Frequently asked questions

Q: How do I pay if I win an auction?

You simply come into the building or at sale site occasionally.  We accept cash or credit card…no checks.  Or you can call the day after the sale and pay over the phone.  We do not take payment online. Always see “auction details” page for specific sale by sale details.

Q: Is there a buyer’s premium or extra fee?

 NEVER…  You will never incur any additional fees on your purchases other than tax.  If the sale is at our building tax rate is only 3.9%.  Bullseye is hands down one of the most buyer/seller friendly fee auctions in the Nation.

Q: Where & When do I pick up my winnings & how long does it take?

Nearly all auctions/goods are at our warehouse at 85 Silicon Dr. Pueblo West.  We may have a sale “on-site” once in a while so always read details and the “auction details” page.  It generally only takes a few minutes to pick up and pay.  Most are shocked at how fast and easy it truly is.

Q: How do I know if I won an auction?

Software is improving…but always check the four colored buttons at the top of your screen.  And we send out invoices via email the morning after the sale.

Q: Can someone else pick up my merchandise?

Yes.  We just need email or written permission and person picking up will need identification.

Q: Do I have to bid on auction live or can I leave an absentee bid?

No… and yes.  Technically there are no “absentee” bids available.  However, if you put your maximum bid in the computer will automatically bid up to that amount.  Same thing.

Q: Is the auction in real time?

Almost hard to believe…software company has in real time with delay of less than 1 second.  Once in a while it will take a couple seconds for update if bids were placed in last few seconds on an item.

Q: What is difference between hard & soft close?

Hard close…when it is done it is done.  Soft close…bidding will continue if a bid is placed late on an item and the auction drags on.  Generally soft close is used on expensive or larger items to give buyer’s additional time to make a big decision.  We rarely use soft close as it seems to make it very difficult to watch when closing.

Q: Are there any reserves?

Not at the Bullseye.  Many companies will play games or have “private” bidders.  You are welcome to come and sit around on pickup day and you will quickly see that everything sells.  We will always show bidder history as well if there is ever an item in question.  Nothing to hide at the Bullseye.