Eight Auctions in 5 Weeks...CRAZY!!

No...I didn't lose a crazy bet...LOL.   I actually don't know how this happened other than I booked a couple live auctions and figured what the heck.  A few meetings later and here we go...and may add another...hehe.  FIVE straight weeks w/ SIX live auctions PLUS two large online auctions!!  Yah...we will be going in circles for YOU!!  Just plan to follow the Bullseye through the end of the year as it appears 15 sales are not out of the question...and in the meantime block out your next Saturdays and watch online.  With this volume of items hitting the market there will NO DOUBT be plenty of incredible deals!!  Watch website closely as there is no way we can fit this much information/details on our site.  See you next Saturday as we kick off this incredible run with one incredible auction!!  See you there....and in coming weeks.  Have fun!