The Reality TV Era...Times Have Changed

Don't kid yourself...if you don't think the era of crazy reality T.V. changed the resale business drastically you would be leading yourself astray...and I have seen it time and time again.  Whether you reference shows like Pawn Stars, StorageWars, American Pickers, Antique Roadshow, Etc....the truth is "The resale world is now a different place". Not necessarily good or bad but different.  The shows simply drive me CRAZY personally.  For starters you know it is all "scripted" and that this was all made for T.V. anytime something is televised.  Secondly they often disregard mention of how important condition is and the underlying cost of actually selling an item for top dollar...meaning Ebay or another online sales site that is FAR from free.  This makes for great T.V. but has nothing to do with the current market.

Why do I bring this up?  The past several years...most deals/estates I look at the seller is so afraid to sell an "amazing find" item so they often hoard to store a huge amount of what could be that rare item.  It has always been the case to a certain extent but the shows have certainly made people afraid to sell at times.  Many times they will pack up items up by the truck load and put in a storage unit or wacky as that sounds.  Of course you know if you have done much buying/selling the time is takes to research and sell online is significant....and that doesn't take into account all the details you must note on every item.  I can't tell you how many times someone has told me they saw a similar item on Pickers that was worth $300....and now think their item is worth $300 even though it is not even similar.  While I get the idea...I have never truly understood the concept of keeping something you will never use or enjoy and most likely never sell.  But each to his/her own no doubt.

So maybe in the end...that is why the Bullseye has evolved and been able to stay in the market.  I have NEVER been afraid to sell anything and have always believed if I ever sell that "Picasso" or "Rare Football Card" then good for the buyer and it just wasn't meant to be for me.  (Remember I cancelled a $100k pick 4 horse ticket years  I do wish I would have made a list long ago of all the crazy finds that have come through our stores that were sold for pennies on the dollar but you don't realize how fast time truly goes and how there is never enough of it so that list has come and left my little brain.  I honestly don't regret one sale...isn't that why this business is so great?  You buy, You enjoy or resell, & You keep hunting.  But remember...don't believe much you see on the boobtub.  Happy Hunting!!