Frequently asked questions

Q. What Are Your Rates?

Literally every deal has it’s own unique twist.  We don’t have a “Standard” Rate.  Rates range between 10% & 50% depending on labor, location, volume, & many other factors.  We bid each deal independently.  Please call Glen direct at 719-542-6871 and he would be glad to give you a quote to complete your sale.

Q. How Do I Get Started?

Before you call or set an appointment…ALL ITEMS THAT ARE STAYING AND/OR SELLING MUST BE SEPARATED!!  It is impossible to assess a deal if there are items that may or may not be selling and we are wasting each other’s time.  Once you know everything that is selling let Glen give you an honest opinion of your best option and you can go from there.  You will get no sugar coating…straight forward honest opinion…good, bad, or indifferent.  We are a COMPLETE liquidator…that means in most cases we offer an entire cleanout…good, bad, & the ugly.  And we can market and sell both personal & business property.

Q. Do You Travel?

Whether an estate, tax forced sale, or business liquidation…We service all of Eastern Colorado from border to border.  We no doubt specialize in large & higher end estates/lots but no deal is too small either.  Call us at 542-6871 to discuss your options and review your personal situation.

Q. What Else Should I Know?

As a seller….Remember…the resale & auction world is for the most part very unregulated.  Before you call any company or decide on any company ask yourself? **Do they have an actual physical location and business history?  **Are they licensed?  **How experienced are many sales have they completed?  **Do they have theft mitigation and a secure facility to protect your property?  **What is their online presence and marketing experience?..LOOK AT THEIR WEBSITE! **Do they have any sales scheduled you can view or attend?  **Will your check clear after the sale? (seriously)  **Do they have Buyer’s Premiums & What is their tax rate?  There is a LOT more to a fine estate/business liquidation than percentages & talk.  We have the experience, references, & assets that most do not…period.