The NFL is the Victim? I am SO over it

Why does the NFL not surprise me when the stance they take on this ridiculous kneeling issue is "victim".  The league is a complete total 100% utter joke of a company.  I ranted and posted last year when all this started that if they didn't put a code of conduct in place immediately they were messing with fire....well the fire is here...(those posts are still in archive)  And all I can do is chuckle....the NFL....Not Trump or the Media or Fans brought all this on themselves.  Oh...I won't boycott selling their products at auction and give up my customer's revenue any more.  I figure if anyone wants to spend their money on the crappy product they are currently selling (ridiculous celebrations, record # of commercials, kneeling, call reviews, dumb penalties) both on and off the field than go for it...and I will make a little commission on my end.  I won't be punished for the NFL going down the drain.

But this seems to be the true era of the victim.  It's gotta always be someone else's fault.  Instead of taking the high road as a PROFESSIONAL athlete, role model, or business owner should when called out and then make a unifying Pro-American Statement...they did the exact opposite.  The NFL now claims all these millionaires are "hard working victims"...(Seriously?) with more taking knees and now even the podium sounding completely uneducated...aka Von Miller.  My jaw dropped....what a great interview Von....LOL!!.  Did I note that Phil Long Ford has him promoting their product in one of the "Military Cities of The World"??   That is your spokesman taking a knee??  OUCH.  Of course anyone has the "right" to do anything they please in America anymore... (I guess) But does that make it right or acceptable as a role model??  You tell me anymore.

You can pass egg smelling gas in a full elevator...not illegal or "socially acceptable" but YES..your right.  You could go to a church and speak or cuss during prayers...not illegal or "socially acceptable" but YES...your right.  You could take a knee and intentionally disrespect our veterans/Country and it's not illegal or "socially acceptable" but YES....your right.  You see...I followed pro football like a hawk for years prior to last year but I can't wrap my head around this one.  I get all the arguments...but you just don't kneel during the anthem...period.  For ANY reason or cause.  I will never be a fan again and it sucks on so many levels but I am over it....and I truly believe the NFL has truly underestimated how many people feel like myself.  We will see.  Either a code of conduct to stand or fan withdrawal is near.  Now I am just waiting for the NBA to follow...where does it stop?  I know the protestors would say "that is their point" about stopping the violence and unfair treatment...But I couldn't disagree more.  YOU are creating division, racism, and hate.  This is simple....make a statement for our Country....Stand up like a man or woman as a proud U.S. Citizen and do something that actually makes a POSITIVE difference.  I don't blame the I don't think they even realize what the Anthem means anymore...but the owners & league are nearing the bottom of the barrel here.  This isn't a hard fix.

BUT make no mistake...whether anyone wants to admit it or not.  The almighty dollar and money spent via NFL games, merchandise, & tickets are the driving force.  Until the fan has had enough and fans quit spending money and watching this crap I have to listen to this ridiculous argument.  I am actually intrigued by the NFL again...but only for a short time to see what happens here.  Spend your money wisely but don't be fooled...the NFL is NOT THE VICTIM.