Feedback Matters...Reviews are on YOU!

So I look at a LOT of house-fulls of items & estates and talk to numerous potential customers every week.  I continue to hear bad story after bad story about a handful of companies in the "liquidation space" in this area.....I just bite my tongue as I have not done business with these companies and can't pass on hear-say.  Reviews and feedback of companies matter more than ever to future clients and companies....especially in businesses that are so service orientated.  If you get totally hosed or don't get the service you expect it is your duty in this era to let the company know and if they don't make it right with you...Then review the company to let future potential companies know.  I think in this age this goes for everything from restaurants to retail shopping, to retail sellers, etc....  You should make it commonplace to review Good...and Bad if the company doesn't fix any problem you had.  

Just an example of what I hear....In the estate/personal property liquidation space when a company is conducting practices such as overpricing items at an estate sale so they don't sell and are retained by the selling company at a fraction of worth OR a company going into a home and giving a client completely false high expectations of value what items will bring at auction or sale are just a couple of things I have heard over and over.  This isn't any type of personal attack or naming any companies...but at some point when I hear this from dozens of people it raises my eyebrows and makes me take notice.  YET...I go in and read reviews on Facebook & Google and no one has spoke up....supposedly 5 stars.   I didn't used to believe in reviews but now believe it is YOUR/OUR duty as customers of any business to review.

I will never say "I can get you the most money" or "I will pay you the most money" because those statements are truly unfounded from anyone that states them...period.  But I have always believed in business if you tell someone you are going to do something...that is what is done and the job is finished as agreed for the amount agreed.  In the event you damage property or something happens.."you make it right".   I just hope that more people that tell me of issues...tell everyone else.  It matters to all small businesses more than you know....See you soon!!