Profit is NEVER a Guarantee Buy SMALL

If you are a reseller or trying to accumulate items for a retirement or payday down the line...I have a newsflash.  Profit is never a guarantee.  I consider myself a very experienced and at least average buyer but lost money on not only one but three deals last month. AND these were all deals where I could see everything.  We here at Bullseye put our money at risk every single time we purchase an item.  In the case of a trio of deals in a row...they were in VERY nice homes and simply put.  I screwed up and overpaid. GREAT for the seller but bad for Bullseye.   In the resale world things can often look better than they seem and often crappy looking deals turn into very good deals.  Take this to heart if you are a re-seller whether experienced or a rookie.

Even if you think an item is worth $100 still have to find a buyer.  We are obviously a volume re-seller at this point but every item is important....and we operate on small margins so my screw-ups hurt.  And if you are buying for resale don't expect to be perfect or always make a great purchase.  EVERY single item is a true gamble in the resale world.  But that is what makes it so great!  Don't sweat a loss here or's normal and will no doubt happen.  Focus on the good buys!!