No Identity Crisis Here....Just Sale Variety

I had to laugh when I got a couple emails asking "What is Bullseye?  Changing up all these sales?  Why not keep is simple?  Just do one thing".  It actually made me think in depth as to...Why we don't just stick with doing one kind of sale...Either Live Auctions, Online Auctions, or Tag Sales?  We would not stay in business doing one type of sale.  I think the answer may be a personality disorder with myself?...LOL.

Maybe partially that...but actually much more because the resale business has quickly evolved over the past 5 years and we have done our best to keep up with demand from both sellers and buyers.  When we moved from the County to Pueblo West over 5 years ago I firmly believed you should only do ONE type of sale.  Anything else was co-mingling businesses and would be doomed for failure.  How times and consumer demands have changed quickly and now I honestly believe that previous statement to be just the opposite.  This business would be nearly unsustainable doing just ONE type of sale.  As fewer and fewer companies are able to sustain in the "second-hand" market it only proves that it is VERY difficult to pay the bills with tunnel vision of selling....and offering sellers and buyers only one option is a very difficult road in a business that is difficult enough in the current market climate.

Between customer needs, consumer demand, space requirements, time restrictions, & the type of could any company truly represent a customer's best needs by doing only one type of sale?  The answer...Companies are doing their customers a dis-service in this market if they don't have the ability or resources to do all kinds of sales.  And that is the truth in my opinion...of course there is no doubt (as Becki will testify) that I can't do one thing for long periods of time so the different types of sales help with the constant processing of items from this side of the business.  While there are no doubt some monetary differences...The bottom line in the end....."Time and Expenses are everything in order to remain a viable company."  We are just trying to remain viable..plain and simple....nothing more & nothing less.  Hope you enjoy the variety!!