Why Do We Do "Tag Sales"??

We get some crazy emails and questions from time to time....and I mean crazy...but this was a great question.  Recently we have had a couple ask why we go through all the work of a tag sale when we could just box it up and sell it at a live auction.  Man does that sound like a plan...and sounds sooooo Good and soooo much less work here today.  But to say there are enough buyers for the amount of inventory we will have out on Saturday (or most any sale at this point) would be a mega-stretch....don't even think possible.  If all was boxed up we are talking 2000 or so box lots...and that is no exaggeration.  Combine the furniture and larger items and you would completely over-fill a 50 foot semi.  We have NEVER had this amount of volume of items pouring in consistently...and it seems as though the only way to process is to mark and sell...and you will quickly see a LOT of higher quality items than in the past.  That is a GREAT thing if you are a buyer....maybe a bit overwhelming if you are myself or Becki...but we will get through it and certainly NOT complaining...just wish we could go faster somehow.

Three years ago (after doing over 200 sales)  I said I would NEVER do another "tag/estate sale" format because the work involved was simply too much.  (again proving why you should never say never in life).  But markets change quick and our business quickly shifted to mixing in online auctions so it was the only thing to do given our building layout.  Not to mention that the tag sale/priced format is NO DOUBT the most popular way the majority of people want to buy...based on number of buyers.  That still doesn't make it the "right" way or "easiest" way to sell items...or for that matter anyone's "favorite" way to buy.  It is just the way you sometimes have to go.  If you swing by on Saturday you will quickly see what I am talking about...can you say a massive volume of nice items?  

One last quick point on tag sales...it would be easy for us to "cherry pick" or attempt to only take in supposedly "premium" items on large deals....but we wouldn't be in business as the majority of our clients want a wipeout of all items from the home. AND that would NEVER work from a business standpoint....why?  After well over 10 years of doing this full time...one thing I have figured out is that most buyers just want GREAT deals on usable clean items...and not necessarily "premium" pieces.  Our volume allows us to sell nearly all items at wholesale prices and everyone benefits...it is truly a win-win for everyone involved.  If you haven't been before...come and check one out.  And if you have...you know these are "can't miss" sales as you never know what kind of deal or unique item you will find.  Hope to see you soon!