The History of Bullseye

Over 10 years ago we started the adventure that has become the Bullseye.  We started our business in a run-down building with affordable rent on the Mesa in Pueblo and have grown to what is today Bullseye Liquidators.  (Thank you to our landlords The DeLuca’s…it all worked out for both of us in the end).   This wasn’t our first stint in the re-sale business but we hadn’t been in the re-sale business hot and heavy since college.  While in college we went to auctions nearly every weekend as Glen either worked the auction and made a few bucks or we bought & sold most anything that was cheap.   Those were the days we won’t forget…eating on the college budget of spaghetti, hot dogs, mac/cheese, & noodles while we invested the majority of our money in stuff. (the majority meaning like $200…LOL).

We never made much but managed to squeak out enough to make it and avoid any substantial student loan debt.  After graduating college in 1998 Becki went to work as a Project Manager at WorldCom which was a very nice job to land.  Glen graduated college with no clue what he was going to do (hehe) and then worked both part-time construction and got into the Mortgage business.  WorldCom went down the toilet with Bernie a few years later.  Meanwhile the mortgage company took off.  After nearly 10 years in the mortgage business everyone knows what happened and as quick as we went to the penthouse…the rocket ship reality check back to totally broke was quick, brutal, and hard to believe.  Not crying in spilled milk as those were fun times…just stating the reality of the situation. 

But you learn quick as an honest person when you go flat broke that most of your friends disappear and there is no mercy from businesses or banks.  It truly changes you as a person.  The funny part of all this is that when I once met with a business executive he told me something I will never forget. “When he looks to hire someone he always tries to find someone that has been to the top of the Mountain and fallen to the very bottom”.  I can now certainly see why he believes that for a number of reasons….losing everything is brutal.  If you are hiring someone…remember that statement.  Why do I point this out???  Without all this happening there would be no Bullseye…life is crazy.  And sometimes just meant to be.   We would never change all the great people we have met and done business with at Bullseye and I can say…”I am glad I went broke” (well not really but you know what I mean).
After that chapter was closed Glen started dabbling in buying and selling junk again while Becki worked some really truly crappy jobs to pay the bills  (That is when good jobs were few and far in between).  Resale was always the true passion…so that is when the old “Blende Liquors” building was spotted and Home Liquidators was born.  Believe me…not even my Dad thought this business had a chance of making it but I convinced him to loan me a few thousand (more) bucks and took a shot.  Starting with nothing we slowly grew into a very busy store that outgrew the space.  We could find absolutely no larger building on the Mesa so Pueblo West was our new destination.  Our volume had grown beyond our space and so we decided to open an auction business that was named Bullseye Auction and change our focus from retail resale to auction.

The first few auctions were brutal….as crowds were thin and cost was high.  Many that attended still talk about some of the truly ridiculous deals they got….lol.  We supplemented a few estate sales in to pay the bills and somehow got through the first couple years above zero.  As Bullseye was able to build a customer base and become more consistent our live auctions became more frequent and larger with higher quality items.  We landed a couple very large sales in our third year and remained fairly consistent going forward.

Three years ago in 2015 Bullseye was one of the first companies in the Central U.S. to venture into the online auction venue.  Many companies have followed and copied since we entered that market but will need a lot more sales to catch our nearly 50,000 online transactions.  This was a very popular venue but requires so much time, space, & commitment that it no longer made mathematical sense to pursue.  During this 3 year stretch we combined online auctions, estate sales, & live auctions as multiple avenues for sellers and buyers.   We could feel the industry & trends changing in late 2016 & early 2017 and knew a change for Bullseye was brewing.
While there is demand for all services…at the start of 2018 we decided to focus solely on our resale business and exit the auction portion.  Basically just going back to our roots and do what we did from the very beginning only on a MUCH larger scale.  A very sad day in a way for Bullseye…but I have learned change is often good.  This was a very difficult decision but was made mainly because the auction demand from sellers had decreased and the preferred method to buy for sellers was is an estate sale type format.  We also needed a way to increase our efficiency of selling and simplify our lives to a certain extent.  Combine all this and here we are.
What does 2018 and the future hold?  A LOT of merchandise.  Since our change was decided in late 2017 and we have focused on simply buying and selling our inventory…The demand for our services has accelerated quickly.  I don’t believe we have ever had more stuff and we have certainly had substantially increased demand and interest from sellers. While I many have doubted this decision and I have second guessed myself it sure appears to be something I should have done quite some time ago. 

Our online marketplace is opening in the coming months and I am beyond excited to get this rolling.   You will also quickly see we will be having more frequent and higher quality estate sales at our building. What a ride this past decade has been….But I haven’t regretted anything and wouldn’t change much.  We truly love our customers and can’t wait to see what the future holds for Bullseye.   Thank you for being part of it.  Glen & Becki.