How does this work exactly?

Had numerous buyers on Friday asking me how a divorce liquidation actually happens or how we acquire so much stuff.  One lady even commenting how petty the woman must have been selling his new underwear...hehe. (Hopefully for their spouse they weren't inquiring...but just curious..LOL)  Well the thing that has truly kept me interested in this business over the past two decades is simple..."literally no two deals are alike". And when I say "alike" I mean not even close to the same from the contents to the location to the family to the payout....there are 100's of unique situations.  In the example of this divorce (which by the way will go down as a top 10 liquidation we have done after the 2nd online catalog is complete on July 6th)...the two parties have moved out of state and are "gone" with two rival attorneys in the mix.  From my understanding there was a substantial bank account involved...and the contents were contentious meaning parties could not agree.  So each party selected 150 items dutch style (alternate picking an item out of the home) and the remainder was left to be picked up, sorted, & sold by Bullseye.  There was a delay in paperwork and created a very big headache for us but as you see was well worth the wait.  You don't see em like this very often.

So yes...quite strange...almost like a high end home was just vacated and walked away from.  Great for buyers (YOU) and us as well.  This happened to be one of the most unique deals I have ever been involved in....but there have been plenty of unique estates and liquidations.  From the nightmare Motorcycle Auction to the 3 week Bigelow auction setup auction in Rye to the Alamosa 2-day monster....we have seen quite an array of people and deals. Not to mention how many items and unique buyers we have seen come and go. And truly that's what makes this business so great and fun to be a part of.  Both as the seller/auction you never know what you will come across and as a buyer you never know what you will find when you show up at the Bullseye!  

We strive and work very hard moving a MASSIVE amount of volume and after seeing pictures of what other companies are offering believe I can confidently say...NOBODY does it like the Bullseye...from bargains to selection to variety of sales.  We are rocking and rolling in 2017.  We are down to walking on goat paths around all the stuff in the building.....but just as will ALL be gone in 11 days!  AND the good news...we literally have deals in the waiting to completely fill it right back up!  Hope you enjoy the sales....Without YOU we couldn't keep the lights on and bring more to market so......  THANK YOU!!!