I went...I observed...I get it!!

Attended my first "live auction" in over 2 years (that I wasn't selling at...LOL) this weekend.  Overall was well run and the company running the auction did a lot of work setting up.  I usually avoid these events because as you know it can be difficult to keep your hand in your pocket and when you have no room such as myself buying another trailer load is crazy!  Oh well.  However, attending this auction reminded me of everything I love about online (and dislike about live) and why I am now convinced now more than ever why I believe the overall business (what is left of it) will continue to shift that direction.  Why there is no doubt the ease for an auction just to throw stuff in lines and piles and sell it fast sure can be tempting...is this really the best for seller's & buyer's??  NO...and that is honestly where a live auction fits in the market...I just did a live auction similar and just keeping it real.  And don't get me wrong...I know the seller in the auction I conducted and the one I attended both wanted the auction route.  But it is hard to make sense of it.

Then reality came...a buyer that owns a store in Canon City personally confronted me for "parking in the way"...I quickly realized all the issues that come with live auctions are sometimes unavoidable....and why many just don't go to live auctions anymore.  Parking, Food, Restrooms, Payment, People, Time, Location, on, and on, and on....And trust me I have been to 100's of auctions as a buyer...maybe people are just more rude or less patient.  I can't decide.  Or maybe the guy is just an asshole...probably more likely.  Either way...the issues are there and real and CAN be avoided with a click of a mouse.

 I was watching the whole process from the outside looking in and it sure looked like a massive amount of time and energy was being wasted for really no reason.  Online would have been so much more efficient for EVERYONE involved.  But what do I know.  I am sure glad I attended and spent my day there (won't call it wasted...lol)  I got a quick perspective on why many attend and why many don't.  While I would never go on record saying one way is better than another....I am quickly reminded that personally the online venue is impossible to beat on so many levels.  Sure it's a massive amount of work and time...but isn't everything in this business?   When my boys were hauling a cabinet down the stairs through a ditch and 100 yards up the road...WHY?  It's not worth it....It's not apples or oranges...It's fact.