We Pay CASH for ENTIRE Estates, Accumulations, & HouseFulls

Our Services:

**The Majority of our customers want it ALL gone…so we buy it ALL.  This has always been our niche’ in the market for over a decade now….while many companies want to “cherry-pick” or simply can’t handle the volume of an entire home full.  The more the better at the Bullseye!  That means we are FULL service.  We clear out the entire property so when we are finished you are ready to clean the home and proceed with real estate.  (And YES…we buy real estate & vehicles in many cases)  We handle estates from a few hundred bucks up to High-End in the Thousands of Dollars. 

**We pay Cash or Certified Check.  This means you know EXACTLY how much you are getting and that the job will be done professionally and as agreed.  There are simply no false promises or void expectations.  We eliminate all the risk.

**Efficient and Fast.  I have heard time and time again over the years “I can’t believe we didn’t call you sooner”.  Go from overwhelming to completely finished in days.  We are generally on the job within a week and clear out an entire property in less than 2 days after an agreement is reached in writing.

So Why Sell Outright vs. An Estate Sale or Auction?

We have done this full time for over a decade.  We have watched companies come and go and most try a little bit of everything.  Very few stay around for more than a couple years.  We have done sales, auctions, online venue, etc..The market has changed dramatically over the past decade and quite honestly a buyout more often than not just makes more sense for everyone involved.  What are the benefits of selling outright??  Consider the following facts before you consign to sell at a sale or auction. 

**Theft and Breakage is a BIG deal.  If you consign to have a sale or auction and items disappear or get broken YOU are out the item.  In nearly 99% of cases there is no liability to pursue as a seller.  Put out rings, perfume, knives, small collectibles and I can promise you will watch many of them disappear like magic before your eyes.  The only that is guaranteed at a sale is that you are going to get items stolen.  A constant battle.  Avoid all the theft risk when you sell it all to Bullseye.

**Does the company you hire have an address or any liability?  So many companies in this business space do this part time or “out of their garage”.  That doesn’t mean they are not great people or trustworthy.  However, the fact is that if something goes wrong…do you as a seller have anything to fall back on or how do you know you will get paid?  Nearly impossible to go after an LLC operating out of their home if you get taken for a ride or the job doesn’t get finished.  Avoid this potential problem with Bullseye…we own our building and this is all we do so we have everything we own at risk.  Your satisfaction is vital to our 100% family owned & operated business.

**You have no control over marketing the sale and waiting weeks for sale?  Check out the company you hire on Facebook and compare followers.  What is the size of their email list.  Advertising and marketing is a BIG deal in the success of a sale.  Many talk the talk but have limited buyers.  In most cases of an estate sale company the setup and scheduling process can take weeks or months.  While you pay more utilities, risk a break-in, and wait to finish you could have been done with one call to the Bullseye.

**Even the best sales only sell around 70% of the items in the home.  This is THE main problem with contract sales and auctions.  While an auction may “sell everything”…believe me after personally working over 1000 auctions that many of the items will bring almost nothing even though they are gone.  If you contract as an estate sale…you will most likely sell around half the items at full price first day, deeply discount the remainder, & still be left with around a third of the items when done.  Where do they go and who pays for their removal?  A bonus for the selling company?  (unfortunate truth in many cases)  But do the math. If you have a $10,000 retail estate and pay someone 35% to sell it you should get $6500.  However in the case of an estate sale you will most likely sell 70% of the items.  That means your sale will be around $7000 less commission.  A check for around $4500…and you are still left with the other items to deal with.  THIS math is why I went back to simply buying estates…IT JUST MAKES SENSE.  We simply pay more in most cases than you will receive in the end…Call Bullseye

**What are your expectations?  If you have no idea what an estate is worth how can you contract a company to do a sale?  You won’t even know if you got a good deal or not…so why not just sell it and be done.  I have looked at 100’s of estates where an estate sale company has went in and gave the “full sales pitch” to the seller but can’t give any monetary expectations.  That is so crazy to me.  Before you hire someone there should be expectations….this is a weird business.  There are no guarantees when you hire an estate company or auction.   They have nothing at risk selling YOUR items.  Just a few bucks more/less in commission while you are powerless.  Call Bullseye and know EXACTLY how much you are receiving and that the job will be done as agreed to in writing.

Ready to Sell Out?  How Do You Price?

If you are ready to sell….the single most important thing to proceed is to have everything that family or owners are keeping either out of the home or in a pile and fully separated.  It is impossible to come to monetary terms on deal if it is not “black and white” as to what is included and excluded.  Once you are to that point…we can generally make an appointment within a couple days to take a look and see if our services fit your needs or if you have better options available.

Price?  Sometimes difficult…sometimes cut and dry.  However, you should always have some sort of expectation no matter which route you choose when liquidating.  You are going to have to have a price in mind or there is no way to come to terms.  I have seen it time and time again.  There is no purpose in me “making an offer” if you don’t have a general price figure as a deal will rarely be made.  In most cases it is pretty crazy how close sellers can get to “actual market value”.  And in most cases we won’t be far off and will be able to make a fair deal for everyone involved.

The Final Word

Nearly every deal in the resale world is a little different and everyone has different needs.  Not every type of sale or service is “right” for every deal.  So before you proceed…sit down and figure out what is most important to you.  Time and Money will nearly always be at the top of the list of course.  But remember there are a LOT of things to consider before you sign or make a deal.  Hopefully this section was helpful and no matter what company or type of sale you choose makes your liquidation more successful.  We hope you consider Bullseye….We look forward to you putting our services to work for YOU.  See you soon! Glen