So You Bring It All to Pueblo?

Where does this volume and quality of items come from?  Well a little bit of all over...but so far in 2017 around 86% of sales/merchandise we have been involved in have come from Colorado Springs and Denver.  And believe me...I get the craziest looks when I tell them I am transporting to Pueblo to sell...LOL.  I mean the CRAZIEST looks.  It is such a difficult concept for people to wrap their heads can you take items out of a market 5x to 500x larger than yours and possible make sense of that??  Simple.  One word....Overhead.

If you follow my blog you know how I constantly talk about the "dying live auction" and how much the 2nd hand overall business has changed.  The single source for 2nd hand stores and auction houses disappearing is the cost of commercial space.   Pueblo is no rents and commercial property here has crept up somewhere around 40-80% over the past few years...BUT when compared to up North...we are about a third of rent for a similar building/land option.  There is no way to make the mathematics to stay in the junk business work up North unless one is going to scale to massive size or attempt to do everything 'on-site'.  While many other retailers and service companies have been able to find ways to pass on rising overhead to customers via higher prices or additional service fees...the second hand business is what it is.  You can price a $10 resale skillet at $12...but it won't sell for more than $10.  And factor in a decline in many categories of collectibles and glassware and times have simply changed.  I always tip my hat to anyone up North that can plug along and stay in I know many months here we don't get back to zero...don't know how they are hanging...maybe it's the buyer's

So the bottom line is there are far more people per liquidation companies up North....and right now the equation works for us.  Larger homes...higher household income...More Stuff.  AND No drama as most deals we are involved with are attorney based.  Yes...there is a LOT of additional expense in transport but you go where the large deals are.  An old college professor once told me "You don't fish for large fish in a go to the biggest lake and use a fish finder".  Does that mean there aren't great deals in Pueblo & Southern just means there are fewer deals/options.  Nothing personal...just business.

In closing....Don't kid yourself...The "Pueblo Growth Boom" is near.   I am long a believer in "The Inevitable Pueblo Boom".  So how long the resale business hangs on with commercial locations is anyone's guess. Maybe I am biased as I wrote my college thesis paper titled that and at that time predicted the year 2020 fort the boom....may actually get something right....hehe.  At any's not far away.  The amount of available land, water, & only makes sense...the people are coming soon....Buy all the land YOU can afford NOW!!!  Our sweet "just right sized" city is not far from a growth explosion....much closer than many think.  Of course just my opinion...Now I am headed to Denver...LOL!!  Bullseye going North!  Great stuff coming South!