The Gun Debate Is About To Get Wild

I will preface this opinion by saying that I am still truly on the fence on many issues surrounding gun control so the following is an honest opinion from a very small gun re-seller looking in.  This was sparked mentally as I went to an auction this weekend and watched around 30 guns sell.  The auction company announced their actual back ground check cost had increased to $15 and they were charging $25.  (actually reasonable compared to many).  While $15-$25 is not going to empty a gun buyer's wallet it is VERY significant (percentage terms is everything) in my opinion for many reasons I will address later.  The $15 is a 150% increase overnight compared to prior cost of $6.  There is no business with an FFL dealer license that is in business for charity that I know of so can't see anyone doing it much cheaper than the $25.  I made some calls to six shops in the Springs and Pueblo during the sale and the average price was now around $30-$40.  That is hard to believe.  

When the background check law was passed I wasn't sure it was going to do anything and now I am very opinionated that it is truly about the money for the State and Colorado. And unfortunately there is not even any proof that background check laws can prove anything about being effective or useful. Common sense would tell you that if you were trying to make everyone do a background check on both private and business sales you would keep it as affordable as possible as the goal posted was "to increase public safety" and you would no doubt increase the likelihood of someone transferring a firearm legally.  Now with the 150%+ increase the State will undoubtedly force even more private transfers "underground" and it truly undermines the whole reason the law was passed in the first place.  I just don't get it...I get the anti-gun people but you aren't going to get rid of guns so why not make it is efficient and as reasonable as possible to enforce the law? And to make things even more crazy if you are a dealer of firearms, the increased Colorado cost will make it more likely FFL dealers will transfer arms to another State without laws to sell them and Colorado tax revenue will suffer. Many will disagree and say they will lower the price of a gun $10 and then charge an extra $15 for a check so they profit. You can rationalize anything these days but you know another increase will come sooner than later and then what? This will happen....when you can get an extra 15% off the top in cost of selling just by shipping to another State to sell it becomes a no-braner. Colorado is now exercising the illegal right of the government to punish a business for doing business in their own State by giving competitors in other States a true mathematical advantage. A true anti-gun hater behind this deal somewhere.

The Gun Debate is about to get crazy.  I get both sides but until the you make it illegal for the Media & Social Media to glorify and post everything about shooter's lives no gun law will make any difference in my opinion.  Guns and wackos have been present for decades before all this violence without nearly the is hard to now say that guns are to blame.  There is only one major difference in society...the Media.  And while no side wants to give or take on many issues surrounding this...I can't see where more regulation, paperwork, & cost will do anything.  If someone wants to get a gun they will find the means to get it anyway.  Colorado has now proven it is all about the money and that this entire background check thing is now a "for profit" business and attacking gun resellers ability to profit. Absolutely nothing to do with actual public safety.

Take note...this is a blaring example of misuse of power and government intervention in a private segment of business.  My point of this opinion is not to go pro-gun or NRA but rather pro-business.  If you are at a shop buying a basic .22 gun for $ will now add approx. 8% tax & 25% background fee. YES...33% to the State of Colorado. Simply unreal as those are communism-type figures!! There are implications for every move a government makes...where does it stop??  I also know some anti-gun/business activist is there saying that it sounds like I should get outta the gun business. THAT is my point exactly...NO business should be punished or changed due to uncontrollable government regulations that are retroactive. This argument is going to get ugly across the Nation....far uglier than even before.  In the will need to work overtime to pay your background check just to buy a single shot 10 gauge.  Wild times that make no practical sense whatsoever. Why not just go to $50 or $100 for a background check? (oh wait...if you don't pay attention and speak up like myself it just might) And remember this opinion is from a company/owner who will most likely transfer less than 30 guns this year and the change makes absolutely ZERO difference to my business but I can't imagine how this is going to effect the large shops. Just another small blog from a dinky little junk dealer in Pueblo Colorado...hope I am wrong but sure looks like Colorado going after gun rights through the backdoor wallet. What do you think?...Maybe I am crazy like many say.