Should I Go To That Live Auction?

I constantly get asked the same question either in person or email whenever we do live auctions.  "Is that auction any good...should I go?"  I don't know how I am supposed to respond.  I always think there are plenty of bargains whenever we do live auctions and will always have usable items at our sales or we wouldn't be there.....Could name 50+ great deals off top of my head from past two auctions and I wasn't paying that much attention at times...there have honestly been no lack of deals.  Does that mean there are even better deals ahead or that everything goes high on the next auction...Your guess is as good as mine.  If you figure that out ahead of time let me know.

Does that mean you should go?  How do I know....I have no idea what you are looking for and quite honestly many of the deals at live auctions are in what you don't see more than you can see.  Just like with tag can't get deals if you don't show up.  As simple as that.  And as any auction veteran knows...many of the deals you get at an auction are things you didn't even look at or plan on buying.

That leads me to one more quick point for all you picture hunters...Yah, (the buyer's who want 100's & 100's of pictures of everything in detail)  If you haven't noticed I am quickly scaling back on how many pictures I post of sales....because of time and simply because it doesn't make any sense.  Not only is it confusing but can often misrepresent a sale.  Many of these sales we are setting up on the day prior or actual morning of the sale and I can't even see many items.  I remember in the old days when there were literally NO pictures..just sale bills.  While I understand the new technology and I understand many are making decisions on how far to travel..I also know after 20+ years of doing this that pictures often don't do an auction "justice".  And if you are relying on pictures to go to an auction you will always be chasing and most often not actually finding.  (just my opinion of course).  

Should you go?  I hope so but can't deliver the possible great deals to your home or deposit the resale profit in your bank account...All I can do is sell to the high bidder that is there in person.  All I know for sure is that live auctions are simply incredible when you just sit back and watch.  Especially without buyer's premiums or reserves when run 'Bullseye Style'.  True market economics at work and you NEVER know what something is going to sell for or who is going to show up.  We hope to see you there but can't tell you if you should go.....We'll be there and hope you are too.  ENJOY!!