March against Guns? What about the cause?

I try not to get too political when I rant on this blog....but I woke up today and read articles both in the Chieftain and online about how 1000's upon 1000's of teens were marching to promote more "gun laws" and end gun violence.  It honestly gets me going in all directions.  AND let me state that I am by no means a pro gun type...I rarely carry, don't belong to the NRA, and have never really taken sides before now.  Oh I get it....End Gun Violence!  How great it is to be young and passionate....but It's just not that easy.  Of course no rational person would ever want gun violence and 99.9% of Americans are on board. But....Can one be so ignorant to honestly think passing more laws is an answer?  Passing more laws and more restrictions is going to only make it impossible for law enforcement to even enforce and is not even practical nor any type of solution.  You are not going to amend the Constitution and simply put people have rights to own firearms.

I get the argument that no one needs a semi-auto AR-15 for practical purposes....YET I would say those guns have been owned for decades by the public without nearly the violence why now?  Like every problem you would think you would find the source.  Where is this passion for the Heroin & Opioid Crisis which is killing and ruining thousands more lives than any gun and growing daily? Not to mention no doubt at the root of many of these problems. Where is the passion for record homelessness?  Or the Passion for World Peace?  Maybe this is just what the media is choosing to cover....I can't figure it out.

What is causing this violence? It sure isn't the government or the current laws so why focus on changing something that won't change anything? I stick by my firm opinion that the Media continues to "glorify" these killers and needs more violence to make more money....Let's just be honest. Newspapers & T.V. are dying and are begging for human interest stories at any cost. Do they make this happen?...of course not. BUT the media is the first group there reporting with pictures and human interest stories...AND of course the shooter's picture and history plastered everywhere. (The bomber in Texas the last few days is textbook). This is never what free speech was about and certainly I can't imaging anyone believing that this reporting is "necessary or needed" in the U.S. Stop media reporting gun crimes and you will stop 90% of gun violence. (just a tiny junk dealers opinion of course)

As of now....the media is not going to stop reporting...and so the gun violence will go on. Talk or read nearly any psychologist's opinion on the matter and while they don't come out and be as blunt as my opinion above. They basically state the same point. I love all you youngsters passion and dedication....I just wish it was actually focused on something that would actually make a difference. Put me in bold big black letters....More Gun Laws are NOT the Answer. A lot of question marks in this blog section....and unfortunately a very difficult subject to answer. Fix the source of the problem...and fix the problem. Guns are not the source.