AS-IS doesn't include a warranty

Recently got advice from a couple people new to the auction that recommended I offer a warranty and guarantee products as "I would get a lot more money".  Well that part would be true...but when buying used goods I will quickly explain why warranties are a bad idea.  We stand behind our products and descriptions (online) more than anyone I am aware of.  But let me tell you...I got a quick lesson years ago about warranties in a 7 day period...

This is going back around 7 years (so prices were much different) as I sold a $200 ONKYO receiver to a gentlemen.  He somehow talked me into giving him a 1 day warranty...I knew there was nothing wrong with the receiver so I had no issue granting his wish and out the door the receiver went. probably know the rest of this story doesn't end well for the Fatboy at the Bullseye.  Sure enough about 2pm the next day he rolls into the store with the amp and says "it just quit working".  I messed with the item and being the honest guy I am quickly refunded his $200 and out the door he went.  We were a few hours later when I got a break I started checking out the amp...and upon close inspection looked as though the screws had been taken off.  So I investigated and removed the screws...Low and behold half the parts of the interior were missing.  A quick lesson I have not forgot.  Some criminals are quite smart...and therefore totally ruin it for everyone else...BUT the story goes on.

It just so happens that same Friday I sold a $400 Washer/Dryer set with a 7-day guarantee (offered with all appliances at that time). Again...I unhooked straight out of home and this was a nice clean set.  You know this story is headed the wrong direction so to cut it off quick the guy called Wednesday and of course had major problems.  He returned.  I wasn't at the shop but the guy working for me at that time said they looked just like when we sold them so he refunded the $400 and took back.  When I returned I didn't think anything about it really...just looked like bad luck so decided I would just load on a scrap trailer and get on with life.  When tipping washer on it's side to load I quickly noticed the motor had been switched out...and then checked the dryer and could tell the heat element was removed.  YES...these slick criminal do exist.  I was out $600 in a weekend for no reason other than trying to be a nice guy.  That is when AS-IS was quickly printed on signs everywhere...not because items are bad or not working but because there is no other valid way to sell "used" goods.

You in the Bullseye world I have learned AS-IS...means AS-IS.  It is not trying to screw anyone out of cash...but merely a fact of the only way you can do business in the resale world and survive...period.  We gladly stand behind our descriptions online but when the item leaves the is gone and over with.  Period.  No reason to send emails or whine or complain.  And don't blame me and certainly not Becki if you have a problem.  We move through an incredible amount of volume and cannot check every item with great detail...if you buy something...feel free to check before you leave.  I will gladly make any mistakes right at that time...and trust me I am full of mistakes.  We rarely have any issues..but PLEASE bring to my attention if I screw up.  But...BEFORE the item leaves...and now you know why AS-IS doesn't include a warranty.