I am PRO-America...Therefore I am PRO-Trump

Never do I ever get on a political bandwagon nor to be quite honest really care about politics in general.  But put me on record as saying I thought the Trump election may be a complete disaster and yet I think it may end up incredible.  This is merely based on numbers and facts (yah...I learned that in all my Economics/Business college classes...LOL)  Although I do often brag I am the most educated junk dealer in the West...thanks Ma...(haha)  But the heart of this quick blog isn't to raise support or sway opinion...it is that I am truly sick and tired of all the negativity.  Period.  If you are an American I cannot possibly understand why you would want the President of the U.S. to fail...am I missing something?  Do you really want complete failure for the U.S.?  If you watch C.ompletely N.egative N.imrods you will quickly understand what I am talking about.  When they now claim that we have too low of unemployment that is my last straw...who is the genius behind this rhetoric?  I can't even possibly find a reference or well known economist with even close to this view.

 Listen...I was in the doom and gloom shed after the election fearing the worst...wondering if there was any saving the bottom inflated interest rates and strategically turning so many government hand out policies around NO MATTER who got elected.... But even you haters can't change math....YES.  Numbers don't lie. And the numbers are hard to believe in 6 months.  Is that Trump? Is that Russia? Is that Obama spillover? (probably Russia)...who knows.  All I know is that I am PRO America....and whether Hillary Clinton, Bill Cosby, Abdul Akbar, Snoopy, Cartman, Kanye West, or Trump got elected...I would be PRO the President.  It is pretty hard to argue that this could get into crazy good economic times....maybe a switch will turn it all off...but certainly looks to be a very strong and full steam ahead run.   Whoever is behind it...put me on the Trump train....keep producing numbers and they can keep worrying about Russia and how you are a rude idiot.  Just tweet the F out of em.  God Bless America!!  Keep it real....for all you haters....Karma is a bitch.  Love and support will always win.  THANK YOU to all our Military!!