Value Doesn't Equal Cost..Isn't Thrift Great?

On over 70% of deals I look at the seller or family of seller always point out how much something cost originally or costs in the store.  After doing this full time for over a decade now I have learned that how much something costs in the store has absolutely no bearing on it's value in the resale world.  Furniture is the most stark reality of this fact.  You could easily pay $1500 for a couch that is only worth $300 in the resale world a few months later.  How about a wall center that cost $1000's at Woodley's Furniture and you would be lucky to give away?  Of course how much something cost originally does often influence the actual quality of the item....and no doubt in some cases does have some influence on a buyer as to what they are willing to pay in the resale world.  But there is no "true" calculator or reference book which is what makes this business so much different than most.

This is probably at the heart of what makes 2nd hand or thrift so great at a unique place like the Bullseye.  You can pick up a bedroom set, couch, mixer, artwork, or collectible for literally pennies on the dollar of what it would cost in the store.  And when it's in your home....absolutely no one but you will know.  AND in many cases you pick up a unique item that you couldn't nor wouldn't buy in a store that everyone raves about.  When someone tells you "they don't shop second hand" they are simply wasting money and missing out on some unique and interesting items....(at least at the Bullseye).  I am proud that 90% of our home is what someone would describe as "used goods" (LOL)...but I can't see how anyone would know and I can promise that I would never be able to afford many of the things in our home if I had to purchase them at the store.  Second hand doesn't mean second only means you save a LOT of cash or find a unique treasure.  Want to find an item that cost $500 at the store for $50?....See you at the next sale!!