What Do I Do During an Online Auction?

Got a kick when I ran into a "live auction only" buyer (if that now exists..LOL) at a Deli here in Pueblo West and he specifically asked me "how much I personally bid on and buy online and when I am going to stop that nonsense and get back live".  Of course he said it as if the auction was influenced or run by some computer software or I was sitting here attempting to bid on items...(anything is possible if I had a clone)..and that anything run online must be crooked...hehe.   I get that many buyers  simply will never believe how truly incredible the online software is and how buyer friendly we run our online platform...and not going to attempt to convince someone of all the benefits or what they are missing.  To each his own.  And I get that.  Don't understand but I am a crazy cat myself so the world keeps turnin'.

I simply said that after attending live auctions for 20 years...I don't know how much more straight forward and honest you could get than a HARD CLOSE online auction.  While I won't go into all the logistics to prove my point as I could ramble on for hours....I have seen some crazy shady stuff go down at live auctions so ironic the question was in itself(just listen to comments from a few that attended live auctions in downtown Pueblo in the past year alone have said..not my words) Either way...back to his question at hand.

(Laughing)...My answer was one word.  Nothing.  While he didn't believe me...and why many may not believe me..I will gladly show bidding history at anytime on any item..just ask..Nothing to hide here at the Bullseye.  That is truly the one principle I have my entire business and livelihood riding on..sure not going to screw that up with a little greed.   I have seen no other auction company offer complete transparency anywhere in the Nation...so I will light the torch and hope others will follow.  You want to see how/when bidding increments occurred following the auction...we will gladly disclose.  Wish I was able to post..but maybe down the road.   I am wishful thinking as I am with buyer's premiums...but I have a dream and vision of the industry that will simply fizzle...but anyway.

While there may be a handful of companies that manipulate their online auctions out there...it sure would seem like a crazy thing to do.  I haven't even watched the last couple auctions...as was in Denver for pickups.  That is why when I say multiple times for you to sit back, relax, and ENJOY the auction...I mean it.  These are here for YOU!!  While we obviously have to pay our bills and hope for some sort of profit...when it's here...it sells regardless of price.  Just as it should in an open market setting.  It takes great sellers AND buyers to make this work...now ENJOY the auctions!!  We are here for YOU!  What do I do during an online auction?...Most likely out of town on a Thursday picking up items for the next one.  Certainly not participating...LOL.  Good Luck!