When & What is The Bullseye Marketplace?

Seems like I have confused and perplexed a lot of people with our move to go fully retail.  But this was an easy decision once you see the finished product and if you knew all the facts.  Tag Sales will always have 1000's of items and you will quickly notice the increase in the quality of items at our tag sales.  Many more items in the $10-$50 range and simply higher quality across the board with all the bargains you expect.  The undertaking of the Online Marketplace is a major transition and requires a lot of detail...and to be honest far more than I anticipated but it's all good.  We are hoping to launch sometime in April or May.  What will this be?  Imagine a combination of all the used online retailers into a LOCAL site.  However, BullseyePueblo will have major differences to protect YOU...the buyer.  You won't have any crazy sellers, no meeting strangers in the dark, no scammers, no people clogging up the site listing broken clothes hangers, no fighting people in line, no driving all over town looking for something good, & 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Combine this with 1000's of pieces of quality clean ESTATE merchandise, available delivery & secure payments and there is nothing out there like it.  We will be one of the first anywhere to roll out this concept.  I can't wait....BUT I have had several people no doubt upset with me stopping the online auction gig.  And several wanted an explanation so here you go.

I get it...and no doubt we could have continued but it sure felt like we were losing interest in the online auction as a whole.  Registration had flatlined~declined over the past 11 auctions and I was getting comment after comment that they wish they "could just buy the item".  New customers were almost nil.  But my breaking point was the 16 non-payment accounts on last online...while the total was under $500 it creates a true logistical nightmare on our end.  It is a lot of work to take pictures, download, catalog, & organize everything...then trying to chase down accounts will drive you crazy.  (Yes...I know this isn't fair as we have so many prompt incredible customers but it simply sucks when a few ruin it)  When the items sells and we get nothing it simply makes no sense.  This doesn't go into several purchases that sit on our shelves for weeks after payment and put us in a weird storage situation.  The Online Auctions aren't cheap to run/host either so when you get significant non-payment it simply kills this avenue.  And YES...we could have required a credit card to register and done auto-payments but that increases cost of software 5x and doesn't make any monetary sense.  I once believed that online auctions would take off like a rocket ship but my outlook has totally changed.  Most of the software companies are not getting any new customers and overall content has actually decreased so it's not just me being nuts.  I am truly intrigued to see where this segment goes down the road and auctions/auction houses in general.  There is not doubt a niche and segment demand for this service but just not sure how large the possible market truly is...I will be honest when I say I truly underestimated how many people want nothing to do with an auction.  I am not right on much in my life...lol.  Maybe I am due.

So...Look for the Marketplace soon...Basically the online auction..ONLY soooooooo much simpler and will be quite unique. Everything priced...Click. Buy. Pickup.  I look forward to your feedback once we get all this rolling.  Until then...See you at the next tag sale!!!  Take Care