HUGE Bullseye News & Changes for 2018

We have been quietly working for quite some time on launching our online store in 2018 but are close enough now to hype it up!!  This is quite a venture but think it will be almost hard for a consumer or yourself to believe once this concept totally comes together.  Simply put this will be an online store featuring anything and everything (of Course Bullseye Wholesale Priced) with payment and pickup right here in your own back yard.  Click.Buy.Pickup or Get Delivered.  This means no going to creepers house or having creepers come to your house, no chance of getting ripped off by a middle man, and a reputable established company backing all sales.  As just a teaser of details for you that follow our blog....YES...We will be launching an online MEGA resale store in the coming months.  You say WHAT??  In an effort to increase our efficiency and meet demand for consignments you will see one of the only resale ideas of this kind in the Country coming soon.  That doesn't mean we are quitting doing what we are doing now but it does mean you will see an AMAZING platform to put buyers and sellers together with 10-fold efficiency.   If you can't tell...I am beaming with excitement over this and am VERY excited to get this rolling.  Watch our blog, website, and email as this vision becomes a reality and you see the Bullseye take resale to a different stratosphere!!  See you soon!!