Crazy Stats from Olney Springs Auction

If you follow this blog you know I love analyzing numbers from auctions and business in general.  The auction Saturday in Olney Springs provided some crazy statistics and numbers and was no doubt one to remember.  If you attended you got to see a VERY unique farm auction with some fantastic items.  What an estate that was advertised you rarely see em like that anymore.  As with all auctions they are totally unpredictable and you never know what to expect....if you attended "THANK YOU" and I think you got some great entertainment at the very least...and hopefully some great surprise items if you bought.  Farm Estate Auctions are quite unique if you had never been to one....hope you enjoyed your day.  We had 147 buyers......a small portion compared to the over 330 registered.  While a big number on paper...certainly not "crazy" for a farm auction if compared to past sales....and this one had quite a variety and a LOT of items.  That means each buyer averaged over 4 items...a weird skewed number given the variety of this auction.

Of course there are a couple completely wacky numbers....Of the registered buyers...only 141 were repeat customers.  The other bunch were first time Bullseye customers.  A pretty crazy locals showed up in a big number...although of the 170+ new buyers only 41 actually bought.  Another number that jumped off the page compared to past sales was the amount of resellers who purchased.  If you exclude the vehicles, tractors, & trailers...39% of the remaining items were purchased by resellers.  That is a super crazy high number compared to an average of around 15% in past auctions.  There had to have been plenty of deals spread throughout the sale as numbers like that don't lie.  Of course there were some items that surprised on the upside.  

While my microphone went on the fritz, electricity fried one of credit card machines, & my generator decided to quit...we got through without a hitch and the office staff & clerks were incredible.  100%...YES 100% payment and no clerking errors.  TY Dad, Cauy, & Bobby Jo....pretty good   As you learn doing this over and over at any auction..."One person's best deal of the sale is another person's most ridiculously high price they have ever seen".  So it goes.  That is what makes auctions so unique and fun....You simply don't know what to expect and this one certainly was filled with the unknown and there is nothing like watching an auction.  Hope we can get another one booked soon!!  Bullseye now back to reality.