A Trash Can is a BIG DEAL!!

Facebook is pretty crazy.  We merely posted a few random shots of items for sale.  I wake up at 6am on Friday before the sale and my phone promptly rings at 7:02 with a call from A-Affordable Disposal saying they spotted one of their cans in our pictures.  Of course the call didn't go well as it even made my blog...and I would NEVER blog another business is they didn't deserve it.  The call started with the "Manager/Owner" on the phone telling my I had one of their trash cans for sale and it is THEIR property and it would be illegal for me to even sell it.  (Mind you this was before I could get a word in)  The call caught me off guard but I wasn't about to argue over a trash can.  (Note:  I have learned over the years to NEVER take trash cans from estates as you are asking for problems no matter the company....BUT the estate was certain they owned it and asked me to remove in this instance).  I immediately responded that the owner/estate had informed me they were POSITIVE the can was paid for.  The very rude owner of A-Affordable quickly became defensive and yelled at me that none of their cans are sold and she would see me with the sheriff at open.  LOL!!  Almost hard to believe but this was happening...I quickly responded that a threatening comment was WAY over the top as I wasn't getting in the middle of anything.  She then proceeded to tell me that having the sheriff show up wasn't threatening and it just went to the point of almost Twilight Zone....extremely rude and simply uncalled for. 

I told her to at least give me a chance to contact estate and find out what was happening and get myself out of the middle of a trash can debate and an item that I had priced at $29.95...hehe. This estate rep was on it within 20 minutes!!  He calls me and informs me that somehow they didn't "purchase" the trashcan but that the $100 was a deposit on the can after now talking to trash company.  He didn't have any idea it was only a deposit...YES A-Affordable did own the can and was 100% right but no the point. The company whom I will never do business nor recommend sent a VERY nice driver out to retrieve the can and that was that.  There is a right way and wrong way to handle everything....and I can't possibly imagine how any company could have handled a very simple situation any worse.  A-Affordable...you get an "F" on my report card.  If you know anything about my business or myself you know the last thing I would do would be a lowlife thief or not make something "right" with a company or customer....but obviously you assume to know everything and do business differently than myself.  That is business mistake 101.  Yes...A $29.95 trash can is a BIG deal!