Seller Q/A

Q: What do I need done before I call?

The biggest step that MUST be done is having items separated that family/you are keeping.  It is impossible to assess a situation or house full of stuff if you don’t know for sure what is selling and what is staying.

Q: Does Bullseye take everything?

Yes.  That is no doubt our niche in the market.  In nearly every situation the seller wants is ALL gone…the good and the ugly.   When we are done you will be ready to have home cleaned and proceed as you need.

Q: How long does it take to clear out a home?

We generally have done in 1-2 days.  Rarely does it take us over a couple days.  Depending on the time of year we normally need 1-3 weeks schedule for pickup.  Just call Glen…sometimes we can get right on it…other times we may be full.  We will do everything we can to accommodate your needs and schedule.

Q: How far away does Bullseye service?

Bullseye services all of the East half of Colorado and edges of borders.  We buy/consign around 50% of our merchandise in Castle Rock and North as crazy as that sounds and do numerous deals in Trinidad/Walsenburg area and La Junta/Lamar area.  Just give Glen a call.

Q: What is most helpful step..Photos?

We LOVE email and love technology.  If you trying to proceed rapidly pictures are awesome.  We can at least give you an idea if we can help or know what to expect so shoot lots of pictures if you are at a distance when at the home with items.  Will sure help.

Q: What are your rates and fees?

There is never a charge to look at your situation and items so we would be glad to give you a quote.  There are so many factors in this business that we bid every deal on a case by case basis.  Call Glen and you can discuss ranges.

Q: What items do you take?

 If we are doing an entire liquidation…everything.  If you are consigning smaller items or small lots call Glen.

Q: I just want to sell everything. Does Bullseye purchase outright?

Yes…Whatever your situation and wishes we can accommodate.  Whether you want to auction or just sell everything for cash…Bullseye can help.