The Craziest Thing I Have Ever Found

This can be one really crazy business at this story will justify.  Every single week when I see people I will get asked "What is the best or craziest thing I have ever found?"  I can honestly say that not one particular item ever sticks out as the "BEST"...but I vividly remember this story and the events as they happened out of a deal...proving why you never know when a deal is sitting right in front of you....and it goes like this.

About 4 years ago I got a call from a gentlemen that was in town from out of State...he was cleaning out his Mother's home that had been sold and was short of time and needed an entire sale asap.  He explained all was nice/clean and everything was packed up and in the garage ready to haul...he wanted $2500 to walk away.  I zipped over and took a look...was a nice home so I gambled and purchased the pile.  Actually wasn't a very great deal...a lot of glassware and knick knacks.  Don't even know if I broke even on this one as was just "stuff"...and that is what makes this the craziest story...just ONE item looked special.  There was a cut glass clear large heavy ornate 24" vase...I looked and looked (and I mean looked closely) and could find no markings but it was beautiful...I really didn't think much more of it..figuring if it wasn't marked than probably nothing crazy.  I priced at $79.95 and put out for a 3 day tag sale event.  It didn't sell on Friday.  It made it through Saturday...and YES it even made it through 50% Sunday.  In fact I never recalled anyone even looking at it on the middle of the table...don't think it ever moved.  It could have been purchased for $40 on Sunday but was passed on by 100's of shoppers.

It just so happens at that time there was a gentlemen taking items to a Kansas general consignment auction every couple of months and I would send a couple boxes of unusual items or nice items that didn't sell for some reason and split the proceeds with him. Typically didn't amount to more than a couple hundred bucks...but in this business you just never know so you take a chance.  As you can probably see where this story is going...YES..I included this vase.  To this day I don't know what the vase was marked but it was obviously something rare as it brought a stunning $2800....Yes four digits. No life changing money obviously but quite shocking when you are expecting $20...LOL.  The vase that made it through THREE very busy sale days for under $100 was a whopper...and may not only be the best item I ever found but sold in the craziest fashion...And as unreal as it sounds I didn't even know it...Go figure.

I know I have sold some quite incredibly profitable items in the past...but thought I would share a very unique story.  It goes to simply never know what you can find and that no matter how much experience you have it is impossible to attempt to value every item correctly.  That is the essence as to why this business is so unique and incredible.  The Bullseye is always worth a look because of the volume we process...I hope you can find that one crazy item.  Good luck hunting...and a little luck never hurt anyone.