Yes...I Just Quit...And No...It's Not A Joke

I get emails and people confronting me constantly about how I could just walk away from auctioning and completely change our business model.  And many thought I was joking or would be back on the mic within a couple months.  LOL.  Just not going to happen.  I even sold my equipment.  For those of you that bet me...get ready to pay up...hehe.  I haven't missed the data entry of online auctions or the stress of setting up, promoting, and the unknown of a live auction for one minute.  Our "new" business model is not like we are doing something "new" or "different" than we have done in the past.  For nearly the first four years in business as "Home Liquidators" all we did was estate sales out in our building in the County. and sell. When we decided to expand and change it up we moved to Pueblo West and entered the auction phase but also had a few estate sales along the way.  

There isn't one doubt in my mind that my view of the current market is very accurate...people's time is more valuable than ever and auctions are very difficult unless you have 100's and 100's of premium items.  Sellers just want to sell and buyers just want to buy....period.  That doesn't mean that there isn't a deal or two out there that should be sent to auction..(even I will admit that)..but it DOES mean that nearly 95% of deals I look at only make sense to just sell outright and be done with for the estate or private seller.  Most deals for auction companies these days are just more practice and no my 2017 books clearly show.  Big sales don't necessarily mean big profits.  When crowd sizes over the weekend have exceeded our previous auction crowd sizes by 10x to 100x over a weekend there is no doubt what buyers want as well.  BARGAINS!  Oh I love auctions and the thrill of possibly getting a crazy price for something is always possible but rarely probable.  Over the long run...all I want to do is buy and sell.  Straightforward for everyone involved.  No doubt we won't get a crazy price or top dollar for any item but we have far more result stability.  There is no easy way in the resale business and I can prove you don't get rich doing this.  BUT we can make an honest hardworking living and love what we do....So Enjoy the Deals and You Can Bury The Speculation.  No More Auctions.  See YOU at the Bullseye!