Opening Improvements...Suggestion Box FULL

If you were there for the fiasco at the open last Friday sale you know I had to come up with a solution to the checkout issue.  LOL.  Nearly a couple fights, lines going every direction, and complete of the few times I have ever been embarrassed as to who was running the place..hehe.   Well we have taken steps to solve this issue and hopefully have a much smoother shopping experience.  We have doubled down a long line on the NorthSide, Moved checkout over 8 feet, Added a number system to try and solve any problems with someone "accidentally" loading the wrong item, & removed the tripping threshold on bottom of door.  I appreciate all the suggestions and hopefully you will immediately notice a difference if you participate in the chaotic opening day which is a must for the upcoming sales.  I am always open to suggestions and appreciate any and all help from someone with an outside perspective.  Enjoy the incredible quality and variety on the upcoming sales!!!  See you soon!