The End of a Bullseye Era

If you received our email then you have the news...Bullseye will no longer conduct any auctions.  I received a LOT of feedback and was not surprised at all that 98% plus of comments back were positive and happy...LOL.  We will roll out our incredible Online Marketplace in coming weeks and focus on tag sales moving forward.  While this news may or may not come as a shock to you...I have blogged numerous times in the past how the auction market is simply a dying industry.  I constantly analyze numbers and trends and can say with 100% certainty that unless something changes drastically the days of auction houses are numbered and I can see no positive growth moving forward.  While I love working auctions and most of all love our incredible customers I am making a decision that no doubt makes the most sense for the business going forward.   Yes...the Fatboy has called his last auction.

We invested a lot of money and time in the online venue and felt like it may have been the "solution" to the auction world...however, I now believe the online venue has stopped dead in it's tracks.  Why?  The problem is similar to what has killed the entire auction industry.  There is no parity or consistency anywhere and of course buyer's premiums.  There are far too many types of software and far too many options for auction software users which creates major longterm problems.  And consumer trend charts don't lie...the overwhelming majority of buyers want nothing to do with an auction.  LOL.  We'll see if I am right going forward...but I am very confident that if you love going to auctions you need to find a new hobby.

Now...What is this Marketplace?  It has been a vision of mine for quite some time but now feel the timing is now "right".  You will have an estate sale right at the tip of your fingertips with everything priced and ready to purchase with a click of a button with new items constantly added.  And YES we will even offer delivery.  So unlike all other ecommerce sites we will get rid of all the problems.  No shipping cost, no going to a crazy sellers house, no low-end junk, no way to get hosed...and everything at one location with a fast and easy pickup.  I am very confident you will see why I am very excited to roll this out.  Watch our website and emails and get ready for BullseyeMarket!!  See you soon.