Electric Bill More Than A New Dishwasher..How?

So get home Sunday night around 4pm after working 23 straight days...and of course the dishwasher AND garbage disposal have died at the same time like they were just wanting to punish me.  Not a good situation...not only am I tired but now I have to plumb.  Run to store and pickup a NICE dishwasher on sale for $599 and a garbage disposal for $129 and head home.  Get installed in about 30 minutes and head down to office.  I open my mail and my electric bill is $739 for Bullseye on the "screw you" commercial business rate....not abnormal but just our monthly average.  As I sit and enter weekly bills in quickbooks and get caught up on paperwork I ponder.....How in the world can a fancy dishwasher and garbage disposal be less than ONE month of electricity???  ONE friggin' month.   Can someone explain this to me?  Of course I am complaining...it is simply ridiculous and someone should be prosecuted.  I spent a lot upgrading to LED lighting and have cut my bill over $200 a month to make this even more crazier...(it's not like we are wasteful).  While this has nothing to do with the resale world...no wonder it is hard to stay at zero as a business and makes me wonder how so many businesses even stay afloat.  Utilities have simply reached hard to believe levels.  Maybe it's just me being crazy...but whatever it is I guess you pay your bill OR go to lanterns, boiling water, & fireplaces.  Just sayin'.   In the meantime I wrote the check, bitched another month, and will wait to read of another increase in coming months.  When does it stop?  Just raise the minimum wage and borrow more money.  Can you say recession is near?????  Hope I am wrong....but read this and take note.  Real numbers and fractional reality of expenses never lie in the real world.  Scary times.  The Solution:  Shop at Bullseye to save cash for your Electricity!!!  See you soon