" software out of Florida...and many companies in the Nation use the same software.  As they have grown and are taking the lead Nationwide....there is a GAPING hole.  There is no consistency on how any company does anything.  I think you will see this get changed down the line and fewer "options" for companies using the software but who knows.  Results should be mandatory to post in my opinion....(UNLESS the company has something to hide).  They are buttoning this up soon.

**Rating System for Bidders is Incredible!  The biggest improvement for auction companies hands down has been the bidder rating system implemented by "Hi-Bid".  Many don't know but you rack up a "score" by how you bid, pay, etc.  This has been sooooo helpful getting fraudulent buyers before they start and rewarding quality buyers.  Note to yourself:  If you register for an auction through Hi-Bid make sure you follow terms because if the auction closes your account it will have long affects down the road.

**The Big One coming...Bidder Options.  Remember, this software is very advanced as they are customizing and have so many options for clients.   But there will be options coming for bidders down the line...Including one click bidding, personal item auction setup, screen choices, & more.  This is going to get really cool...and VERY user friendly...Changes are coming fast!!  This will be hard to deny how great online auctions are when this comes to light.

So what does this mean??  Back to my rambling blog a few months back about how traditional "auction houses" will have to reinvent themselves or go online...I think it is more true than ever.  Once all the improvements and changes are implemented over the next couple years it will be difficult to make any sense to do a "live" auction.  There is some crazy stuff~options coming in the online segment.  Hope some reputable auctions are listening before it is too late to convert...would love to see more online soon before the auction business shrinks even more.  This is going to get Crazy Fun!!!  

From Crazy to Crazier

It happened again this week...only more evident.  I have blogged in the past about how crazy perception can be at auctions but this week was even crazier.  It was pickup on Friday and we had a customer going on and on and on about how a coin he wanted to purchase sold for "AT LEASE 3x" what it was worth and some "crazy person" bought it.  (mind you there was another out there bidding within 50 cents...but still).  He went on for several minutes and didn't even let it go as he walked out the door.  WELL, Not even 2 minutes later the buyer of that coin rolls through the door, pays, & rolls to the back of the building where I was headed to point out to me that he just got one of his best deals ever online on YES..you got it.  THAT COIN...hehe.  Saying he won auction for less than half of what he put in as maximum bid...and was an incredible deal.  It was like I was in the twilight zone.

The point is...Auctions are truly fascinating WHEN RUN CORRECTLY whether live or online.  Meaning without reserve, no minimum start price, and no games or gimmicks.  At the end of the day that is why I am hooked and love the business...It is one of the Purest forms of Capitalism and Open Market selling anywhere in the world.  An Auction will consistently prove one person's ridiculous is the same as another person's ridiculous...Just on opposite sides of the spectrum...and truly difficult to even believe at times how varied opinion of values can be.  How can anyone NOT LOVE an auction....The biggest challenge...Finding a correctly run auction...Good Luck out there!!...Hope you enjoy the Bullseye!

We are EXCLUSIVELY a pay your Bills Company

Actually got TWO calls in two days confused if we do live or online auctions. Or even do estate sales?  Yes Yes & Yes.  LOL.  I was quick to inform callers we are a "whatever it takes to stay in business pay our bills kind of company".  AND YES...we have evolved and come a long way.  I have said in previous blogs and comments that I would have never envisioned what the Bullseye and/or Home Liquidators has evolved into.  Yet as with most things in my life and those reading this...you probably wouldn't have envisioned many of the things that have happened to you either...so is life.

I won't make this personal as many things I would go into would of course gross you out and make your uncomfortable even reading....hehe.  (save for a later date)  BUT I will say that Bullseye is  a survivalist company evolving.  What will we be in 2 years?  Who knows. But as with most small businesses we will most likely be whatever we need to in order to pay our bills.  We are on online auction, a live auction, an estate sale company, and maybe more that is yet to be discovered.  Is this about making EVERYONE happy?  No.  Anyone happy?  Who knows.  The truth in the small business world is about survival and attempting to PAY YOUR BILLS..Simple but true. 

I am a 2 degree educated quote unquote "Junk Dealer"...but I LOVE what I do and truly LOVE 99% of our customers (doubt you are the 1% reading this so relax...I love you!)  We may not get rich, and may not be a one type of sale company...but just hoping to get to zero every month and see as many great people as possible.  Now THAT is what it is all about.  Been Rich...Been Broke...Now just being a junk dealer.  At the end of the day we are just "paying the bills"....so have fun and get some great deals.  No pressure...No worries...Just Fun.  TY for helping out!!  Every small business needs a customer like YOU!!  When you buy at great companies...Great companies stay around...ESPECIALLY in your own back yard...Support your local small business...it really does make a difference.  By the Way...I rarely see anyone say...I love Pueblo...But I really do love living here....and quite proud to say it.  Proud to be a 100% local small Pueblo Business Owner!  TY!

Your order is coming right up!

We don't order our inventory...hehe.  And we surely don't get the chance to pick and choose everything we take in.  A very hard concept for some to grasp.  We are a complete liquidator so everything from budget to high end...and anything in between will show up here.  But when, where, and how much is something that is totally out of our control for the most part.  Get at least 2 calls each and every week looking for some type of detailed item and wanting me to "add them to a list" if we get that exact item in. For example just had a call looking for the square butter dish in a particular pattern of unique China.  We appreciate the calls...but we deal in 1000's upon 1000's of items and would spend countless hours trying to itemize things.  And secondly we don't even operate on details like that.  

As all professionals know in this business....the deals in the resale world don't come delivered to your door in a box with an invoice and 15% off your next order.  The resale & used goods world is all about hustling, having a good eye, and spending the time going to a lot of sales.  Can be a very difficult recipe at times to balance the buying and selling and still have time to have a life.   While we will try to get that square butter dish in the missing Lily pattern in on Monday...don't count on it...LOL.  You gotta come to a sale, hope you find that, and if not....I will guarantee there will be another deal that was better than that waiting at the Bullseye!  See you at a sale soon.

We're Going Streakin'

After years of looking at a LOT of deals there is a very weird phenomenon when it comes to finding items in the same category in back to back deals.  What do I mean?  Streakin'...meaning you may not see a particular item for 3 or 4 years and then all of a sudden get 3 deals in a row with the same type of item.  What do I mean?  At the Bullseye we deal in a lot of volume so sell a very wide array of items all over the board.  That's what makes the streakin' even more strange.  For example toys...had almost no collectible toys for nearly two years.  Then a very large collection and now 3 of the last 4 estates have had some boxes of vintage toys.  Very strange.  No guns in 3 months and now 3 deals in a row with guns.  Haven't seen many vintage electronics and now 2 large basements with numerous stacks in a row.  It is one of the strangest consistent unexplained things that happen in this business.  Maybe it's just the Bullseye...or maybe it's just cause we notice but no matter what the reason...it is unexplained.  Look for items in the same category consecutively...AND buy em when you can.  You never know when you'll see em' again. Go Streakin'!  Seems to be the thing to do.

What A Difference in 24 Months...Crazy Stats

Finished the huge live auction a couple days ago and now reflect on a lot of crazy facts to prove how much change happens in this business in a short period.  If you follow my blog you know I have a very interesting stance and take on the industry as a whole....and Saturday goes to show how fragmented and strange the auction market has become.  I felt this live auction in particular was a great gauge to compare because of it's size and variety and because was one our best we have had the opportunity to offer.  We had a very good crowd although not even close to several in the past...just about right where it was full but not too uncomfortable..  Buyers registered and actual buyers who bought didn't crack our top ten in number/amount...Actually finished 14th.  If you know my background you know I get a kick out of analyzing sales trends and information that is probably irrelevant but is sometimes at least interesting. So here are a few interesting facts to prove my point on how much the market has changed in 24 months...DRAMATIC and crazy numbers even though just one auction.  The following stats are comparing registered buyers to those 24-36 months ago compared to Saturday...the average over that 12 month span when we were nearly exclusively doing live auctions.

52% of the buyers here on Saturday were NOT registered at a Bullseye Auction in the 12 month span above.  Over Half!!

68% of money spent on Saturday was from out of Pueblo Zip Codes...this compared to only approx. 31% in the time period above...Whoa.

Nearly 43% of buyer's were tax exempt Re Sellers Saturday compared to less than 11% in time period above...Had to look twice.

Only 13% of the customers who purchased items on Saturday have purchased items at an online auction at Bullseye.  Crazy.

Less than 1% of items were sold to absentee bidders....Only had 8 customers even left absentee bids. Compared to 8% in prior time.  No way to explain.

Had one buyer registered for every 4.9 lots that were sold...Compared to one buyer for every 2.6 lots in period above.  Should have been some deals...A massive statistical gap.

**This is just a sampling of what is some truly CRAZY statistics of the current market...(at least in my mind)...and so skewed that I had to point out...If any other auctioneer or follower of the auction business as a whole doesn't think the market has changed than maybe it is just me...But I doubt it.  The live auction world is nearly a completely different place...not necessarily bad.  Just wacky different...Almost hard for me to believe. What once was a business filled with dealers and "regulars" is completely unpredictable.  See what happens at future live auctions...Should be interesting.  Hold on, Smile, and Wave!!  TY for your business & interest!!**

3 Way Action...Just how Bullseye has Evolved

Get your mind out of the gutter...this is the Bullseye for cryin' out loud.  A decade ago we had a "small building/store" in the County and I was insistent that in the resale world you should focus on one type of sale and that was truly the only way to make it work.  I still believe that "at that time"....that was correct.  But as in life...business and environment change...and quickly change at that.  I believe this Internet Revolution and complete market penetration of "Smart-Phones" is being overlooked by many.  It is my belief that this will be looked back on and regarded as a segment in time where business and history was rewritten.  We still haven't seen the full impact.  It is stunning to me when I look around and see the true volume and amount of phones...and not only phones but some 93% of those phones have internet access.  Simply incredible....hard to believe.

Why does this matter?  Because if you are a business sitting on the sideline thinking this isn't relevant you are not going to be in business long.  The days of 'brick & mortar" are quickly shrinking and put this next sentence in a capsule to come back to in 10 years.  I go on record as predicting the majority of shopping malls will become mega online private schools within the next 6-12 years.  Sure looks to be the way the world is pointing...and sitting back watching wish I had the capital and youth to invest in that.  Someone is going to make millions.  And Amazon is simply unstoppable...like it or hate it.  Other retailers ignored the online shopping segment for too long not paying attention and it doesn't appear they can catch up at this point...and give Amazon credit...they have invested and positioned themselves in an amazing spot.  Look out.  A LOT of changes will be happening soon...and FAST..should be interesting to watch.

If you know my background you know I was in one of those "evil people" in the mortgage business some 10 years ago.  LOL.  Trickle-Down blaming I call it...I literally sat in my office and watched money and guidelines dry up literally in a 10-day period...poor me.  Hehe.  But looking back it was unreal to watch how fast it happened and how the media skewed the whole thing.  (and no Trump didn't pay me to say that)   From penthouse to outhouse....even though I predicted it and knew it was coming there was little I could do.  I bring up this because information today moves 100x faster than even then...hopefully nothing crazy happens but beware...This Market is looking scary similar to previous times.  Just drive to Castle Rock...Way too much too fast and completely artificially low rates from the previous government leaders...the prior debacle never got cleaned up....LOOK OUT AHEAD!  Just a junk dealer blabbing though.  All water under the bridge.  So back to the point of this 3-Way thing.

Going broke and losing nearly everything taught me a very valuable lesson.  PAY ATTENTION to the overall market environment around you...it matters.  You can't do just one thing anymore to survive.  If we relied on just live auctions or just online auctions or just tag sales we may as well close up.  The world and peoples shopping habits are RAPIDLY changing and the market is more segmented than any other time in history.  Why we have customers that come to all our sales (thank you) it is very clear that all 3 crowds are substantially different...very interesting.  We don't do a variety of sales because we WANT to....it's because we HAVE to in order to keep the lights on.  It creates a ton more work moving shelving around, etc....but there is no doubt we wouldn't stay in business attempting to focus on one element of the resale world.  I would have never thought that when we started...but I would have never thought online auctions would have been possible either.  Who knows whats next. Evolve and change your thinking or dry up and change your locks.  Hopefully we can stay ahead of the curve....Enjoy the Sales!!

The More Competition the Better! Probably not happening anytime Soon...

I know looking back through several of my blogs that is sounds as though I just bash and dislike other companies/competitors.  That is so far from the truth...I truly wish there were more auctions and more thrift stores to enlarge the overall market.  If there were another five auction companies that had a legitimate business with an actual building it would truly benefit everyone from buyers to sellers.  Unfortunately that is probably not going to happen.  Just in the past 6 years alone  I have seen nearly (by my best count as I write this) 29 thrift stores/auctions come and go in Pueblo & Colorado Springs.   YES...29.   How many have made it? I can count on one hand.  Why so low a success rate?  Simple...because start ups underestimate the amount of time & labor the business will take month after month after month, don't have significant reserves for quarters where the company loses money, AND most crucial the high cost of overhead for space.  This isn't a get rich business....the mathematics just aren't there...you gotta love doing it.

SO......This leads to one of the underlying problems of there ever being more auctions & thrift stores.  This is truly a VERY unique business....as many can operate "on site" sales or manipulate zoning.  There are nearly 20 companies operating without a true business location or by purchased P.O. Box or doing this part time.....and that's just in a 100 mile radius.  Why does this matter to you?  Because it will continue to restrict new business from entry into the market and unfortunately there won't be more auction houses or thrift stores...meaning less selection...less competition & fewer options.   Maybe that makes those businesses the "Smart Ones"...Sure looks like it.

If you are selling...when you deal with a company with no commitments or fixed overhead...what do they have to lose if they screw you?  Or a buyer?  Yah...not much.   Which is why there are so many stories of non-payment, partial payment, or items missing.  If ANY business in ANY field doesn't at least have a legit office space or building...RUN!!...OR ask and go inspect their business.  Great rule to live by in life....and when I ran a couple large businesses in my past...that statement will hold true more often than not.

BUT...As long as there is a fragmented selling market with buyer's premiums, fluctuating terms, many selling with reserves, & very little regulation...I just can't see how this industry will grow or succeed long term.  In fact I am 100% certain until the greed disappears...so will brick and mortar markets and auctions.  I wish...almost beg for more auction houses...just not going to happen.  Just hope those running now can plug away to survive and maintain.  See you at the Bullseye!!

Is Doubling your Money a Must?

Even 20 years ago when I was buying and selling on a very small scale everyone in the business would say "you have to double your money" plus or don't buy it.  Is this a recipe for success?  Well...if it were that easy everyone would be doing this.  For some reason when it comes to business the mind must work and feel like it needs some sort of margin of profit to work off of.  So do you have to double up to stay in business?  Or when you are buying should you pay 50% or 60% of what something is "worth"?  Oh..the unanswerable question.

Now for my opinion...I have never understood the "double-up" mentality.  Sure you want to 1000x your money if possible.  But this business is much more complex.  I get calls all the time asking what percentage I will pay of retail on a buyout, etc...  Answer: There is no fixed percentage...and in my world never will be.  I have always believed the margins you work off of as a res-seller in this business are ENTIRELY based on the quality of the product.  For example...if you are dealing with a high labor...high detail items such as a hoard of books it is unlikely just doubling your money will keep the bills paid or make you any money...just too much time and expense involved.  BUT if you are dealing with a houseful of collectible & desirable items that are easy to move in a garage per say....making a small amount on the trade can make sense.  Obviously a lot of other factors come into play...but you get the point.

Food for thought...don't get washed up in margins.  If you buy a $5 item and sell it for $50 you made 1000% on your money.  Profit of $45.  An incredible GREAT TRADE on paper and one to brag about.  If you purchase a $200 & sell it for $250 you only made 25% on your money.  But you made $50.  Not great on paper but a nice move.  Which is the better trade?  You decide but I will take $50 over $45 all day long.  Bottom line there is no right or wrong way to be a dealer in this business...My philosophy...Some deals will be great...others not.  AND if you are a buyer...you can just turn the equation around.  If you can just avoid buys where you lose...The profit will be there.  Focus on potential net profit and not necessarily the "double up" or "triple up" and I think you will see increased success.  Good Luck!


Watch out ahead...2017 outlook is WOWZA!

In this business you never truly know what you are going to look at tomorrow and what is ahead for sales.  After over 10 years plugging away at this for a living I can tell you (with a big smile of course) that the sales approaching this spring are simply incredible and as I always say I truly don't try to "overadvertise" as I respect many do this for a living and have decisions to make for their own survival.  At the building live/priced/online AND several live on site sales are lining up quickly and as you will see....Bullseye will be the place to be.  Maybe a new slogan rhyme?  LOL.  Keep an eye on website.  We may not be firing sales every week or even couple of weeks but the sales we have will be HUGE and VERY high quality filled.  TY to our trusting sellers!!

As much as some think I may be talking down "live" auctions....that is not my point at all...merely making a point at how quickly the business is changing and how potential younger customers habits are changing.  My bottom point on all my last rants....Stop the buyer's premiums & only present top quality auctions.  The business will again thrive. 

I will test this theory first hand as you will see a JAW-DROPPING live auction event on March 11th.  This is a high end home and court/attorney just sent us paperwork literally yesterday to liquidate estate's "parents homestead barns" which are like a time capsule full of old items East of Trinidad.  Feels like the numerous T.V. shows on this one.  I generally don't transport this volume of items to the Bullseye...but this one is a no-brainer.  Watch website and plan to attend....what an auction this will be!!  Believe to be worth any trip...pictures won't lie as date approaches and with this volume of items....we hope you can join us!


Come on Auction Community...STOP the Denial

The Local Auction Industry is in denial.  Of course this section of the blog is entirely my opinion but no doubt several in the State's auction business are taking notes on my views as I heard I got mentioned at the Annual Auction Convention a week ago "for all the wrong reasons"...LOL!!!  (Yah...I believe Buyer's Premiums are bordering illegal, unethical, & simply unfair...I guess NOT a popular view..hehe)  YET, in the current times there are the fewest auctions, the fewest auction companies, & membership/interest in the auction business has got to be close to an all time low.  Come on people...Buyer's Premiums have a BIG factor in this.  Why most types of companies give you coupons to get you in their business...most in the auction business charge you EXTRA?   Baffling to me.  Who started this and why has it penetrated?  Greed?  Is 10-15% Really keeping you in business?  Your seller wouldn't pay it in commission?  Do you need to deceive your seller on results so you can keep a commission number lower?  The bottom line at the end for YOU as an auction won't differ YET the Seller suffers in the end...as fewer buyer's patronize your business.  Incredible...keep it up and auctions will nearly disappear...and I believe that is writing on the wall.  Print this blog....and look back in 24-36 months...see if I am right.  Believe me...I hope I am completely wrong.

 And yet I don't get it...The more auctions in the State the better for overall auction business.  Interest in auctions will generate more interest in auctions. ESPECIALLY in the online section/fragment of the market.  If not only for buyers...FOR SELLERS!  Many sellers don't even know of the option of an auction when liquidating an estate...because there aren't enough auctions!  It is a snowball that may just about run away at this point.  Our industry is losing a mammoth segment of the market because the "art of an auction" is dying and the online era shift of auctions is fragmented at best.  All over the place with different auction software companies, terms, & presentation.  The demographics of buyer's is staggering...as few of the younger generation even know what an auction is.  

What does this mean to the Bullseye?  Well not a lot quite honestly....as we have already adapted back to tag sales mixed with fewer auctions to follow market demand and trends.  Not that we really want to go that way...just simply the facts.  There is still a BIG demand for auctions with top notch items...easier said than done to get in top notch items.  Attendance numbers don't lie and in current conditions tag sales are very popular...especially with the "younger" generation.  We'll see what happens and how this all plays out over the long term.

As one that truly LOVES auctions and the business in general it is sad to watch it melt away...and it doesn't have to happen.  I follow the State's auctions VERY closely and every time I open terms I hope someone will buck the "death trend"...but haven't seen one yet...In fact in many cases they are going the wrong way and raising premiums and negative terms.  Maybe someone up North will take the lead..until then all in Colorado will continue to under-perform and YES...there WILL be fewer and fewer auctions.  Of course just a little dinky auction guy's opinion in Pueblo...but sure looks like the numbers are speaking for themselves.  


It's All about Getting to ZERO

Interesting times....Had several email/call me "confirming" that this week's auction was LIVE.  And more call w/ questions on what a "tag sale" was the first week in January.  And even more with questions on "Why the different types of sales?"  Well at the end of the day it all boils down to room and square footage.  We only have so much space...the true main reason for doing online auctions and why the auction industry is shifting towards online...Space efficiency.  You get the most out of your showroom square feet with online auctions as less room is needed for people.  Does that make is better or worse...an endless debate. No doubt FAR more efficient than any other sale type when finished but also not right for all products or types of items.  I try to keep an open mind and look at every situation independently.  It really comes down to what the customer wants.  

And Of course OUR main goal every month is to get the business back to zero...and that as in your life is always a constant battle....lol.  Our burn/overhead is a big number every month whether we have one or four sales.  Efficiency is everything...and in this internet & tech driven era there is no one right way for everyone.   In doesn't take a mathematics major to figure out we will be in the red in January with one auction/sale...SO...that means we have a LOT of sales lined up in February and March.  We truly can't go fast enough....but feel we have currently achieved the most efficiency we have had in the past decade after mixing in online auctions and with our current triple-type sale format.  Already 3 more Live auctions lined up...a HUGE lot ready to go online, & you talk a Mammoth tag sale in February....It's a great time to be part of the Bullseye Family!!  Hope you enjoy.

4th Quarter Bonanza at Bullseye!

Always love hearing about great deals "scored" at the Bullseye!  Especially when someone says "there were no deals last night"...Really?  Careful..easy to eats words in this business.  YES...we are a true liquidator...one of only a few that exist ANYWHERE so it is a true Regional marketplace as we don't ship items..what does that mean?  There are going to be some incredible deals if you have an astute eye and do your homework/inspect.  The 4th quarter at Bullseye sounds to have produced a few large scores and special deals.  And that's just who has showed me...(don't believe without proof...LOL)  ....and sure there were plenty more.  The mineral collection in the December online auction has a couple buyers RAVING...several $1000k + specimens and majority of lots sold for UNDER $100!!  Also sold a couple books for under $1 at the tag sale that fetched $800+ each!!  Not to mention the locked metal file we sold online full of Sterling/Gold jewelry in the drawer...LOL Donald!  What a surprise for $12.31...again all sold online.

Why do I mention all of this?  Aren't I sad?  Did I not do my job?  Can I believe all the money that just went out the door?   No, No, & No.  It took me a lot of years (closer to a decade) and 1000's upon 1000's of items to realize that great deals is what this business is ALL about.  I still see auctions with reserves, premiums to purchase, ridiculous terms,  or high starting points and wonder what the point is...sure isn't an auction.. You have to understand...here at the Bullseye we deal in a VERY large volume of items.  There is simply no way to research and look up every single item or attempt to value....and quite honestly I know a little about a lot but not even enough to be dangerous about much.  Never assume a seller (whether private or auction) knows what they are doing or has correctly described...trust your research and gut instinct.  This is one of the most opportunistic times in the resale world for those willing to put in the time.  While no doubt we do our best to achieve results for our sellers, if there weren't great deals there would be no customers and with this much stuff...there WILL be some deals.  Why do I say NOBODY does it like the Bullseye?.....just read above...if there is another even close out there I can't find em.

May great deals await YOU in 2017.....a little research and a good eye may put a lot of $$$$ in your pocket or possibly even change your life....And I sure hope it does.  Happy New Year!!!


Where are the Firearms? Headed down...Crazy times...

YES...we still have our Federal Firearm License...FFL and are a fully legal firearms dealer.  Actually one of only a few auctions in the State with that credential.  With that said...the firearms resale market has flat-lined...and appears to be headed in the red.  The Trump shocker as well as a number of oversupply factors have made for unprecedented times when dealing with firearms.  If you follow Bullseye you know I am very active watching local and National trends and blogs.  If all talking heads are right, then 2017 will be the first time in years that nearly all firearms will decrease in book price across the board...some quite dramatically.  Just look at stock prices of S&W or others and quite evident the short term outlook is unknown.  Panic time?  Absolutely not...but no doubt prices are going down from where they were in this segment.

A lot of "gun hoarders" and an oversupply of inventory vs. current demand will need to find some common ground and traction.  Mix that with VERY low metal and production costs for new and a strange storm is brewing in this segment.  Watching some wholesale prices...many are in free-fall and it is very difficult to get accurate "market pricing" on many models.  For years I have said Guns, Cast Iron, Knives, & War Items were all very solid.  While still true...the gun market was probably well over-inflated and will quickly come back to reality.  Some great deals for those that are patient.  Does that mean you shouldn't buy?  No...there is still GREAT value in firearms...and timing is everything. I am keeping it real here for all our followers...don't get yourself in a false cloud of belief...it is my strong feeling to come up with current market value and subtract 20-45% depending on model.  FIREARMS ARE DECREASING IN PRICE ACROSS THE BOARD.

When this type of market correction happens...sit on the sidelines and those with an astute eye will make some great buys.  Good luck figuring out when that is....proceed with caution.  There is no reason to be impatient.  YES...we will remain an FFL dealer and sure to liquidate plenty of guns in the months ahead...just a heads up here.  No reason to impulse buy...Best of Luck!


2017 Auction & Resale Outlook..Interesting times

I have been in and out of the resale business since I was 12...yes that makes it around 30 years...lol.  Been staying afloat paying our bills for the past decade full time again.  I would say without a doubt the current business is in the most major transition it has ever seen...by FAR.  There are a number of variables...but undoubtedly the cost of warehouse space and real estate increase is at the top of the list.  To run a liquidation service efficiently you must have a lot of square footage and move a lot of volume...and quite honestly that is no longer affordable in most areas.  In Denver many rents/values have tripled or more....here in Pueblo West...Doubled or more.   There are now less than TWELVE auction/liquidation companies that have a legitimate business location and overhead basis...(in college textbooks defined as a "legitimate business")..not me dissing anyone without a location...and not stating right or wrong.

You have the majority of companies in this field running on P.O. Boxes, pushing zoning limitations running here or there, in sheds or garages, or in must do sales "on-site" category. Again...Not saying right or wrong...just stating a fact.  Like all businesses...only the strong survive...and for those to survive there must be less competition...period.  This is a very strange segment as we (Bullseye) have to compete with both the companies with legitimate businesses and for the most part..."part-timers" or companies that have no exposure to risk...meaning NO overhead or commitment to business.   Crazy times.

The "live auction" world is truly on life support at this time...won't ever die but don't look for a resurgence anytime soon...you can't stay in business beating a dead horse.  Advertising cost, demographic changes, part time companies fragmenting the market, and consumer time restraints make this category nearly unsustainable in my opinion.  Does that mean we won't do live auctions...NO.  We actually have several in the works and they are awesome in the right circumstances...BUT the good old days of an auction a week are gone.  Only a matter of time. 

That of course brings us to online auctions...an interesting category in itself.  There are few barriers to entry in this category which makes it all the more intriguing on a long term scale.  As I said at the very beginning a couple years ago however, it is quite clear not all are going to be able to convert to this category.  From speed and efficiency, to accuracy, to honesty, & most importantly knowledge...it is quite clear this category has limited growth on many scales.  Some companies got it...many do not.  I don't have a prognosis...although no doubt my guess is 60% to 70% of the Nationwide auction market will be online in 2017...a HUGE growth.  The train has started and rolling...get on or get left behind.

My prediction...in 24 months there will be less than 3 "live" auction houses left in Colorado...and very few in the Nation...meaning old school auctions that fight the online trend will get swept up.  They will convert or be gone.....of course just a prediction and opinion but you can't fight true consumer change and habits.  I understand some love online and others do not.  But at the end of the day...this is about staying in business and keeping the bank account at zero or in the plus....and online liquidation will control a huge market share.  Will be interesting to see....hope I am wrong...but certainly the numbers don't appear that way.

The Bullseye 2017 looks to be on a straight path...and VERY busy.  First quarter of 2017 nearly booked up.  A couple online auctions per month, a live auction here and there, & a tag sale every month or two.  Seems as though that formula will be in the mix...hope you enjoy!  May 2017 bring you the Deal of a Lifetime!!  Enjoy!

Buyer's Premiums & Reserves....Should both be illegal

Oh...you have heard my rants in the past.  How buyer's premiums and reserves have completely nearly eliminated the live auction business...but I recently attended an Auction Seminar online with supposedly all the top so called experts lecturing me.  It was eye opening and very interesting.  Their take is that the few auctions NOT having buyer's premiums are the ones at fault...quite interesting.  (aka...Bullseye)  After listening to their arguments I officially believe I must be in the Twilight Zone.  While one could argue for days about what should and should not happen...the bottom line fact....NO OTHER BUSINESS IN THE WORLD CHARGES YOU EXTRA TO BE A CUSTOMER OR PURCHASE!  (except the government & tax...lol)  Buyer's Premiums are the THE most ridiculous and unethical business activity in any segment of business at the current time....my very strong opinion.  Can't even think of anything close.

Case in point....From my standpoint when I look at a large or high end estate and am bidding against others to earn the sellers business I must explain I don't charge a buyer's premium.  VERY difficult to do when the seller knows very little about an auction to begin with.  The current state of the auction business with all this non-sense makes it so difficult to compare deals if you are in charge of liquidating a large estate...and simply shouldn't be the case.  But it is...and many simply choose other means...and I can't blame em at some point.

When the seminar went to "reserves" being legal, ethical, etc....I lost it and was kicked off the call.  How can you offer something at auction that is not for sale?  Doesn't make any sense and the bottom line is that if you are out there as a buyer...you know if you have been to enough auctions that some out there will make you wait all day for an item....then not sell it because it "didn't achieve minimum".   I can see a situation or two where a reserve is needed...HOWEVER..how hard is it just to put it out there in black and white and say "bidding opens at $x amount?".  

As we say goodbye to 2016....I believe there were the fewest live auctions in the past decade...and I doubt 2017 will bring many more.  Gee you experts...think Buyer's Premiums and Reserves have anything to do with it?   Maybe if buyer's premiums and reserves disappeared the good old days would come back.  Highly unlikely..but would be a start...greed is a crazy thing.

Who's the Judge? Real Fake Original or Reproduction?

It was interesting...yesterday I was sorting through items from Estate for next month's auction and found 3 S.T. Dupont lighters.  I didn't think much about and was ready to lot but honestly couldn't make out name on bottom so Google name in my phone for spelling (as I do for a lot...even if my fingers are working right) and it comes up S.T. Dupont.  Glanced at results and 2nd thing down says "how to tell a real from a fake".  So I promptly opened that window and pictures clearly showed the right real one  from the reproduction.  Even though these came out of high end home...they appeared to be fakes to me so won't list...just not sure.  What is my point?  I had never even seen nor sold any of these lighters and had no idea some of these new can cost $1k+ and/or that they are a highly faked item.  I truly found by chance....only reason I didn't just list was because I wasn't sure of name.  There is no way to know all ends of the market...Buyer always beware.  NEVER trust any seller...do your OWN homework on items that can be "fakes".  This is not to say to be fearful...but just be aware and on your toes.

This is no different that in "graded" collectible items, handbags, clothing, etc...  While someone can come in and say "that's a fake and not real"...another can completely disagree.  Many items are truly subjective as real or fake....especially autographs & anything a "human can do". This is the one area I dislike of this business is attempting to be the judge and filter for these items.  I do my best...but in the end remember no matter where you are buying that the item is just as it sits...do your homework and if you are in doubt pay with caution.  Good Luck!

14kt Gold Wedding Ring FOUND 12/11

We found a 14kt Gold Wedding Band (silver colored) when cleaning up parking lot on Monday 12/12 after weekend sale.  Band has 1967 and initials on back.  If you can identify initials we would love to return....Please see Glen or Becki if you know who this belongs to.  TY

Turn & Burn...More..Faster..Move it Out

I often get asked by many thinking about starting a 2nd hand business why Bullseye is able to continue in business for nearly a decade and what is the single most factor.  Very simple...MOVE YOUR INVENTORY.  It is incredible how many Thrift Stores, Auctions, Flea Markets, Traveling Sellers, & Someone with a new vision I have seen come and go over the past decade.  I mean amazing...in fact I can count the ones that have made it over a couple years on one hand...and don't have enough finger, toes, & organs to count the ones that didn't.  I believe the only way you can do this business on a "commercial-high volume" level is to move out your inventory consistently.  You have to reinvent yourself and have consistent fresh inventory round the clock. We work a lot of hours to attempt to do just that.  The problem for most isn't the "knowing"...it's the motivation and work to actually do it.  It is a LOT of work and time to continually clear out semi-loads of items...hence why few make it...and of course there are a LOT of other factors.

There is a market for more resellers out there...but if you are thinking of going in this business full time or jumping on the "store/flea market/auction" bandwagon.  Know...You won't be able to ever go fast enough AND to Turn and Burn.  Take less....Sell more!  Don't worry about selling the "million dollar item for $5".  If it happens...that's what it's all about.  Thank God for customers...without them you have no business.  And I promise...You ain't getting rich in this business no matter what you do...just hope to stay consistently at zero and have fun. Good Luck.

Paper Advertising is Going Going Gone!!

After this last weekend of issues with my ads in one of the local papers....it actually turned out to be an accidental eye-opening experiment.  In case you didn't know...ad was wrongly entered into Friday's paper...and incorrect ad in Sunday's paper.  As a shocker to me...less than 20 showed up Friday & only 3 people even mentioned ad on Sunday. And it was a plenty busy weekend. Why does this shock me?  With a background in marketing and a believer in paper ads I guess this blows me away...the proof is black and white..as ironic as that is.  lol.  

At $100-$300 per ad it makes the decision from the business end of Bullseye VERY easy...you will see little if any paper advertising....so don't rely on that for upcoming sales. That is not to say we won't advertise if we do a "live auction" but quite simply I now officially can say the bang for the buck is completely off. If you are reading this...you obviously follow us online anyway and this blog entry is what you already know and you probably simply could care less.  Either way I guess my point is the internet is incredible...and it is truly eyeopening to me to see how fast it has changed business and marketing/sales in particular.  Hope you other business owners that are customers take note of where you are spending your hard earned marketing dollars.  TY for your continued interest!

3 Sales in 3 Weeks...Get READY!

How fast can we go?  The answer is always "not fast enough" around this joint.  At this time of year time seems to even go by faster.  Believe me...it is quite a circle of chaos and an impossible organizational task at the Bullseye right now....  BUT that means we have a spectacular December of sales for YOU...so take advantage and mark the dates as we close out 2016 with a bang!! With this much stuff with these formats I am positive will be plenty of incredible deals....and we will cement that NOBODY does it like the Bullseye! 

HUGE all estate Tag Sale with a lot of interesting items and bargains galore....like the old days in the County only on Steroids the 1st Friday/Saturday,  Our 8th annual Christmas decor & more sale the following week with all the years Christmas items & more estate merchandise mixed in, & a fantastic HUGE online auction on the 15th...VERY interesting items from large to small...great auction.

We already have 4 complete estates lined up to start 2017 so more great sales will be steamrolling in...and so it's all gotta go!!  We will start the year with a fantastic online auction....so watch website.  We truly thank you for your interest and we'll see you soon!!!

High or Low..Good or Bad..Where does it all go?

Every pickup after an online auction the questions and comments remain generally the same so here are some answers.  

At least ten times every pickup someone comments "I should have come to preview and taken a look".  No doubt.  ESPECIALLY at large items, furniture, or collectibles.  Seems that pictures can be quite deceiving....and it is my opinion and experience that the nicer items look far better or different in person than in pictures.  Make a note to try and swing by for a few minutes...well worth the time.  

Was the sale good?  High or Low?  Well....I have said in the past and say again that an auction run with the terms and conditions we here at Bullseye run....... it is a "true" open functioning market.  We can't really have expectations....we present the items and let the market deem value...with that said of course when I am helping round up items at pickup I see some items that I say "wow...what a deal that was" and others that surprised me.  Neither nor have anything to do with anything.  No doubt that is what makes this auction so interesting and truly fun and different.  So simply never know and always remember.  One person's best deal of their life can be another saying that person is crazy!  All I know is we have plenty of overhead and a high burn $$ so we can't sell enough or go fast enough.  Appreciate the volume...we don't have a choice...lol.

What happens to all the stuff that doesn't get picked up?  Not a problem.  Last sale we collected 99.22% of invoices.  Yes...all but 3 small ones....pretty incredible.  The system simply closes the buyers account and we will then go to runner up bidders, relist, or are stuck with the item.  Yes...buying rights are gone...and I do believe that is crazy!  Why...because NOBODY does it like the Bullseye and sooner or later you will see that item you can't live without.  The last thing we want to do is lose a customer but in this format rules must be followed strictly to make for an even playing field for all.

Good Luck & Enjoy!


Raffle Winners 11/18

TY to all who picked up today and participated in the online auction!!  Our little extra thank you for making room!!  Here are raffle winners as follows:  Good Luck..

$25 Gift Cards   #762212  &  #762540

$15 Gift Cards  #140567  #762123  #762489   #762114  #762228  #140577


No Shipping & Hard Close..Is Glen on the pipe?

Believe it or not...have actually had numerous calls/emails basically asking me if I was high and/or crazy for selling online w/ Hard close and Not offering Shipping. I don't smoke so I guess I am just simply crazy if you look at it that way.  There is no doubt I have put Bullseye on an "island" of sorts offering hard close...can't even find another doing it in the Nation out of 100's of companies using same software.  If you aren't familiar with online auctions, nearly all do "soft" close which means the software extends bidding for minutes every time someone bids late.  The supposed "experts" will argue until they are blue in the face that you will achieve considerably higher bids with soft close. 

That may be the case...but soft close was designed for auctions with total lots under 100 & at it's core for items of $500 or more in value.  Such as a vehicle/farm liquidation.  It is my opinion that in nearly 99% of all current online auctions Nationwide..soft close is not appropriate and makes auctions very difficult to follow and simply VERY slow and frustrating.  No doubt that opinion is not shared by many...but you the customer have spoken as I continually get positive feedback from our incredible terms.  Which again by the way...are NO WHERE else in the Nation.  meaning NO Buyer's Premiums, only 3.9% tax, 50 cent bids, $1 start, NO Reserves, Very large Catalogs, etc...  I do understand that the potential for so-called "sniping" to occur but is that really the case?  If you put in your high bid and someone pays more...how is that getting sniped?  It's just called an auction in my view....All have their own view...why online auctions are like nothing else when run correctly.

As far as shipping...we will still ship a few smaller items here and there if you have an established reputation or high volume feedback score through Hi-Bid software.  In the end...our basic no shipping policy came about simply from fraud buyers.  Once you (Bullseye) eat $800 on charge-backs from a couple fraud buyers...it is an easy decision.  In the end this benefits our "regulars" and all that can meet our terms.  We hope you enjoy our online format...Good luck!  And we truly appreciate your business!  glen

Did I see this right? All Broncos are upright?

I have wasted enough time on the NFL...and of course have a strong opinion over the National Anthem kneeling from many angles.  I have had many agreeing with me, been called a racist, had emails wanting to "buy stuff on the side", and a lot of other opinions my way...hard to believe actually.  Nobody was even talking about the supposed point of kneeling in the first place.  But I am over it...and will sell NFL items again.  Oh the money monster greedy NFL would never admit it....and no one will ever come out and say it...but the word has got around. You don't drop 15 points in ratings and not take notice...lol.  Stand up..protest another way.  It is my opinion the NFL completely mishandled this from the very start (and they know it) and it is sick that ratings and money talks...but that is the simple truth.  I am certain this issue will haunt the Commissioner for his limited time remaining.  I can't hold a grudge forever and I give props to Brandon Marshall and the Broncos for stopping this nonsense.  Our veterans and Military should NEVER be disrespected by anyone or any action..period.  You shouldn't be here if you don't take notice for what Military & Veterans have done and continue to do every day.  I said earlier I am Not man enough to do their job and that is the truth...they are disrespected enough when they come home from duty and with Medical care....nothing else should be tolerated.  End of story.  (BTW...Kaperdick no longer counts for anything here..be outta the league in a year anyway)  Watch for Broncos items on the next catalog.  TY for your interest.

Make a Will Today & PLAN Please!

For the sake of everyone...Make sure you have a Last Will and Testament.  We are in the middle of all this first hand.  If you don't have one, schedule NOW!!  We literally have 5 estates in a complete mess and limbo due to paperwork and disagreements just at the current time and all could have been avoided with one quick easy document.."A written Will".   We are even personally going to court over two as we have been called to testify for value and contents....it is a side of life NO ONE wants to deal with or think about but I feel you owe it to your family to make sure all is in line.  Stuff & Estate contents and money can tear a family apart as people will argue to the bone over a $5 piece of glass if pushed to the limits...and in many cases rational mental behavior is non-existent.  Take it from me....don't leave your stuff "to your family" and then say it's their problem...it could be your dead ass fault they no longer are a family over YOUR stuff.  Believe me...it can be an incredible experience...JUST DO IT!!  Everyone will thank you even if you are not hear to personally see it.

Raffle Winner 10/21 Good Luck & TY

Missed auction and going in circles so sorry I missed you at pickup!  Looks like some great deals and your prompt payment & pickup is truly appreciated!  Our thanks to you...Our raffle.  Winners of $15 gift cards as follows:  Good Luck!!  140077    140136    140189    140369     140246     140254  See you soon!

No VIP at Bullseye..How can that be??

I always get a kick out of watching "other companies" market and interpret buyer's interests.  Seems the new rage is "special invitation only" early access buyers or "VIP buyers" invited to early access or special deals.  That is the true bottom line reason as to why I don't ever go to sales...lol.   EVERY buyer at the Bullseye is important....but doesn't allowing early sales ruin the whole point of the business?  The whole point of this business is to be an early bird.   A sharp eye gets the worm or scores the deal??  Like every business of course we have buyer's who buy or spend more but at the end of the day....it's all gotta sell and we are a $1 at a time business....hoping to pay the bills every month like every other small business.  When we ventured into this nearly a decade ago I pledged I would NEVER allow early access or sales and it is all about showing up.  I haven't wavered under any pressure and quite frankly can say NEVER will.  You can't get a deal if you don't show up or register and participate online.  That's the core of what makes the resale business so unique and fun.  You simply never know what something will sell for from week to week....which is why this business can be quite profitable and is no doubt interesting.

OF COURSE we MUST have your business and only survive based on you showing up...but don't call me for an early VIP deal...at the Bullseye they don't exist.  It's all about showing up.  We hope to see you at open on tag sales and live auctions or at the last second online.  Either way...dont' waver...YOU ARE ALWAYS AN EQUAL VIP AT THE BULLSEYE!!   Good Luck and we'll SEE you soon!

What is the Plan at Bullseye anyway?

We don't know...LOL.  What a crazy 4th quarter of the year this will be at the Bullseye!!  Every year I say this is the busiest time of year...and 2016 is no different.  After we blowout all the new items...we literally have 6 estates ready to will pile into the building....and more on the way.  See how fast we can go but will have sales scheduled SOON..both online auction & tag sale.  We also have 3 ON-SITE Estate auctions in the works...of course all with pending dates as we wait for court/attorney to finish up legal paperwork.  Add in our 7th annual Christmas Decor & More Sale & only one thing is for certain.  It is a GREAT time to be part of the Bullseye Family as we have a truly massive amount of merchandise that will transfer ownership.  Thank you for your interest!! See you soon.

SouthPark hits it out the Ballpark

Only a part-time SouthPark Watcher but know they have expressed views over the National Anthem protest that are very interesting...but last night's episode just knocked it out of the park for me.  It is so crazy for me personally and is just spot on.  The week after the entire NFL kneeling thing started we were having breakfast at Country Kitchen and I told my kids that if the league didn't nip this in the bud it was going to morph into craziness and with the attention media gives people would take this to a whole new level....my exact quote was "you will have them stripping off their pads or pulling out their weiners"....AND SouthPark got it.  (Of course I also mentioned they would have little league teams doing this...with no idea as to why...just because NFL players are doing it and want attention) And I mean right on the nose with the "#weinersout" episode. Offensive...yes.  But given the tone in the media right now...doesn't even really seem that offensive...LOL

Between the election and the NFL...think about it.  This has been a year of stretching bounds of what is a God given right and not a God give right to say that is truly unprecedented and quite scary.  Is anything off limits or unacceptable?...sure doesn't appear so.  Where does this stop if the government or NFL (the two most powerful US organizations in my opinion) can't control it.  My answer....It stops one person and one business at a time.  Of course the Bullseye is on this train baby.  The NFL has an entire paper of excuses as to why ratings, gambling revenue, & attendance are down at multi-year lows....but I believe most people are simply sick of supporting ridiculous behavior..period.  How can you truly support kneeling during the sacred National Anthem...seriously.  There isn't a better way?  

Whether in the NFL or politics.  It sure seems no one understands that actions speak a lot louder than a protest....Colin and the gang....want to make the world better?  Instead of wasting time kneeling and pouting...RUN with your millions and make a difference....RUN to who needs the help...RUN to the areas that need assistance...RUN to Government and work on starting programs to improve life...RUN to the Military and HELP our returning Veterans battle physical and mental effects they sustained fighting for your rights to knees, and STOP disrespecting the USA and our Military.  

I know I somewhat miss sitting and watching football on Sundays...but the league is just not the same.  All about the money and attention more than ever.  As I sit here with a PILE of NFL gear waiting to sell....I doubt it will ever sell as it is obvious the league has no control...SO maybe I'll just literally sit on it.....or maybe invite everyone to have a "weiner's out" party so we can garner attention.   Is SouthPark offensive...absolutely!...Are they right?  More than ever in my view.  NO NFL GEAR SOLD AT BULLSEYE...#weiner'sout!

RAFFLE Winner 09/30 Below

Good Luck...If you paid and picked up Friday...here are winning numbers.  Good Luck & Congrats to all winners.  $15 gift cards as follows:

#306125  #305849   #306095   #139840   #139656   #139674   #139943   #139740


It was bound to happen...No Broncos Collection

I have a weird ESP at times...I just bragged we haven't had to move many books lately and low and behold we get 10,000 in basement to move and so it doesn't surprise me that a week after I boycott NFL & Bronco items that I get a call to liquidate an incredible collection of items...of course...drumroll...Broncos stuff.  Guessing a $10k+ lot.  Of course I passed and said I couldn't help.  Did I screw the customer and myself?  Maybe?

But the reason he was selling was compelling.  He was a Vietnam Vet and 3rd Generation Military man.  Stating to me that he just can't watch kneeling during games and now kids and high schools and peewee leagues kneeling.  He simply has lost interest and is disgusted.  His perspective was gut tingling and was tough to listen to....and in the end was done with NFL and Broncos.  My only problem...so am I and told him I couldn't help.  LOL.

This entire issue of kneeling really isn't an "issue" in my opinion.  When I have a mic at an auction everyone knows I just might say anything and have few filters or limits.  HOWEVER, there are two that are sacred and should not be touched in my view.  Religion & the Flag.  This issue is not about rights, freedom of speech, a movement, or any other hogwash the media tries to feed me.  This is about respect.  Respect to everyone that gave you those rights and are currently fighting to keep them. And respect that you can believe in any God or Religion in your own sacred way if it doesn't affect others.

The NFL is an employer....these employees who are kneeling aren't "Angels, Heavenly Beings, Gods, or levitating Miracle workers".  THESE ARE EMPLOYEES.  They are in an NFL stadium, wearing an NFL uniform, playing in an NFL sanctioned game, broadcast on an NFL presentation...the list goes on.  The management of the NFL has failed and it is a disgrace to watch this happen as this issue trickles down to kids.  No other employer in the USA would have allowed this to happen but now the NFL has set a standard so low it is hard to believe.  No one stepped to the plate and now a "new standard" is being created.  There is nothing left sacred...everything is a born right in the US and there are no limits left.  It is a sad state of affairs.

I will get off my box now...but going back to my boycott and passing on selling a collection.  Did I screw the customer and myself?  Probably yes...it would have been a nice commission for sure.  But greed and money don't factor in my life as I am quite content if I can just stay even every month and quite frankly...with the NFL...I don't give a damn.  Stand up and respect...now THAT is making a movement.  Thank you to all our Military & Law Enforcement past and present!  God Bless America!


NOBODY does ONLINE Like the Bullseye

You see my use that phrase above more and more...why?  Because I now know it is becoming more true than ever.  When we transitioned to doing online auctions most called me crazy and even the company that designs the software told me "hard" close w/ no reserves and small bidding increments was again...CRAZY.  Posting auction results...CRAZY.  Maybe so.  And with online auctions just as in life everyone is going to have preferences...and all will like a little different type of formats.  When I approached this concept I asked myself what "I" would want as a buyer and then proceeded accordingly.  We are still one of the VERY few companies Nationwide that don't use "soft" close.  In case you aren't familiar if you see other online auctions the majority will use a "soft" close format which extends the bidding at the end of items when bids are placed.  I will go on record as saying this allows price manipulation from the seller and makes the process very confusing.  I am sure there are numerous 100% legit companies out there but I certainly would proceed with caution.

Soft close was designed for "large ticket..$500+ items"  to give additional time for buyer's to make decisions and in my opinion is very effective in those situations.  However, when dealing with smaller items I have no idea why anyone needs soft close.  The "experts" always tell me I am screwing myself and seller out of money because soft close will always bring more money.  IMPOSSIBLE to compare and I simply believe it takes a lot of fun outta online auctions and just makes the auction drag on. Buyers are EVERYTHING in this business and our format is totally geared towards the buyer with 50 cent bids and NO Reserves.  I no doubt 100% know that Bullseye buyers save $1000's of dollars with the 50 cent format over the course of time.  Am I screwing myself and seller?  No...just making it the most fair platform anywhere and taking care of the most important asset an auction can have...a BUYER!!   Everyone has their opinion on this as I know many like it because they hate getting outbid at the last second...The debate rages on.

One thing is for certain...there are no "industry rules" in the online auction business and everyone seems to do it completely differently.  While we choose to post results and have 100% complete transparency it is quite evident that many in the business do not and "hide" results.  We leave bidding history and results up for at least 24 hours after an auction ends so that anyone can openly and freely review anything/everything that happened with no games/gimmicks and will gladly show bidding history if you ever have any question after auction ends.  We usually take down after a day or two because someone will be emailing me wanting to buy or bid on items and becomes confusing.  If a company posts no results...WATCH OUT!!  The only reason I can think of...is there something to hide??  Judge for yourself.  Quite interesting to review...a lot of little things to watch out for.  Good Luck....but remember...check everyone else out.  NOBODY does it like the Bullseye!!

Where did all the Auctions Go?

I had previously written a few months back about how the auction business is in the largest "transition" phase it has ever seen.  According to my research and analysis there are the fewest "auction houses" or brick and mortar locations there have ever been both State and Nationwide.  I believe the number is under ten in the entire State...and at one time I believe was around 38.  Hard to believe....crazy number.  There are over 200 listed auction companies in Colorado but few that have fixed overhead and an actual facility to conduct business.  They rely on "on-site" auctions or moving pickup locations around to avoid zoning and/or fixed cost.  May be smart in the short term...but I have consistently see these companies come and go quite frequently over the past 20 years in this business and let's get out the facts...few will "commit" to having a legitimate business.

I had written in my previous blog nearly 6 months ago that you would see more and more companies attempting to transition to online auctions and most in the auction business completely disagreed BUT low and behold I may have actually been right at something.  The interesting part to watch in all this for me is that most other companies are quickly figuring out that online auctions aren't "easy" and just taking some pictures and listing items.  They are time consuming and a lot of work.  Buyers don't come running and ultimately there is a HUGE trust factor when bidding in a cyberspace platform....(far more than other methods).   Just a few questions??...Is bidding legit, are items honestly represented, will the company stand behind errors, what will they do with my credit card numbers, is my information secure, AND the list goes on.....  More will come to market...and more will exit.  Just pay attention to who YOU decide to enter your information to.  You will see MORE and MORE online auctions but just as in life you will quickly realize there are HUGE differences and not all created equal.

AND...of course there are Buyer's Premiums....How are they even legal?  Why would you buy from a company charging buyer's premiums?  There is not a doubt in my mind that buyer's premiums have slowly but surely sucked the life out of the auction business and are the NUMBER ONE factor in the decline.  5%-13%-18%-28%....My jaw has dropped at some of the charges.  As more "new" buyers have come to market and then went to pay their bill they were shocked at the "additional & hidden" charges and never went back to an auction.  Oh sure it is stated but if you have never been to an auction you wouldn't even know what it is....NO other business charges these.  I can see why.  I have hated and completely disagree with buyer's premiums AND they are main factor as to why I belong to ZERO auction associations in the State/Nation.  No company should be entitled to additional charges at the window and this ridiculous concept muddies the water for ALL buyer's and ALL seller's who are trying to compare deals.   

Bottom Line...I just hope the overall business doesn't continue to drop in numbers but take notice....if you love auctions...there will be fewer and fewer both online and live until changes are made industry wide to eliminate buyer's premiums.


Raffle Winners 09/16 BELOW

Congrats to all winners.  For pickup/payment on 09/15 Auction.  $15 Gift Cards As follows:

#305432, #305415, #305729, #305541, #305153, #305397, & #305667

All winners just call to pick up by appointment or pickup at next online auction.  We will be here most of next week.  THANKS!!

Newflash NFL...It's not about "rights"

Already received a LOT of comments about my earlier rant over the disrespect of kneeling.  HOWEVER, I do want to clarify a couple of my feelings on this issue.  First of all I have never seen this as a "statement or race" related protest or issue.  I would care less of skin color or ethnic origin no matter who was doing this..it is flat out disrespect..but to me someone's "personal rights" is not even close to the heart of this issue.

The NFL has a MAJOR problem on it's hands.  Any employer or well represented organization has an established "code of conduct" or "rules of organizational behavior".   From someone with a lot of management background this just baffles me.  You are the most powerful business in the Country allowing this to happen?? Where does this start and stop.  Can a player burn the flag on the sideline?  Do we get players removing pads and showing off tatoos on chests with protests?  Do players start to leave the field or fly a different flag during the anthem because it's their right?  This has already bled down to high schools and this is just the beginning if the NFL doesn't grow a pair and stop this nonsense.  This isn't raising awareness...this is creating extreme division.  This has no place in any workplace...PERIOD.

It is my firm opinion that this issue starts at the organization...yes John Elway and other GM's.  They bare all the blame...good for you Jerry Jones.  You kneel as a Cowboy and you get cut...how hard is it?  And the commissioner?...well just listen to him talk...he supports this.  Simply impossible to believe.

I am sure millions will continue to watch games and just "ignore" this.  The only thing I know beyond a doubt is that MONEY TALKS...one boycott and less viewer at a time and watch how fast the NFL makes changes and comes up with a code of conduct as all businesses do.  

My one little TV and tiny dab of sales don't amount to much...but just like an auction...one thing at a time.  The NFL has reached a new level in the complete wrong direction.

No NFL at the Bullseye...Get off your knees!!

Not one to often speak "politically" or put my personal views on a business site but this one deserves it and I have a VERY strong opinion.  As I continue to watch players in the NFL disrespect the National Anthem and kneel I have decided to boycott the NFL & selling any NFL related merchandise until this stops. I ask other businesses to join me.  I just watched the commissioner last night on ESPN "support the players" on their voice and actions.  What happened to a code of conduct or respect for our Country from such a powerful organization?  I think my jaw dropped.  There is a platform and place to voice your opinion and protest if you like...but this ain't it...and it surely isn't taking a knee.  Oh, I listen to the arguments about "how I don't know" and "how hard it is".  No doubt...maybe I don't and a protest isn't going to "make me understand".  After working 28 of the last 30 days and over 262 hours this past month just to make this business work it is hard for me to understand..."How did I get it so easy?"..LOL.  What does that mean?...I don't stereotype you...don't stereotype me.

There is an extreme disconnect when you are making millions of dollars and have no worries and using your status for attention...you shouldn't be able to complain about a problem unless you have it and if you are in the NFL...you don't have it.  No doubt this problem exists and is a SERIOUS issue but you don't have the right to complain when you just got $650k in your bank account for one week of pay(one of my philosophy of life.."don't complain if it ain't under your roof")  

But Here is the bottom line...I can't even imagine my family making the sacrifice and living the life Soldiers do every day.  I AM NOT MAN ENOUGH and I am proud to admit it.  I could not do it...and for that I have the most extreme respect for those that do.  After hearing stories of what these families go through and how much many have lost I can't even process it.  Maybe this ridiculous "protest" (for lack of a better word) has made me realize now more than ever how truly thankful I am to our Armed Forces and everyone else in Law Enforcement.  This is far beyond a racial issue..you are attacking soldier's and families of all races by doing what you are doing.

It is so backwards...the people that protect everything you have you slap in the face.  Freedom, Safety at Stadiums, Driving on the Roads, Safety in your neighborhood, EVERYTHING that makes this Country incredible.  I would think giving up one of thing I enjoy most in watching football on Weekends and almost every waking second it is on would bring tears to my eyes...but NO..I actually can't bring myself to watch it.  I could care less....there are far more important things in life than a game....and far more people that deserve EVERYONE'S respect regardless of race, color, religion, sexual preference, or social status.  If you like NFL collectibles...you won't find em at the Bullseye until this stops.  America would be shocked at how fast this disrespect stopped if just 10% of people turned off their TV's on Sundays...the NFL is ALL about the Money...just listen to the Commissioner.   Thank you to all our Veterans and current Military...We fly our flag high at the Bullseye!!